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Oh yes, there it is, finally!

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cool i love this game

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This day can not get any fucking better !!

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I've got the wierd Boxset for this game and I don't get it. It doesn't seem all that.

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Hell yeah motherbitches! Shenmue in da house!

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I love today. Hopefully there will be a Soul Calibur QL?

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Awesome, more QLT'!

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Recently used my Shenmue 1 save to start on with Shenmue 2. :) 
Wait, American version is 2 discs? Mine's 4. And shenmue 2 is also 4 discs dudes!

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Wow, 5 QLs in 1 day? Awesome.

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What I remember was how awesome the previews were, how interactive everything was.  It is just that none of it affected the game or story in anyway.  Though the exploration of the house and containers was great.  I wish drinking a soda would have meant something.  And Fuku-San was such a piece of shit, i wanted to kill that loser so many times.
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YES!!!!! =D

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I have never seen Shenmue gamepaly before...sweet

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Man the voice acting and melodrama totally do not age well at all, coming from a dude that loves this game.

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Another one!

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Fav game of aaall time

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Best game EVER!

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Oh hellz yeah! I loved me some Shenmue back in the day. Even played part 2 in Japanese.

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Next Endurance Run go! 
Shenmue 1 + 2 is a lot of hours folks! 
It was supposed to be 7 games originally, later shortened to 3 somehow and then that never happened. 
I'm still eternally sad over this.

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This is the best Quick Look day ever. I have so many of these to watch now.

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Dude it's 3 GD Roms. Also one of the most epic games ever.

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Goddamn this game is so amazing yet so full of problems at the same time.  I remember taking the story super seriously but it just does not hold up at all

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Goddamnit, I love you guys!  I almost cried when I saw this!  You don't know how much I love the Shenmue series...

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I'm noticing that... Shenmue kind of wears the same outfit Harry Mason does in Silent Hill 1, and both take place in the 80's. Hm.

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God I wish I could play this again, all I have is my Shenmue 2 copy but my Dreamcast crapped out, ebay ahoy I guess

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oh god shemue was so good 
I actually bought an xbox just for shemue 2 and it was fucking worth it

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Still look pretty this day.  On par with a Wii game.

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Dude new endurance run, Shenmue is a fantastic idea! Maybe I'm just crazy though.

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@ Brad: Yes you get to ride the motorcycle and it's followed by... another sweet cutscene. ;)
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God it is weird hearing these people talking about Shenmue and not really "getting" it. Like Brad never having played it, seems weird to me. It was such a huge deal at the time, and I thought it was incredible. Because of the story and stuff mostly, and the methodical pacing really pulls you into the world. After the INSANE cliffhanger of part 2, it is downright criminal that they never finished the story in any way, shape or form.

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Just watched it and I guess it is pointless saying it 10 years down the road but that game looks rough. I can see how it could be influential in its time but damn its slow.

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yea great game

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This is my favorite series for all time. An endurance run would be great, even though Jeff dislikes the game. Also, they probably could've turned on the captioning…

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Ryan I swear to god if you Endurance Run this along with Brad, maybe after Vinny and Jeff finish theirs, I will love you forever. I'd love to  "experience" Shenmue again.

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Honestly I went into this game when I was younger thinking it was something else but then I learned to appriciate it for what it was, it really gave some weird immersion . But I love how Brad hates on every game, it's kind of like he just started playing games this Gen or something, Shenmue for its time was amazing looking, and it was unique. It's just different. I mean jeee you could win a sega saturn and take it home and play a few games on it in this game. I liked the detail in it... it just felt crazy.

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I love me some Shenmue

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@Oni said:
" Ryan I swear to god if you Endurance Run this along with Brad, maybe after Vinny and Jeff finish theirs, I will love you forever. I'd love to  "experience" Shenmue again. "
Yes!  Shenmue 1/2 Endurance Run would blow my mind
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Funny you post this now, because I was just playing Shenmue yesterday.

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dam you sega why didnt you finish this off f
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I remember having to be in the mood to play Shenmue, but once I was I would sit for hours playing it. This game just sucked me into it's world. At the time the attention to detail was unparalleled and the story and the towns were so cool. The combat was fun as well. Loved Shenmue 1&2 wish there would be a 3 but alas we'll never see it.

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Endurance Run Throwback: Shenmue
Staring Ryan and Brad.

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this should be the next endurance run

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This game sure hasn't aged well. I hooked my Dreamcast up a while ago to play Shenmue, but as soon as I had to control it, I turned it off again.

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No, that lady wasn't chuckling, she was still on her "conversation" animation. Hehe. 
Greatest game of all time! Flaws and all! This was one of the 1st openish world 3d games!

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Dude seriously though a Giant bomb endurance run with Shenmue and Ryan plus maybe Brad that would be the ultimate of all endurance run possibilities.

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You didn't talk to the "wanna wrestle?" kid dammit!

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I love this game.  I beat Shenmue.  I also beat Shenmue 2 on my X-box.  The last boss fight on Shenmue 2 was fun on top on the roof.  The game did do down hill from their when you walking though the Chinese  mountains.  It was still a fun game.  I wish they would make Shenmue 3.   
Shenmue 2 is also Backwards Compatibility for the X-box 360. 

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please make this the next endurance run!