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This is promising

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Oh man.

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Awwwwwwwww yisssssssssss

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Kinect game let's gooooooooo!

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Oh Kinect, you so janky.

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This should be good. The video. Not the game. Of course not the game.

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Well, this looks like a laugh.

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When is this movie going to be in theaters?

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Every time I see Dan's enthusiasm, I like him more!

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I want some Pizza Hut for some reason.

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This is GREAT.

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Just realized how much Dan reminds me of Daniel Bryan.

Also those new turtle designs look hideous.

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I want some Pizza Hut for some reason.

Me too. Weird....

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Well, that was short, but sweet. I feel like this entire video deserves to be a gif.

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This is a good video

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Yup that was pretty funny. If it's kinect it's always funny.

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I would like to see a TED talk featuring developers behind high-end games like this one.

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A fitting swansong for the old kinect..

Though there will probably be like 2 games total coming out on the new one since they killed it.

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This is just fucking amazing.

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Another quality Kinect product!

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When is this film in theaters again?

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"I feel really cool right now!" Dan swinging a fake stick around at boxes.

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Are we sure this isn't just a failed Mortal Kombat Kinect game that got rebranded for TMNT?

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These guys are sportin' some 'tude

But they sure ain't no Ravishing Rick Rude!

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This reminds me of the old days of Giantbomb and Kinect.

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This is great.

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Ok. Now I love Dan.

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In Theatres August Jeff-th.

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Here's your Endurance Run, folks.

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Go, ninja! Go, ninja! GO!

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100% Why Dan was hired :P
(all due respect)

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That sai game actually looks like a concept that could work for a fun motion-based "dual-stick" shooter.

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Ok. Dan using the staff definitely made my weekend.

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So will I be able to order Pizza Hut in theaters august 8th?

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has to be one of my favorite quick looks in a while haha

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Give Jeff his damn drink!

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I feel like eating Pizza Hut while I pre order my tricket to go see some movie on the 8th of August.

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Can't wait for the GIFs or just edited photos that come from this video.

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Game got me super pumped for the movie. If only I knew when it was coming to theatres!

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Truly, this is the greatest Endurance Run they've ever done.

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Wait, super shredder was Kevin Nash???!!? How did I not know this??

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Dan just knows how to have fun man it's infectious!

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For Dan to not be too cool to like this game... gotta respect that.

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What an AMAZING video game.