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And now I can no longer think of quicklooks the same way. 

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It's totally great how little of the screen is used for the actual game. Good lord, all the extra crap flying around the screen is making this incomprehensible.
WHAT. That Space Invaders game looks fantastic.

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Double Double Quicklooks on the same day. WHATT DOES THISS MEEEEAN?????

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What is this I don't even!
This is the THIRD time you mix things up this week. It truly is a new Giant Bomb we are witnessing. Some might even begin to call it the Twiant Bomb. Amirit.

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Two Shooters!

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This week has been madness!

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This is the 2Fast 2Furious of Quick looks that double up on shooters.

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Oh my... Giantbomb is rocking hard this week. Mixing up all and everything. I LOVE IT!
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How many cups though?

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Nice I love both of these games. Keep up the good work guys!
EDIT: Nagoya Attacks are performed when you successfully pass though an enemy bullet and shoot the enemy. You will notice that the bullets are transparent when they are first fired, you may go though them at that point and kill the enemy for the bonus!

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Did anyone notice that after defeating Athena Mai said "I pounded her real hard"?

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This game is so gloriously Japanese!
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2 Shooters 1 Quicklook is too close to another 2 Thing, 1 Other Thing, that it makes me a little sad.

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Yay lots of content!

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Good week for shooter fans!

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I'm loving the music on Space Invaders.  KOF I'm not so sure about but I'll at least give it a shot.  Love me some shooters.

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The first shooter made it really hard to tell what you needed to avoid and what you could collect and what you had shot out yourself which seemed pretty bad.  Space Invaders did seem pretty cool though.

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Japanese stuff is so weird to me. I hope to head over there someday and perhaps gain some understanding.

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That Space Invaders game looks great, but I'll definitely be waiting for a sale on that one.  $10 is a little steep right now, but it looks like a lot of fun.

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Space invaders what? Genetos was much cooler than that.

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The recent space ivnader reimaginings were always crazy and very cool to play, so good to say they still change it up each iteration.

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KoF looks ridiculous. I would be trying to dodge the fs flying at me too often. But Space Invaders does look awesome.

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The double quick look-ypse has arrived! La machine guns was only the begininng!

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Space Invaders looks sooooooooooooo great. buying now

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Some real good music going on in Infinity Gene.

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The Space Invaders have called in backup! Apparently, they have friends!

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dang, that space invaders game is awesome.

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Many quick looks! IS GOOD!

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the space invaders was boring at first 
then the double fuckin evo happened and the game became awesome

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Tried the SI demo and it was pretty cool. I'd love to see what the final evolutions are like.

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I can't see the appeal.

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Ugh, Mai.  Space Invaders looks cool.

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Space Invaders!!

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Downloaded Space Invaders on my phone.  Great stuff.  I am definitely getting it on XBLA.

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Space Invaders Infinity looks great and at $10 a good deal, too.  I love these old school game updates when there is something innovative done to them.  A new coat of paint doesn't cut it, but something like this or Championship Pac-Man are what's needed to keep these classic franchises relevant.
As for the KoF, that was cool, too although there wasn't enough boob jiggle on Mai. :-)

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Space Invaders seems rad, loving the look and the music. Might have to pick it up soon.

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On messed-up UI prompts, you guys should have responded "NO" to the KOF storage question. It then seems to ask you in broken English about half a dozen times if you're sure that's what you intended to do.

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schmups i say,

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Also "Maybe I pounded her a bit too hard"?! Uh.... :O

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Space Invaders looks sick. It's pretty amazing seeing these old games continually brought back and made relevant with some great retro-futuristic aesthetics and modern mechanics.

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@Grissefar said:
" What is this I don't even! This is the THIRD time you mix things up this week. It truly is a new Giant Bomb we are witnessing. Some might even begin to call it the Twiant Bomb. Amirit. "
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Great looking game, but the abuse of genetic terms in Space Invaders Evolution is a bit much. Frame shift mutations have nothing to do with space invaders. Transposon elements, yes, invaders from space? No.

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Oh man, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene looks awesome. Must get.