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Yay Quick look!!

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dude what!

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Beta is frakin awesome.

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Can't Wait!  JUMP! Ryan JUMP!

EDIT: HAHAHA I was dying at the ending!!
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ryan got mowed down in the first min of playing

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i'm really interested in seeing how the multiplayer works

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Stair-glitch moment.


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I guess this was cool but i still don't get why this game needs multiplayer.


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Hahaha, this is hilarious.

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Lol at 6:35!

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Ryan Davis you are the problem

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Hahaha, the getting stuck in the wall freakout had me laughing. Great stuff, guys. This game looks pretty awesome.

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Hope there was a ragequit on their end

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this is one of the funniest yet i must say

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I laughed my ass off @ 6:35 :D

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Ahhh that was brilliant!
Remind me never to play against or with Ryan.

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my friend's gamertag is natedawg lol

and his name is actually nathaniel ahah

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Lol at Ryan going postal on their asses.

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OMG the ending was fucking hilarious!!

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Put me out of my misery!


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I wish I had this, I don't think it was possible to get a code in the UK :(

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Nice griefing at the end

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Ryan is cold blooded! shooting his teammate in the back while hes climbing a building, damn!

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That was hilarious

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Seriously, please fix the timestamps on your RSS feed.  This came through as being posed June 10 at 6pm. 

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Ryan managed to demonstrate some intense griefing here:

if you can't kill them in multiplayer, kill them in co-op.

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@coffeesash: Create a US account, find a beta code. Go into the US PS store, redeem the code.

I've been playing it for a few days now.

edit: follow Geoff Keighley on twitter if you want codes.
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having played alot of the beta, this video is upsetting.

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the bug on the stairs freakout was awesome, even reading the comments i sill laughed. I just got my infamous today btw, and it has no code, does only the collectors edition have it here in europe, or is it like that everywhere?

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The end of the Co-Op was so funny.

Jeff: Your the reason why we can't have nice things!

So funny

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You're the reason why we can't have nice things! haha! Golden moment...

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Ryan you mean bastard.
Now i know to quit the moment i see nachoboss in coop.

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Damn Vinny loves some team killing. LOL

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@m_rum: LOL same here
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is it just me or I really want to see the Indiana Jones movies.

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lol this is why i love this website

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LOL at vinny laughing at the end, that was contagious dude

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Amazing game, Awesome quick look, Totally Uncharted, Totally Party

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Ryan is really good at this multiplayer thing.

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team fuck killer, lmao.

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TK = On
Friendly Fire = On

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I was in tears laughing at the end.

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You jerks lol.

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lol you are going to get such a rep but boy did I laugh

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Grief Look! DO IT!

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is it just me or do the enmies in Co-Op die quicker then in the first game?

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I really shouldn't be watching GB videos at work... now my co-workers think I'm some kind of giggling maniac.