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Posted by MachoFantastico

I want to welcome the future.

Love the artistic style of Fusion, certainly have to check out the PC version.

Posted by Torabi

Am I the only one who finds it annoying when they do very little research on the game? Not to "attack" certain people but when Drew does a quicklook he has tons of notes and knows a lot about the game he is showing. Brad on the other hand barely knows anything. For example, how he was unable to figure out how to access the creator which is clearly labeled in the main menu. He missed it at least twice and assumed you have to unlock it after beating the game. Come on Brad. It isn't hard to go to the main menu, let alone prepare yourself a tiny bit before showing off a game. This isn't just something Brad tends to do so this complaint isn't just directed at him mind you. Just that in this video he was in charge of showing off the game. I know QLs are supposed to be more casual and laid back but just assuming things about the game that take five seconds to look up isn't very good.

Other then that I still enjoy quick looks a lot.