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I can't believe how racist Patrick is

  • Says he won't pay for it because it's Japanese
  • Implying that the likes the white lady better, because she's white
  • Throws and rolls colored people

For shame...

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I would really appreciate a GB version of this game. Please.

You make me sad because this is not going to happen. :'(

If by "not going to happen" meaning "going to happen" then yeah.

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The implied lesbianism and Ryans and Patricks reaction to that particular scene was amazing. Now I NEED a 3DS

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fucking games as art right here

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But also JAPAN!

I think Japan wins in this scenario.

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Thank you so much for the QL. I saw the preview video of this game on the eShop a week or so ago, and just HAD to know what the fuck was going on here.

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I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but Mitchell has been developing this puzzle gameplay type since 1998, with Puzz Loop. They beat out Zuma by 5 years.

Aha, I knew I had played something similar before. Mitchell did Ballistic on the Game Boy Color. Maybe it was called Puzz Loop in other regions, or that was just what the arcade version was called? It is aliased as such on the wiki page.

@pakattak said:

Also, I'm sensing some Japanese social commentary, here. Fear of crowds? Depression?

I feel like this game goes a lot deeper than it's surface implies.

Yeah, I initially thought Ryan was just being silly suggesting it was about depression or something, but I dunno, there might be something to it. Maybe it's just because if I don't find some sort of deeper meaning here, my brain will liquefy from trying to process the craziness!

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Giant Bomb's 2013 Game of the Year. Well, that was 2013, time for next year.

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System Seller

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Ah, from Mitchell Corporation. The creators of the game that PopCap ripped off to make Zuma, Puzz Loop. This all makes perfect sense now.

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Why does she start dancing at the end? Because she can.

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i feel like this needs a vinny in it

Ryan and Patrick are perfect for these kinds of quicklooks. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS!"

Hell, get all three of them!

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@xdaknightx69 said:

i feel like this needs a vinny in it

Or Jeff..NintendownloadExpress son!!

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Is Ryan really that sensitive about race, or is he just worried people won't get that he's "one of the good white folks"?

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First time I have laughed hard at a Quick Look for months.

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Besides the lack of Jeff (c'mon; this is what the Nintendownload X-Press was made for!), this is easily the best Quick Look so far of the new year! "It's too real for retail!™" is now my new favorite thing any gaming journalist - nay, any journalist, period - has ever said! :D

Nintendo, put that quote on the game's eShop page!

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I think the asian chick is into the white chick?

EDIT: I think I heard Yoshi noises in there.

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What in the

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We need more weird Japanese games.

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This is the best thing ever.

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I'm offended by this thumbnail. Please explain yourselves.

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This shit is fucking nuts.

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I don't think I've laughed out loud in about 3 weeks, time to reset the counter after watching this video.

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You should be sad Patrick! try harder! I

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WOO! Depression.

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Aw man I kind of need a 3DS don't I

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Guys what are videogames??

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Ryan said the G word, Inaba's going to chew him out, too.

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Was waiting for this.

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Video games are art.

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This quick look was goddamn hilarious.

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Aw man I kind of need a 3DS don't I

Yeah that's kind of what I thought. This is going on the list of things I've got to get when I finally pick one up.

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That was... Incredible? Wow lol, hilarious quick look . I almost feel violated though, that is one crazy ass game!

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Further evidence that FMV elevates even the most boring game mechanics to incredible heights.

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Seriously Japan, what the fuck.

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JESUS LORD! That was one of the oddest things I've seen in a while. Thank you, Giant Bomb!

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This is a lot like Cart Life, except even more depressing since the people are REAL!

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Game of the Decade.

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Ok, I'm starting to get a little weirded out by some of these comments. Yeah, the game is weird. Yeah, the game is Japanese. Yeah, it's surrealist Japanese humor. But all the "oh Japan" and "JAPAN IS BACK YOU GUYS" is starting to rub me the wrong way. I don't want to pull out the "r" word because that's just too damn dramatic, but c'mon guys. I'll bet you no one looks at Andy Kaufman or Tim and Eric and goes "OH THOSE AMERICANS ARE SO FUCKING WEIRD AMIRITE ROFL"

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@pakattak: Yeah, I can dig that.

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Ryan's "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!" near the end was hilarious, good God.

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What a fantastic video game.

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....© 1998 Mitchell?

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I bought this game because of this quick look.

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I need a 3ds now

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I nominate this game for an Endurance Run. Riveting!

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Protip: Japanese weed is the BEST weed...

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....© 1998 Mitchell?

Maybe she's a tall 14 year old.