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Posted by TheMustacheHero

Nice, wondered what this game was like...kind of weird, with the whole video inside PSP action going on  though.

Posted by doctorkaneder

That drawing hand is creeping me out. I like the new PSP overlay!

Posted by emkeighcameron


Edited by Death_Burnout

saw this months and months ago...looked like it needed work...time to see if it still does!

love the PSP overlay

Posted by Yelix

Are you sure this is the right game? Unbound Saga sounds like some sort of weird niche Japanese strategy RPG.

Posted by Metal_Mills

@ 5:10 Dave did a good Micky mouse.

Posted by RossCowan

Reminds me of Comix Zone a fair bit.

Posted by Yelix

Also, this game looks like it has some problems with draw-in. BA-ZING!

Posted by sdauz

this looks sooooo bad

Posted by Kajaah117

I guess Jeff found his red PSP.

Posted by HumanityPlague

This looks like a 3D version of Maximum Carnage, and/or Separation Anxiety.  Wow, that's old....and not super great.

Posted by Jimbo

2009, they've just taken Streets of Rage and broken the controls.  I'm supposed to be living on the goddamn moon by now.

I guess you could make a case for Dead Rising being a decent attempt at modernising the genre.  Slap some co-op on that and cut back on the non-kicking-ass bits and I think you have a solid contender.

Posted by Nizzleworth

add this to the visible thong page

Posted by Pyroph

That is so true Dave. I've always thought that too. It'd be awesome to play Ryu in a beat em up.

Posted by bekern

the animations look kind of funny. Everyone just looks like they're gliding around over ground lol

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This looks excessively dumb.

Posted by Metroid545

this is a modern comix zone just not as cool

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This does seem like Comix Zone, except Comix Zone was like a billion times better than this.

Posted by Orange_Pork

Those are some nice Final Fantasy VII menu sound effects.

Posted by CarolynP

It's rare for a game to make me so vitriolic, but this game really fucking sucks. Playing through its ten stages felt like a lifetime, and a wasted one at that. Also, it is neither unbound nor a saga. It's just a mess.

Posted by HeavyMental

i'd get a snes emulator .... or just go downstairs and play some GOOD beat em up if i want to

Posted by LobsterCrunk

Yay!  Dave!

This game looks totally... um.... mediocre.  I wouldn't call it bad just from looking at it - I'd have to play it to say that - but it looks very regular.  Almost suspiciously regular.

Posted by BenderUnit22

The menu sounds like Final Fantasy VII

Posted by evilhomer

Dave wins with the kung-fu reference

Posted by ratzombie

Fantastic voice acting by Jeff and Dave. Haha.

Posted by agentboolen

You would only understand this type of gameplay if you were a fan of Final Fight, or Streets of Rage.  Younger gamers should give it a try and remember its gameplay is inspired from simpler times.

Posted by spiceninja

THIS is Unbound Saga? When I first heard the name I was sure is was another dumb JRPG.

Posted by killdave

Wooow .... how does shit like this get a release ?^?^?

Posted by PartTimeNinja

$15 for this? Hmmm... I guess that isn't too bad.

Oh wait! I just bought Streets of Rage for a dollar!

Posted by Doubt


Posted by TheHT

yeah, i was never all that into old school brawlers. except for separation anxiety. and double dragon vs battletoads. those were kick ass.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

This game looks like garbage, but I dig the new overlay you should keep it for future PSP Quick Looks.

Posted by MeatSim

Reminds me of Fighting Force 64 yet not awesome.

Posted by Deusoma

Even if this was good, it's a download-only game and therefore irrelevant.

Posted by kwyee

ooo PSP QL!

But I'm hating the PSP border around the action.  It's ugly and cheesy.  With all these borders and chrome, I feel like I'm unboxing a Matryoshka doll.  :(
Why not put vid in full screen? 
Posted by SaucySala

I'm a big fan of beat'em ups. But man, this doesn't look so hot.

Posted by InFamous91

WTF....one of the quickest boss battle ever
I found this game quite disturbing

Posted by Undeadpool

This looks fucking TERRIBLE. This makes Comix Zone look like high art.

Posted by Moridin

The voices were low, but that guy kind of sounded like Kanji.

Posted by CashBailey

I reckon the PSP was MADE for half-assed brawlers like this.

Posted by MrMiyagi

So Unbound Saga is a shitty 3D version of Comix Zone? No thanks...

10 bucks can buy me Comix Zone on XBLA.

Posted by MrMiyagi

And for the love of god, MAKE THE MUSIC STOP.

Posted by Soap

This game looks awful, like a shitty rip off of Fighting Force, which in itself was nothing more than a shitty rip off of Streets of Rage.

Damn you video games... lol

Edited by lordofultima
@Soap: ..which was a ripoff of Final Fight. I'd say it looks more like Comix Zone / Maximum Carnage personally.
Posted by ApertureSilence

Dave and Jeff would make great voice actors.

Posted by EdTwo
@MrMiyagi said:
" So Unbound Saga is a shitty 3D version of Comix Zone? No thanks... 10 bucks can buy me Comix Zone on XBLA. "
5 bucks. 400 points
Posted by Th3_James

Some of the best voice acting yet!

Posted by MrMiyagi
@EdTwo said:
" @MrMiyagi said:
" So Unbound Saga is a shitty 3D version of Comix Zone? No thanks... 10 bucks can buy me Comix Zone on XBLA. "
5 bucks. 400 points
Even better.
Edited by HawkSE

So this is Comix Zone 2 eh?

And no goodbye at the end of this? Just fade out??
Posted by Vague_Optimism

Tekken 3 had a side-scroller adventure mode type game (beating which was the only way to unlock Dr. Boskonovitch) and it played pretty well. I would totally be behind something like that with the latest incarnations of Tekken, Soul Calibur, and/or Street Fighter.

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