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been waiting for this to come out

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....Here's unmechanical!

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Lack of mechanics!

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Ryan forgot his lantern...

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So it's like... Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet?

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That looks kinda rad, I like the little robot dude.

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Sometimes it's hard watching people play video games, even if you normally would enjoy watching them do almost anything.

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Cool style and interesting puzzles, but terrifying giant spiders.

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Shallow Grave was the Boyle film. Recommend it if you all haven't seen it yet.

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Whoa, video games look pretty good, guys.

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You guys were talking about Blood Simple and Shallow Grave at the beginning, right?

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Looks pretty good, I'll be keeping this in mind for the next steam sale!

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They were being filmed and Drew had solved the puzzle all along! I would've totally missed that weird little camara moment too. Actually had to rewind to check it out.

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say what you will.... but I love a time when every quicklook is some combination of Ryan, Jeff, and Vinny.

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I did see a camera.

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That little guy gets the award for cutest little robot guy for this year.

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Well this looks like fun, cool artstyle.

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Why is Ryan not paying attention? Vinny goes "look at all these reflective panels under water!" and Ryan goes "nope".

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This game looks pretty decent. I wasn't expecting much from "yet another indie 2D puzzle platformer", but I am intrigued here. Some of the background elements really seem to lend themselves to a bigger story outside of your grasp. I just hope they properly follow up on those themes rather than just leaving them as decoration, as is sometimes the case with these quirky indie games.

And I could watch Ryan bump his robot into walls all day long.

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Dude... after that second area I feel like breaking stuff would have serious consequences. Cool look. That robot guy is awesome too.

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@piderman: Err, if you were paying attention ryan was saying "Nope" in reply to the question whether he was able to go underwater.

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I saw The Island opening weekend and that movie SUCKS.

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Color me intrigued. At first it looked like a Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet knock off but it seems to have its own distinct charm and mechanics. Also, I have to know just what in the fuck is going on in this game. I hope there's actually a crazy story involved because it hints at it with the camera and the organs. Reminds me of the first Portal. Maybe there's a crazy robot conspiracy! Maybe Vinny is right and the game is set in a giant mechanical T rex...

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Damn, good eye Vinny, I had to rewind 2 times to see the camera you noticed on the fly while talking to Ryan.

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Drew: "Yeah, perfect!"

Best comment in the Quick Look

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Wow this looks better than I thought it would. Might actually pick it up should it ever go on sale.

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I like this. It looks like a solid little game to fool with.

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I love these type of puzzle games. Seems like it could get pretty complex and challenging later in the game, I'll definitely check this one out

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Every Quick Look needs Drew talking shit from the control room.

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Gettin a physics boner over here. Sold

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Puzzle game quick looks are bad for my blood pressure.

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@D_W said:

That little guy gets the award for cutest little robot guy for this year.

Even just cutest character in a game this year, tied with Botanicula.

I'll pick this up.

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I watched Trainspotting for the first time last night... I don't get the love for that movie

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Just an FYI for everyone, this game is 10 bucks.

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This game looks completely adorable, I want to hug that big headed little robot. Might buy this.

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There absolutely is a camera.

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Vinny's always right
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I really like this game's aesthetics.

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@ildon said:

Damn, good eye Vinny, I had to rewind 2 times to see the camera you noticed on the fly while talking to Ryan.


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And i've been sold on this game, job well done homies

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This actually looks fantastic

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Robot t-rex... awesome.

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@RedRocketWestie said:

Puzzle game quick looks are bad for my blood pressure.

How many people does it take for Ryan to hand over the controls on a puzzle game. Vinny must be a saint for that kind of patience when filming puzzle QL's w/ him :)

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Fuck the first four minutes might have sold me on this already. Not only is the art style gorgeous as fuck the animation and expression on that little guy bouncing off the walls is fantastic.

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@joshwent said:

Vinny's always right



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Game looks pretty damn cool.