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Posted by thebunnyhunter

Man they totally looked like fucking badasses

Posted by mbr2

The quality of the writing on Tim & Eric Show has really gone down since I last watched.

Posted by Hassun

About time for Dan Ryckert's first motion QL on Giant Bomb.

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Man, this game looks bad...

...but I'm so fucking hungry for Pizza Hut™ pizza for some reason. God damn. Anyone got any Pizza Hut™ pizza?

Edit: I just can't get over how delicious Pizza Hut™ pizza is.

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

Im shocked that there is no link to the Pizza Hut app directly from this game.

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Posted by EthanielRain

@jeff You're supposed to catch the pizza with your face. One of the better mechanics in all of video games.

Posted by Pete0r

My xbox is gathering dust somewhere so I'll have to pass on this gem. Hopefully when they do a sequel for the movie they'll also do an hd remastering on xbox one.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Man, gotta admire Dan's enthusiasm.

Posted by Schnoo

Dan Ryckert never looked so cool.

Posted by WillBoWeird

I hope Jeff found his root beer.

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This was the best.

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Would you play it now@jeff?

Posted by A_E_Martin

In theatres now?

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put it in the "Endurance Run" section

Posted by CABBAGES

Eat pizza with your MOUTH !!!!

Posted by beeryayghost

It took the power of both Drew and Jason to post video of this incredible game.

Posted by foomanfat

But did Jeff ever find his drink?!

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In theaters August ?th

This seems like a proper place to link this. You'll see that Dan has plenty of experience being a Kinect editor. Last two minutes must've been part of his demo reel for Giant Bomb:

Posted by dougbrit2

Loved the QL, volume was way too low, macbook volume all the way up I still had trouble hearing. I am 27 though, the hearing starts to go...

Posted by Murdoc_

Fantastic. The death of the kinect is really going to deprive us of these amazing quicklooks.

Posted by Benmo316

Kinect QLs are my favorite type of QL...... in theatres August 8th

Posted by ELpork

When dose the movie come out?

Posted by ajamafalous

Isn't it rude, not crude? Unless crude is a joke about the quality of the game (in which case how dare you)?

Posted by Spiritof

System Seller.

Posted by banicabolnica

YOU ARE THE TURTLE! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey >_<

Posted by elko84

But did Jeff ever find his drink?!

The world may never know

Posted by prod88

Dan.....you are amazing

Posted by MeatSim

That's not how you eat pizza! Pizza Time is ruined!

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Pizza shit. Cowbung. Rafail.

Posted by shirokumakun

Dan is my hero.

Posted by shatteringlast

Oh god... when Dan yells "YEAH!" at 12:50, I lost my mind officially.

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Posted by MeAuntieNora

Dan: Oh, man, I feel really cool right now!

Jeff: ...Really?


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liked and subscribed

Posted by PandaShake

haha! that pole actually worked well! This was too funny

Posted by RE_Player1

Looks great. Anyone know when the movie is coming out?

Posted by Lemonhead

I just wanted Dan to slip in the green screen mat when he was using the bo, Star Wars kid style.


Posted by MEATBALL

This thumbnail looks incredible.

Posted by Devise22

I just love how committed Dan is when he sits down with something. You can tell he's a Turtles fan, but still he just was like "fuck it" and went all in while playing. Pair that with Jeffs pure hatred for this game and Kinect and you have a sure fire winner with this video.

Posted by MackGyver

So many GOTY contenders. EVO 2015!!!!!!

Posted by Fruger

oh my god this quicklook

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Posted by demazin

Man, Dan's enthusiasm is contagious.

Posted by Apocalyptic_P

That was amazingly great. Dan needs to be on all kinect quick looks

Posted by Moonshadow101

Dan's energy is delightful. This is great.

Posted by razatron

Kinect Quick Looks are always gold.