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Yeah! Now I'm not so bored.

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what is this? I don't even....
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Weird is always good.

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Yay! Entertainment while i wait for the bombcast!

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This sounds incredible.

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Sounds like hot spicy boners DELUX and fucking amazing DULEX.

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Holy WiiWare, Giant Bomb! Two in a row? Crazy.

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lol looks interesting to say the least

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Wow, 2 WiiWare in a row.  Gotta love the weird ones!

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So... basically it's the Japanese interpretation of Out of This World.

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what the christ is going on

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dragon farts

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This can only be amazing.

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A tree! Animal defeated by vegetable! Oh man that made me laugh.

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More awesome weird games on the WiiWare, Nice! 

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Haha  wtf? :D

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This looks awesome.

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I will buy this one day.

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I just bought it for 2$ on my touch & it's fucking bananas. Worth it even if for 5-10 min. hey show it to friends, it's fucking crazy.

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Ive said it once and I'll say it again. The Japaneese are fucking weird.

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 is that... green man? ON THE MOON!?!

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Best random game....ever.

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Best game I've ever seen. Turning on my Wii for the first time in over a year for this.

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If this dude and Mr Domino ever get together to take over the world, we'd all be in a lot of trouble.
Oh, look! It also has the aliens from Metal Slug in there!

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that game was stupid lol ....

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That was fantastic. This is the best type of Quick Look.

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This game would be even more awesome crazy if it was all mocap footage where they just threw props to the guy running & getting past whatever is in his way.

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Oh man that was great, there was soooo much randomness!

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This is like a shockwave.com game.  That is pretty awesome.
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Once you start you can't stop!

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Is it just me, or does anybody else think of Pitfall when they watch this?

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@Darkstar614 said:
"what the christ is going on "

Nothing and everything
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Another reason I should probably get a Wii.

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So, Santa lives on the moon, huh? Makes sense.

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Bought for iPhone. Looks pimp.

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Funniest Quick Look since New Super Mario Bros.

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"Cannonball run 2 is not canon" had me in stitches haha.

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@DBoy said:
"Is it just me, or does anybody else think of Pitfall when they watch this? "

Yes!  Now that you mention it I totally see that. 


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Time to get some Tomena Sanner!

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Thanks for doing this video, I would never have paid attention to this otherwise! This looks awesome, love the rotoscoped dudes.

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@Huecomundo21 said:
"Best random game....ever. "
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Greatest 5 dollars ever spent.

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I love how vinny had -760000000 points or something.

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No words...  They should've sent a poet.