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I am a fan of how supportive Dan is of dumb stuff.

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Ahh, a Kinect quick look. It's been far too long.

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LOL Dan is so amazing in this video he gets really into it, also does he have weekend update Norm Macdonald as his gamer picture because if he does it just makes me love him even more.

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Good to see Dan channeling his inner Baraka.

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So if Jeff is Mikey and Dan is Raph, that makes Brad Leonardo and Drew Donatello, right?

Someone get on that image edit ASAP.

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Jeff, It's time man. Try to have some fun. We miss you.

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This honestly looks like one of the most fun Kinect games I've ever seen. How sad is that.

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Jeff's super sarcastic "Yeah, this is a good time" cracked me up.

Also, Dan is nearing some Brad Muir levels of smile in that thumbnail!

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Dan flipping out with a bo staff made me laugh way harder than it should have.

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In theaters August 8th.

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This was absolutely fantastic.

-Mortal Kombat 2 References

-Secret of the Ooze Reference

-Donatello Does machines

-He does machines

-He can play pool, whatever

-The world is his oyster

-Where is my root beer? I had a root beer.

Seriously, I loved this. Also, the tricaster shenanigans were great!

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I've never been to New York, but I imagine if I lived there I would have better options for Pizza then Pizza Hutt.

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I continue to enjoy Dan's energy of an excited 7 year old

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WHOA! Way to end on a cliffhanger. Does Jeff ever find his root beer?

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In Theaters August 8th

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I haven't laughed that hard at a quick-look for some time (some weeks at least). Jeff and Dan killed this one!

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laughed so hard it hurt

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This game is absolutely amazing. Holy shit.

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Startin' to come around on this Dan guy.

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Finally we have witnessed the next endurance run

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This is the best thing; I laughed so hard! Loved it.

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This game is absolutely amazing. Holy shit.

I'm pretty sure this the exact choreography of Vanilla Ice's dance routine in Secret of the Ooze.

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Was it just me or was Dan just WAAAY to into this?

Oh and Jeff, you were suppose to eat the pizza, I think...

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At least the game could have told us when the movie is out or something. How are we supposed to know?

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Wait, what day in August?

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God I love Dan

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Has anyone seen Jeff's root beer? It's part of his wardrobe.

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I really appreciate Dan's enthusiasm for this shitty Kinect game. He's just having a good time with it.

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Dan Ryckert: Mr. Joie de Vivre

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Everything about this quick look was awesome. Dan & Jeff make a great team.

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Poor Jeff didn't get a single piece of pizza.

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Shit. If only I knew when the movie was coming out...

Also, I'm seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 5 times on the day TMNT comes out, just so the damn thing doesn't come in first at the box office.

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1st game beaten in quicklook?

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Accidental Endurance Run and GotY

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this was fun, good job

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I was in agreeance with many of Dan's unorthodox food choices as I have an odd pallet as well. But after saying "Pizza Hut is really good." Mr. Ryckert, you have crossed the fuckin' line!

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What does it say about me that I want a boxed copy of this for my collection, even though I don't own a Kinect 1.0 or an Xbox 360?

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"I'm Donatello..." - Jeff Gerstmann, July 26, 2014

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Did the new Ninja Turtles fall out of the Gears of War universe?

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This was so damn funny.

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I think we're all thinking the same thing about this video: What happened to Jeff's root beer?!

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This game made Jeff not want pizza. Wow.

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LOL Dan is so amazing in this video he gets really into it, also does he have weekend update Norm Macdonald as his gamer picture because if he does it just makes me love him even more.

That's absolutely what it is.

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Dan is great

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Dan: Oh, man, I feel really cool right now!

Jeff: ...Really?


LOL, also,

Dan: Are you going to see this movie?

Jeff: God, no.

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Theaters on August 8th huh....

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This was great. I love the Kinect quick looks because they always have the dumbest and funniest stuff in them. Also, both Dan and Jeff said that Donatello was the best, so I think we can stop any "Who's the coolest turtle?" debate here...