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The game with the world greatest cover.

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this game was pretty fun i love executing my PEOPLE! and making barracks and guard towers on every corner!

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Downloading the Steam demo now. Looks pretty cool!

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I've been waiting for this since I saw that 'shopped picture of Ryan on the cover.
That's match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned.

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Suuuch a good quick look so far! Thanks guys :)

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Oh interesting.. I was wondering how the 360 version would look
Also.. why isn't Ryan doing this quick look? He's el presidente! XD

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This should be a good quick look. 

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Didn't expect this

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Played Tropico 1 for an entire summer, am so excited for this game.
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This is an excellent game.

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@Blair said:
" I've been waiting for this since I saw that 'shopped picture of Ryan on the cover.  That's match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned. "
...so that is Ryan? Okay, good, I'm not imagining things. Time to let the video load and watch it in a few minutes!...
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I was pretty interested in this game at one point. I kinda forgot, but now i'm back.

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This game has great music...

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Oh Jeff and Vinny. So awesome.

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I need some Secret Policemen.

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So much potential for racist banter.

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Random Island Generator? Fuck! im totally getting Tropico 3 now, took me a while...

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I want to play this now.
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I would love to live on an island run by Jeff

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Looks like it has some problems but I will totally give it a chance. It scratches that Rollercoaster Tycoon itch.
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so good :D

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This would be awsome as an endurence run.

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I know he's only screwing around for the quicklook, but this is quite possible the WORST way to play this game.

Why would you put the garage miles out of town? That way everyone has to WALK to the garage to get their cars. You need to put the garage near housing. Also, everything needs to be connected by roads, especially the docks, otherwise travel will take too long. If this wasn't God Mode, Jeff would have been bankrupt in about 5 minutes, even if he didn't spend a bunch of cash on the airport.

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lol, as I was watching the video I actually tried to zoom in 

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lmao, one of the best quick looks this year so far.
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Haven't made it to the end of the QL so I don't know jeff's feelings yet, but Tropico 3 on the PC was a fantastic game.  Pretty much an improved remake of Tropico 1, with enough new things to make it fresh and fun.   The 360 game seems fairly competent so far.

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game looks surpisingly awesome, i miss sim city style games, might give this a go if i find it cheap

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Jeff really is an awesome president.

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I knew the government was out to get me!

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Awesome Quick Look

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Good, authentic sounding back ground music.

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nice soundtrack

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Tropico for me is a religion... and sweet-ass apartment buildings are the shit!

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I hear this is as good as Tropico 1. Which means I am all aboard.

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Did you know? Secret Police can cook pretty well when they aren't killing dudes in back alleys.

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Is it just me or does Vinny sound a lot like Tim from 'Life and Times of Tim'

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As soon as I heard the dude on the radio, I was sold on this game.

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Awesome quick look wish it was longer. hmmmm long looks.

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If this game drops back down to 20$ on Steam I will probably get it.

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Wish they showed the PC version as the way that game controls looks horrible. I loved the game and played ti non stop for two to three days but it soon sets in the boredom after that as you pretty much realize there isn't much variety in how you build your city. There is only two to three successful ways to build up your city and that's that.

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Hyman Roth DLC – coming soon!

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LOL playing a building sim on a console. i understand the gb crew prefer consoles to pc but seriously....

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This game looks way more fun than I thought it would!
I will probably play it someday.

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get this on steamif u want it better control and extra islands
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I've been wondering what the game you guys have been advertising a lot was all about.

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It's totally still Tropico. This Quick Look has convinced me that I will definitely get this for PC at some point.

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That assassination was probably the most epic thing to happen in a Quick Look so far.

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Jeff is the best dictator ever.