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@jonathontoon: It's 2014 and we're still doing "first!!11"?


Posted by gerrid

Tiny Soccer huh, but but this isn't the GB sports team??

Posted by Arcadem

Bring on the quick looks, 2014 Year of the Quick Look !!

Posted by SJQPersonal

AGDQ Shoutout from brad. Woop!

Posted by HammondofTexas

"We could just sit here and play through the entire game right now" - Brad

"NOPE!" - Control Room Drew

This had me crying I was laughing so hard.

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@fapathy: You appear to have commented on the wrong piece of content.

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Posted by HammondofTexas

@fapathy: Haha yeah no worries, I've done the same thing on reddit and forums before.

Posted by mintyice
@arcadem said:

Bring on the quick looks, 2014 Year of the Quick Look !!

Year of boring Brad/Jeff Quick Looks of bad games.

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This is like a bad game from the late 90's ... just terrible looking, so uninspired.

Posted by Rocospi

@mintyice: This. SO MUCH. Jeff is alright, but Brad is about as interesting as a box of matches.

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I love it when Drew chimes in from the control room. NOPE.

Brad "That works too" Shoemaker.

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"We could just sit here and play through the entire game right now" - Brad

"NOPE!" - Control Room Drew

This had me crying I was laughing so hard.

Best part of this Quick Look!

Posted by joetom

I actually thought this looked kinda fun. Not sure why everyone seems so down on it.

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A hamster named Minsc huh?

Posted by The_Nubster

Something about the gameplay seemed off. Like, lacking in polish in almost every single way. That comment about dead chickens and chicken nuggets was not in keeping with the tone of the rest of the game.

Also, $20? Holy shit, dude. Why even buy this game is you can get Portal/Portal 2 for the same price or less, or even Quantum Conundrum, or Dust or Brothers or Limbo or Don't Starve or blah blah blah

Price your shit what it's worth.

Posted by dOm_CaTz

Man the screen tearing and framiness of the game was terrible.

Posted by Korolev

Well, at least the developers tried to make the game funny. You can tell they put at least some effort into this, so that's appreciated. Still doesn't look good for anyone over the age of 12 though.

Posted by RazielCuts

This game seemed fine, a third person portal as it were but then when it got to the combat it got a bit sour.

Posted by Teoball

I watched Geoff Keighley stream this for a while. He looked just about as amused as Jeff sounds.

Posted by kerse

I thought this looked okay, not amazing, but not terrible. But then the combat was introduced. That looked like the opposite of fun.

Posted by Yodzilla

Tiny Brains more like Tiny Garbage

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That little pink thing was cute. Then it fucking died. This game looks like trash. The combat looks like the least fun thing in video games. And they make you do a fucking wave based challenge with it.

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Tearing out the ass, as a wise man once said.

Posted by serujiow

To be fair Jeff and Brad did their best to not use the powers to clear multiple enemies at a time

Posted by blacklab

Braiiiiins braaaiiiiins

Posted by Nemesis2K

I nearly bought this due to the PS4's lack of games.. I am so glad I seen this and saved myself a few quid.

Horrible, in every sense of the word.

Posted by flasaltine

Baldur's Gate references all up in this game.

Posted by iragequit

Listen to Drew.

Posted by 5Figh

"I kind of don't hate the character designs here for some reason"


Posted by joshwent

Wow. Jeff must have had a bad day.

He's usually the only hope in a puzzle game to actually figure the shit out, but he obviously gave negative fucks about this before it even started and tried his best to not understand the things that were obvious, explained, and drawn on the damn walls of each room.

This doesn't look like a masterpiece, but it's weird to see them just instantly dismiss what looks like a fine little forgettable but satisfying puzzle room thing with a cool style.

Posted by Castiel

This game seems... boring.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

NOPE! :)

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Tiny Brains confirmed to graphically strong for the PS4 PC masterrace wins again.

Posted by Jetpaction

I kind of get the feeling this was originally a PS3 game based on an older UE3 engine but it was decided to carry over to the PS4 to have a few Indie games available day one. It looks poorly optimised judging by the terrible frame-rate en screen tearing.

Posted by RVonE

Tiny Brains confirmed to graphically strong for the PS4 PC masterrace wins again.


Posted by Hulkamaniac

Dude, I have to get a PS4 for this game now! *sarcasm

But seriously this looks like it could have been released on late PS2. Pretty crappy.

Posted by Shojiro

They should have called the green guy a grabbit.

Posted by Y2Ken

I'm not sure why they instantly abandoned hitting the chickens with the frost wall, which seemed like a more powerful way to deal with groups. But either way this game really doesn't seem especially well-made. Some of the later puzzles could be really neat, but that combat should not be a thing and the optimisation seems close to non-existent. Shame, really.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Phonegames on PS4. Great!

Posted by gbrading

I liked the art style. Apart from the stuttering this seemed no worse than Quantum Conundrum.

Posted by Red12b

fuck I love drew

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