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From the future and whatnot..... Can't wait!

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Aww snap, It's on now.
Future travel FTW.

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For those bound to be interested, there is a PC version available.

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Oh dear lord, this will be the best one for SURE.

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type faster the dead they are going to kill you!

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You are double dog daring people to visit your website.   Pure balls, son.  Pure balls.

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oh god yes!

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I've got this. Regrettably.

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So many Throwbacks!
This is a stellar day indeed.

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The amount of QL throwbacks today is crazy! On on top of the PAX content, makes me love GB even more.

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Mad crazy content been FLYING OUT.

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Where can I get me the PC version of this? I want it.

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love it when the zombies are hanging onto the car

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if only I would still have my Dreamcast  Keyboard, damn it ! :)

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10 years since Dreamcast day!!! This content makes it all worth it!

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They should put this game on Steam.

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'Whine and dine' - Well done to whoever contributed that gem.
As far I remember some of the little twists on the later boss fights were great!
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Oh no you di-n't

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Love this game!

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I had a hard time completing this on hard. 
Really really hard at times, fucking long weird sentences man!

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If they would stop now with the QL: T, i'd be satisfied. 
Yet not saturated. 
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Before this is all over you guys MUST do a Seaman QL.

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Ryan types for a living, and it shows. Some quick-draw keyboard tapping there.

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This is awesome.

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I can't believe that I missed out on so many of these games even though I had a Dreamcast. So far the only games they have shown that I played on my DC was Sonic and Shenmue.

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The description of this game makes it sound awful......ly good!

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One of the most fun quick looks yet!

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I like that the in game characters don't have guns, even though the zombies are still geting shot.  THEY HAVE FUCKING KEYBOARDS, like they wanted to justify why it was a typing game for some reason.

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@TigerDX said:
" Ryan types for a living, and it shows. Some quick-draw keyboard tapping there. "
Actually the 2nd level is piss compared to 3 and god don't get me started on 4. 
I managed to complete them on very hard(Longest wordsize enabled as well.) and it goes to the levels of 3 zombies with: "Uptown style, downtown chic", "Why can't you use a toilet?" & "Hit with a jawbone of a donkey" and things along the line of: "Burn and destroy the snowman!" 
Just weird and long stuff that you wouldn't normally use in a sentence, and thus harder to type quickly.
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Weird yet somehow captivating?

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Ok this is crazy awesome. Best typing game ever.

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The Typing of the Dead . . . or Band Name Generatior like Vinny said. 
"Thank you! We are the No Eggs in Eggplant!"

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I'm assuming this is a Japanese game. Nothing from outside japan could be this insane.
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You guys hear that new single from No Egg in Eggplant? ....totally killer, man.

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This is one of my favorite games of all time. I still play it on PC. :D

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if capitalization counts, i wouldn't get very far. 

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Awesome!! They should release this on the XBLA and PSN!!

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I wish my copy wasnt so scratched up, really great fun.

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I always wanted to play this game.

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Duodenal Ulcer

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A great game!  Helped me a lot back then.

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Holy Shit! Four QL Throwbacks?
I love you Giantbomb.

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Wow.. if there's one thing the Dreamcast should be memorable for, it's terrible voice acting.

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Wanted to play along!

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This should be a movie.

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i dunno, looking at it i think i could do it faster, i really wanna try tpying of the dead...i mean it is based on the definitive house of the dead game afterall, what could be better?
I just wish you could type out the horrible Goldman cutscenes and complete the lines for him.
"Dogs of the AMS"!
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Funny that Vinny did not make any Persona 4 references to the Judgement and the Hierophant bosses.

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:
"Before this is all over you guys MUST do a Seaman QL. "
I agree wholeheartedly.