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I did not expect this. Oh shit.

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Still wondering what this is...

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Game is weird for sure. Listen to the 8-4 Play episode about it, if you are on the fence. It's prolly kinda bad overall, but good if you need that weird japanese game fix.

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Reminds me of Persona. I am in.



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Looks amazing, how much does this game cost.

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Very interesting concept, also Missile!

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this actually look fun and insane at the same time

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It's not often that a quicklook sells me this hard on a game.

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I have no idea what I just watched...but...I think I liked it.

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Time to Brad: 4:15

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Missed the Live Quick Look but OH GOD IT'S UP ALREADY. Thank you Vinny and/or Drew.

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this is a dope concept

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I just... I... wow.

Don't know if I'd ever play this, but love being able to see the madness via this QL

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Man...this looks fucking awesome!

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This game is weird.

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I bought Borderlands 2 to hold me over till this game comes out!

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@Zajtalan: hold ur tongue, worm

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It's like EVO Search for Eden for the new era!

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Humanity has decli-... Disappeared. Jinrui wa Shimastafuck.

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That bell toll noise for "clean kills" was also used in Catherine. This game looks great! :)

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Well, this is going to be good.

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Wow. I kinda totally want this.

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The puppy on puppy violence in this game is making me uncomfortable. No one show Rorie this game.

BWHAHAHA the deer's clean kill is amazing.

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Done. Purchased. Day one. Five stars. Multiple orgasm. I'm climaxing again and again. Wonderful. Incredible. Awe-inspiring. Superb. Gnarly. Tubular. Way-cool. Awesome. Groovy. Mondo. Outrageous. Funky.

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This may be the greatest animal game ever.

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I have been looking forward to this for a while and this Quick Look did not disappoint. Cannot wait to enter the Jungle.

I love weird stuff like this. The world needs much more of it.

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metal deer solid

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I've heard surprisingly good things about Tokyo Jungle. It seems to be a return to the good batshit crazy games of Japans past.

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So much promise!

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I love this game.

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Really into what I am seeing

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They don't put these on youtube anymore or just a delay? I find it easier to watch it there, it loads better sometimes.

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This game is AMAZING.

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Jeff would be a terrible deer. He's just kicking the shit out of everyone for no reason!

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@Zajtalan: Should of had a Rorie

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shit, i want to see more of this.

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Tokyo Jungle...is beautiful- Jeff G.

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Well I'm sold, what else is there to say?

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@MaxxS said:

It's like EVO Search for Eden for the new era!


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I don't know what I was expecting, but the production values - music, sound effects, UA, etc. - here are kind of amazing. Disappointed that it's basically a side scrolling beat 'em up, but, again, I don't know what I was expecting.

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@squrler said:

This game is AMAZING.

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Would have liked to see multiplayer.

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This game looks like it might get boring pretty fast, despite what everyone says.