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Earl is a poindexter.

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Funky Bass.

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Requisite Ludacris remix. Enjoy:

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Man, my first game on Sega Mega Drive after Sonic... Tears drop

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yeah buddy

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Flashbacks from my childhood.

Posted by simkas

I am all up for more Drew in quick looks, yes please

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@Catarrhal said:

Earl is a poindexter.

ToeJam is a wiener.

Posted by tyxja

This is awesome. More Jeff/Drew quicklooks, man!

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@Catarrhal said:

Earl is a poindexter.

No way, Toe Jam is a wiener.

Posted by iizcallum

Panic on Funkatron WAS my childhood. That game was the best.

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Jeff/Drew quicklook? This is a rarity indeed.

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@simkas said:

I am all up for more Drew in quick looks, yes please

yes, totally.

great quick look. great game. brings back memories.

Posted by Blair

Operation 'Quick Look Everything' continues!

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@iizcallum: It may have been because I was so young, BUT I LOVED PANIC IN FUNKOTRON. Maybe the gameplay isn't anything like the first one, but I think the aesthetic and stuff that made you like about TJ&E is still in there.

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Have to say, I love TJ & E II, no matter what anyone says. A lot of fond memories playing through that with friends.

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I played the shit out of this game with my sister when we were kids. Love it to death.

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My sister also does the same thing Drew's does. She plays GTA like a taxi driver simulator and follows road rules when bringing the passengers to their destination.

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Definitely one of my favourite games from the 16-bit era. Loved the presents system. That music really brings me back. Props to Big Jeffrey and my man Funky Drewster for shining some light on this gem.

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Haters gonna hate and all that, I loved Panic in Funkotron.

I'd agree it isn't as interesting as the first game, I wasn't looking for a Toejam & Earl side scroller either - but for what it was, it was decent enough.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Jeff, you forgot to mention the hot ladies give you lemonade in the secret hot tub area

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I'm with Drew, I love Toe Jam & Earl, played a shit ton of TJ&E as a kid, never beat it though.

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my brother hated the sega, but this was the one game the brought him over to my side.

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I could watch them play the rest of this.

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Why all the Panic on Funkatron hate!? That game was so great!

Maybe it's because I played that before the first game but I prefer it by a looooooooong way. The first game is just...kinda dull.

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Panic on Funkotron is a great game unless you expected to get more of TJ&E 1. Just don't watch the last 8 or so minutes because they're pretty pointless.

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I was actually planning on buying this on the Virtual Console when I get the Wii U.

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@rmanthorp said:

I could watch them play the rest of this.

Same here
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I originally played "Panic on Funkitron", so my love for it is unmatched.

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i never played toejam & earl but i am so digging the style / music / characters / everything in this game

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Nothing could make me more happy than GB playing T&E..... love this site.

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Please make a premium video where you just... play this. All the way through.

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Those Toejam and Earl 2 sprites are amazing.

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Panic on Funkatron was the fucking best. I used to play that game all day long.

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My brother and I would play Toejam + Earl for hours. One of our favorite games of all time.

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@Laivasse said:

Props to Big Jeffrey and my man Funky Drewster for shining some light on this gem.

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YES! I remember picking this up for my genesis and playing it for hours.

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Ok good to see from the comments that I'm not the only one who really enjoyed TJ&E 2, good times as a kid playing through that game with my younger brother. Those purple jump-pads really brought on a wave of nostalgia.

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@rebgav: Well that was not something I expected to see this morning.

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fucking love toejam and earl

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Having never been exposed to Toejam & Earl before...

What the hell is this?!

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The sequel may not have been great, but it was stunning at the time. Just a million little touches that made it at least LOOK amazing.

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Panic on Funkotron is the superior game. I will defend this against anyone at noon, ten paces.

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dynamic split screen? holy hell this was waaaaaaaaay before it's time and that HP split when they high five, holy crap!

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Spent so many hours with this game back in the day. So getting this. Also you can use an inner tube to get to the secret island as well.

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Peace to Drew for recreating the elevator music hahahaha.

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this is on steam too