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Man if this QL was Vinny and Ryan...probably for the best that it is not

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I had to take a double take after seeing that place holder photo. I thought I might have forgotten to close a tab for one of my special sites.

Haha you into kneeling kisses?

Don't judge me man. We all have our fetishes.

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I wonder if that "MITCHELL!" emphasis from Ryan was a MST3K reference.

It has to be, right?

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Worth $6.99? I am seriously considering buying a 3DS just for this. JAPAN WINS.

At about 23:55, Ryan's genuine "this is fantastic" comment following the extended shot of the lady splayed out on the floor had me in tears.

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Thank you Ryan and Patrick for bringing me my one 'trip' for the day.

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Man, this may be the best use of FMV since Mortal Kombat.

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@Dberg: Not event close you narrow-minded racist!

While I dislike getting a bunch of PMs from people replying to something dumb I said, I can deal with it, but at least make them worth reading.

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I guess lines are a much bigger part of life in Tokyo, compared to other countries. I don't have to actually stand in line all that often, luckily.

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This motion capture in front of green screens really reminds me of Phantasmagoria.

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Also, kudos to Patrick for actually getting through the gameplay with some skill. I would have been a mess trying to take in all the crazy on screen.

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wow, a game that actually makes me want a 3ds... hmmm

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Finally Japan brings their A games to the world.

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Dear Japan, either make this game for other systems or put it out on pc, it will sell gold as the game is pure Japan madness & looks like a lot of fun.

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So this is what they've been hiding from us in Japan.

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This is Japan doing what Japan does best: being batshit insane.


Zuma has never made me think I was having an acid flashback before and I am thankful for that. This game however.....

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Just having a lady moving her finger in a circle like a loading animation is really, really goddamn funny.

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This is great.

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Japanese video game industry saved!

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"lets make a really random FMV game then dump it off on America, they love this shit"


"man, Japanese people are crazy"


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This is so fantastic. I don't know where this game goes, but I want it to take me there with it.

Also well done to Ryan for summing it up right near the end.

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what the fuck did i just watch

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this game is pretty much Giant Bomb: The Game. All it needed are dinosaurs.

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"What the fuck is that?!" It's a stupid dance called Para Para.

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Holy crap, that was perfect.

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i feel like this needs a vinny in it

Ryan and Patrick are perfect for these kinds of quicklooks. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS!"

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Japanese games are BACK you guys! :-D

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I wasn't ready for this game

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I have otrher things to do than playing this game. Developing this game for example would have been a valid fit for my first sentence. I have to paint the kitchen instead. Really liking the color of one and presentation of the other......... those throwing sounds will keep me laughing. And I see the concept, somebody will spend time w/this on the bus.

Delusion now. yay!

Looking out for a friend Ryan, that is what I suspect

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Well, you don't see that every day.

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I love it. I honestly want to play this.

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This game is a gif goldmine.

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I'm never going to buy this but I am happy it exists.

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Goddamn this is amazing.

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I threw. Yay!

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I thought I knew video games.

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Japan just beat you at match 3 PopCap. Your move Jeff Green.

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This is my new Hatoful Boyfriend.

And I didn't think anything would beat Hatoful Boyfriend

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I like how in the comments there really is no one game maker who made this game, it was just Japan as a whole.

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One of the best piece of video content I have ever seen on Giant Bomb, and I have watched it all.

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what the hell. i think this is the game that is going to get me to play my 3DS

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All this is telling me is that Tim and Eric need to make a video game, STAT.