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Posted by cooljammer00

So I'm busy working on my own fan project of this video, but there is LITERALLY a part in this video where Dan and Jeff are on a green screen looking like idiots. Dan's Donatello bo staff flailing reminds of me Star Wars kid. There are also free lightsaber sound libraries on the internet.

Do with that info what you will.

Posted by Fitzgerald

Oh God... that was hilarious.

Posted by Luck702

Note to self: Never pick a fight with Dan Ryckert. He's got some moves.

Posted by fjor

Mr. Dan Ryckert u are an amazing person ! :D

Posted by cikame

For as stupid as this is, it's somehow one of the better Kinect games.

Posted by AndyLonn

Got to love the bostaff action

Posted by davidh219
@assirra said:

@jedo said:

lol Jeff is such a party pooper. Like he purposefully tries to not to have the little fun there is to be had in this interactive commercial.

Well he seen this kind of crap ages ago. Remember they did a couple times of nonstop playing kinect. Especially the first kinect is something i assume Jeff wants to see go away. While i like Dan in this video, he acts like he never used a kinect in his life.

As someone who already knew Dan from all his shenanigans over at gameinformer, I can tell you that he pretty much acts like he's never seen/done/used [insert crap here] in his life on a regular basis. The man has the memory of a goldfish, but dammit if he doesn't just find SO MUCH JOY in everything you put in front of him. It's hard not to be jealous of his unbridled enthusiasm and positive outlook.

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Speaking of Dan's wrestling reference quotas, I made this thing.

Posted by petethepanda

Dan looks like Brad Muir in that image.

Posted by Chicken008

1st game beaten in quicklook?

Nah, Dragon's Lair was done in a quick look, I'm sure there are more.

Posted by alovelyfeeling

Dan kind of makes this game look cool.

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Why didnt they just go whole hog and get geoff keighly to show up at the end of every level

Posted by FoxMulder

"Pizza Hut is good" pretty much sums up everything about Dan's eating habits!

Posted by DukesT3

Dammit Dan, I'm so happy they hired you. You've been the breath of fresh air I felt like this site needed. ∆

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It started with a video. But once it was over...

@benderunit22 said:

Man, gotta admire Dan's enthusiasm.

@sen0r_awes0me said:

@moonshadow101 said:

Dan's energy is delightful. This is great.

100% Why Dan was hired :P

(all due respect)

@gunstarred said:

Ok. Now I love Dan.

@mshaw006 said:

For Dan to not be too cool to like this game... gotta respect that.

@humanity said:

Dan just knows how to have fun man it's infectious!

We finally realized Dan's purpose at Giant Bomb. Dan is there to keep people like Jeff and Alex from going completely dead inside. Dan is Photobomb Brad, Dan is Vinny's infectious enthusiasm, and Dan is Jeff's ironic love of really stupid (the good kind of stupid) things. Dan is awesome. Today is the day that I began to love Dan. Welcome to Giant Bomb @danryckert Dan! I'm glad you're here. We needed you. Haha.

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While this game is clearly nothing special (although probably a good time for young kids), I did find it frustrating that they kept trying to grab the pizza instead of eat it with their faces, which worked every time.

Other than that, AMAZING.

Posted by Aelric2

Dan might be a little too into the Sai for my taste. Can't trust a man what plays with the worst ninjer turtle weapon.

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"I feel really cool right now." - Dan Ryckert

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@vikingdeath1 said:

Every time I see Dan's enthusiasm, I like him more!

Me too! I had to pause the QL eight minutes in because I wanted to comment how I enjoy his positivity and enthusiasm, even when playing a soulless marketing ploy. It's refreshing! Gotta admit that playing with the bo looked fun.

I just wish Jeff would try to have a little more fun with stuff. I love it when he smiles and laughs when he does have a good time because I wanna see the man happy.

Seeing all the Pizza Hut boxes reminded me of when my mom bought me TMNT II: The Arcade Game for the NES back in 1990. It came with a Pizza Hut coupon for a free personal pan pizza and there were Pizza Hut signs all over a level or two in the game.

Oh, and:

Posted by DansMoM

This is clearly the most athletic I've seen Danny since his one on one basketball video against his 11 yr old sister

Posted by xXHesekielXx

One of the best QL in a long time. Haven't laughed so much in a while:) Thanks guys!!

Posted by squidracerX


Also, Dan is the guy you want with you in a fight, he has moves.

Posted by MichiganJack

@lukeweizer: If this was a boxed game, that should be the box quote.

Posted by cassus

The only good that will come from the new Kinect will be home brew VR related stuff. And maybe if Xbone gets VR, maybe they'll actually be able to utilize the kinect for something...

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@aelric2: But shooting the sais was in fact cooler than anything done with sais on the show.

Posted by OnlyKris
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I haven't laughed that hard in a few days. Excellent video.

Posted by Lukeweizer

@michigan_jack: It'll be on the digital box art for the Game of the Year edition.

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That was fucking stupendous. Perfect balance of cynicism and joy lol.

Posted by Droop

For a second there I thought it was Brad Muir in thumbnail :D!

Posted by ChrisTaran

Oh god, this was so great :D

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Jeff makes a sick Donatello

Posted by Sessh

This has to be the worst free game on XBLA yet.

"I feel really cool right now." - Dan Ryckert

"Really?" - Jeff Gerstmann

Posted by JDP83

Oh god, can't stop laughing! The best Kinect Quick Look since Hulk Hogan's Main Event.

Damnit Dan, why couldn't you have had your Facebook linked to the 360... :D

Posted by KeithBDetroit

This Quick Look was hilarious!!!

Posted by da_anguiano

Aaaaand now I love Dan.

Posted by Vandell

I'm a Dapper Dan man, now.

Goddamn this killed me. So good.

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I'd love a Kinect version of the old PC Game Budokan. Or at least watch Jeff and Dan do some sweet 10-key moves.:

Posted by nccows

Has anyone else noticed how Dan somehow pulls off using Kinect? He's one of the few people I've seen not look like a complete idiot. He actually looks.... kinda cool.

Posted by Lava

Jeff is a true Ninja.

Posted by whatisdelicious

@nccows said:

Has anyone else noticed how Dan somehow pulls off using Kinect? He's one of the few people I've seen not look like a complete idiot. He actually looks.... kinda cool.

Honestly, it's because the vast majority of people don't want to look stupid, so they don't move much, which looks stupid. Dan just fucking goes for it, which is what the games are designed for.

Kinect Sports was by and large a pretty shit game, but it had this one amazing dodgeball minigame. Whenever I watched friends play, they'd like, lean and stuff, but they'd keep their feet mostly in place, and they'd lose pretty quickly. Whenever I play, I literally run back and forth across the screen, drop to the floor, jump, spin, etc. I do way better than them and I have way more fun, too.

I bet Dan would kill at that game. Jeff maybe not so much.

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Is... is the pizza branded in the movie, too?

I'm scared. Halp. ;~;


Posted by MocBucket62

Dan's Enthusiasm is great here, but Jeff is right, this is just a shameless way to promote the movie and Pizza Hut. The Turtles are a bunch of corporate pigs eating nothing but Pizza Hut all day.

Posted by aceofspudz

Dan was a fucking badass with that bo staff! He should fight crime.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Yup. Dan is a great fit.

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Dan is too legit to quit...the fact that he is himself and doesnt care what someone thinks is "normal" is quite admirable. Also this whole Dan bashing on the site and podcast HAS to stop.

ps. Brad stop doing the bombcast and selecting emails, this comes in from that food racist email. Imo that was a very disrespectful and unprofessional thing to do to a fellow colleague, particularly a new one at that... #teamdan

Posted by whitegreyblack

Did Jeff find his root beer?


Posted by Ponyexpress

This was art.

Posted by jiggajoe14

Hold the FUCK up.....Kevin Nash was Super Shredder?

Posted by Griffinmills

I feel Dan's enthusiasm healing me. It hurts, a little, but it's because this cynical, cold, dead heart of mine isn't used to feeling joy. Dan looked cool!