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Edit: Finally! ugh, that quest is annoying.
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Cool.  I've been missing Quick Looks this week at work.

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This is what i get for downloading starcraft 2... third <_<.

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I was waiting for some new content, hurray. Now where is that ps2 game quick look.
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This QL is Xtreme!

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 Is there a demo that I don't know of?

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'I played the first Hawx.' 
Love it.  That cockpit view looks more like you're on some kind of flying motorbike rather than in a jet. 

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darnit, no quest

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I miss rogue squadron...is this a serviceable replacement?

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The next Fast and the Furious movie will be jet drifting.

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Wow, this game looks really fun. Pre-ordered!

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This didn't look good.

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Ah it's no Ace Combat...*grumble* 
@WhiteBrightKnight said:

" x-treme. "
That's not extreme enough damn it!
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Game looks alright.

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I always wonder if the voice radio chatter is always that calm in real life after an allied chopper just got shot the fuck out of the air. Considering the crew are often killed on impact or taken hostage, I'd think it would be a little more emotional a thing to happen.

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Do a barrel roll!

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Oh, right. I hate flying games.

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not a fan of these sort of games, i tried HAWX one and it hasn't given me any faith in a sequel

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Looks pretty much the same as the first one. As much as I liked H.A.W.X, I can't really justify another $70-$80 for this one.

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Ryan hates helicopters, but loves helicopter porn.   I think there is an actual psychological term for this.  

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Do a barrel roll

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...shouldn't let ryan play air combat games.
Looking forward to more hawx.

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Watching Ryan try to refuel the plane was great, couldn't stop laughing.

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I laughed hard when Ryan was trying to refuel. Total Top Gun flashback.

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y isnt this on the front page... seen it on twitter :/

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Refueling the plane  was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

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These flying game quick looks are always amusing.  Think I will go re-watch the Wings of Prey quick look.

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It was great how silent it was during the refueling sequence lol so intense!

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Tom Clancy's High Altitude Weird Extreme. Sold.

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I love Ryan's sideways-targeting style.

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Well, this certainly was unexpected.

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The X is for XTREME!!!

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 Mhhh, gameplay and story seems dull as the previous game...
When will another flight simulator with a compelling story as Belkan War will come out? :(
C'mon Project Aces, makes us happy again :)

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Still sticking to the melodramatic storyline in the Ace Combat series. 

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Will there be helicopter missions too?

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HAWX was easily one of the dullest games I played recently. I got it as a gift, and had to force myself to get to level 3 or 4. Then I never got back to it again.  
After seeing the QL, it looks much the same...  
Long gone are times of nice quasi sims like EuroFighter 2000, F-14 Fleet Defender. Good 'ol times.
Btw. I enjoyed Ace Combat definately more.

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Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I never played the original. Which I usually play all of the Tom Clancy games, but that didn't look so good. This looks alright though! I wonder how the music is, and the story. I hope you can look out the side of the jet in cockpit view like in Ace Combat or Rouge Squadron. 
Edit: nevermind about the cockpit thing.
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As bad as the genre may have gotten, I'm a sucker for these Air Combat games. Haven't tried the World War 2 ones but I love me some super melodramatic Ace Combat and even got some enjoyment out of the first HAWX.

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My interest in this game has now risen.  
nevermind: the oh eff eff nonsense is still there. 

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Use the Power Glove while refueling it's wayyyyyy easier.

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I was oddly bothered by the above-sea-level altimeter, you'd think AGL would be more useful while flying around mountains. I miss the days of actual flight sims.

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It seems like the remaining enemies simultaneously explode if you kill enough enemy jets yourself.

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"Let's go the combat zone." 
"What are you gonna down you get there?" 
"Kick it." 
"Yeah, right on." 
This is why I love Giant Bomb.

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I would not to be in a plane where Ryans the pilot. 

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Regular, full.

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Is this out already?! If not, why do they get to do a QL? 
GRAMMAR NAZI ALERT: "An Ubisoft Production"?!

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This game looks drab as fuck like the original Hawx.
Edit: ok i take that back, there are some ok landscapes here.

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That refueling part was SOOO EPIC! lol