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The game's fun, but it takes a bit of time to get used to the Vita controls.

Posted by TheCynicalDave

Dave from FuturLab here, any questions please ask away :)

Posted by EthanielRain

This isn't my type of game, but it seems well made. Especially for free!

Posted by TheCynicalDave

Ouch, watching Dan skip ahead and not know how to Long Form Teleport was painful :(

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Man, this game looks awesome. Seems to have reviewed extremely well too. Great job, @thecynicaldave!

Posted by owack6

@thecynicaldave: Any plans for a PC version? this game looks fantastic but i don't have a PS4 or VITA to play it on.

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@thecynicaldave: So I just downloaded this and my fonts are all much smaller and thinner than what I'm seeing in the video here. I'm also missing every button prompt when it is tutorializing me. I just get a _ where the prompt should be. My PS4 language is set to Japanese, not sure if that might have something to do with it.

Posted by DorkyMohr

The ship to on foot stuff reminds me of The Guardian Legend. I've already picked this up on PS+ and plan to play it as I've heard really good things.

Posted by Fear_the_Booboo

@thecynicaldave: Hey, just to encourage you 'cause the game is really really great so far. I have played about an hour or so and I'm really impressed.

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2X's predecessor was fun on the psp. I like that the pilot gets out of the ship now.

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Seems cool. It's nice to have a brand new release on PS+. Thanks for the quick look.

Now do I take a break from Diablo 3 UEE to fire this up? After seeing this in action, I think the answer is "yes".

Edited by TheCynicalDave
Posted by TheCynicalDave

@owack6: No plans for PC at the moment, we're exclusive to PlayStation for now. Velocity Ultra eventually made its way to PC so maybe in the future we'll find time/resources to do it :)

Posted by Ellrick

Velocity Ultra is the best game on the Vita IMO, and this game is just amazing. Highly recommend it to any old school Sonic fans especially.

Posted by sub_o
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Bit of constructive criticism here: Dan doesn't do a very good job of introducing of explaining the games he Quick Looks. He kind of just does stuff and says "Yeah, there's this stuff going on"

Could the veterans give him some tips or guidance?

Posted by dropkickpikachu

Gettin' some of that classic Quick Look frustration when Dan was complaining that he was getting too far up the screen but then not using boost to speed up the scrolling.

Also, this game is really, really good. Dan was playing it kind of pokey here (can't blame him for being cautious during a quick look), but once you get used to the controls you are just fucking FLYING through these levels, warping all over the place, feeling like the most dexterous person on the planet. I'm about as far as Dan was in this quick look and basically in every level I am just holding down boost for as long as I can handle it.

Posted by Krathoon

It is kind of like Blaster Master or Legendary Wings.

Posted by TheTerribleFamiliar

@thecynicaldave: Thanks for being on-hand to answer questions. Great looking game.

Are there touchscreen controls for this game on the VITA? Is there a touch implementation on the DS4? Seems like that would dramatically change how the teleporting mechanic plays out. Will there be a Velocity 3 if this is a success? Does being a PS+ title ensure success?

Posted by Ellrick

Its a really satisfying mash of different things, and the level designs are consistently good. Some more race oriented, some more shooter, and some more puzzle. Been a long time since Ive wanted to attack the same great level over and over to improve my score.

Posted by TheCynicalDave

I came here with high hopes of seeing the Velocity 2X quick look of my dreams. They were shattered when I watch the video. Now I take comfort in the knowledge and experience of the GiantBomb readership as you come out in support of our game. I love you guys <3

NB: We should have the Controls in the in-game Options menu; not just the main menu. Lesson learned, hopefully we can patch that.

Posted by DeathTrap

@thecynicaldave I'm kind of curious as to what Dan was supposed to do there at the end of the quick look.

Posted by E7MD

@thecynicaldave: Do you recommend playing it on PS4 or Vita? I have both and I can't decide!

Edited by TheCynicalDave

@deathtrap: In an level he skipped, he would have been introduced to 'Telepods'. When the path splits earlier in the level, the screen flashes blue, that was his prompt to hit Triangle and drop a Telepod. It's basically a marker that he can return to at any point either by double tapping Triangle or by pressing L to bring up the map, then selecting it from the map.

It's basically the top-down version of the thrown-telepod that he was chucking around in the sides scrolling section :)

After doing the side scrolling bit, he'd be able to teleport back and proceed up the right branch of the level.

Posted by TheCynicalDave

@e7md: It's cross-buy/cross save so try both :)

Touch to teleport on Vita is great, and the controls feel really sharp on Vita. There's a few more lights on PS4 (not many, probably not noticeable unless you're looking for them) and you get to play on a big screen which is always nice.

Posted by onlineatron

shame to see such a fumbled ql, but i guess that's the nature of the beast. hopefully dan keeps playing and really gets into how fast-paced and fantastic the game can be

Posted by KatyGaGa

Dan is amazing. He is quickly becoming the Poochie of Giant Bomb. The Poochie or the Magnitude (Community) of Giant Bomb.

Posted by W1SSY

This really seems like a game that Jeff would like. Kind of sad that the Quick Look ended so poor but I think it did a decent job of showing the game and really look forward to playing it myself.

Posted by ripelivejam

wasn't the playstation plus stuff supposed to switch over already for september? when do they usually change over?

Posted by E7MD

@thecynicaldave: Vita it is! I sincerely hope there's a new version of Quarp Drive, or I will be slightly disappointed. But only slightly. Congrats on the huge success! Can't wait to see what you make next!

Posted by E7MD

@ripelivejam: It already has. Velocity 2X is free for PS+ in both US and EU region. Don't know about the other regions.

Edited by Jensonb

@ripelivejam: it did, the switch happened today. It usually happens in the first few days of the month. Sometimes it's a little early I think but I believe that just has to do with update days.

Posted by DimitriKraftman2004

I love the fast pace. This game is really cool.

Posted by Dimi3je
Posted by Rowr

O hey i remember this when it was a psp mini. The side scroller stuff they added looks cool.

This game is definitely supposed to control more fluidly than Dan demonstrated, it takes a few missions to get good at it.

Posted by TheCynicalDave

@dimi3je: PlayStation have funded this one, so we have timed exclusivity to them. Depending on time/resources we may be able to port it over to PC at a later date; but at the moment nothing is planned as we're all very busy!

Posted by kennybaese

I really liked Velocity Ultra on the Vita, and I really like the Metroid-y sidescrolling stuff on paper, so I'm all about this. I'm going to have to go tell my Vita to download it. I could use a break from Rogue Legacy anyway.

Posted by TheShrubber

Really surprised with this game! I liked it a lot.

The teleport system is really fun, gives a good sense of movement. Also, seeing Dan playing with the ship is a bit frustrating because I'm always boosting like a mad man.

Posted by RioStarwind

The first Velocity was pretty awesome so this new one looks pretty good too. Once I got good enough to boost most of the time I really started to enjoy the game more.

Posted by Castiel

So lets see what this months "free" ps plus game is all about. I have never heard of this game before or it's predecessors so excited to see this.

Edited by rewphus

@thecynicaldave: I couldn't really tell from the QL, but it looked like the levels were XP gated? I agree that it was too bad Dan got stuck in an area because he skipped a level where an important mechanic would have been explained, but shouldn't you account for that when developing the game if you allow your players to skip an important tutorial? I hope that doesn't come off as too harsh, as the game looks great and I can't wait to play it, but more of just an honest question that I'm curious what your perspective is.

Posted by R3belD0gg

I played a little of Velocity Ultra on Vita, but as it's not really my kind of game I couldn't get into it. I realize, like Resogun and PixelJunk Shooter, it's a great game that I, for some reason, just don't click with. I'm glad we got it on PS Plus because I want to try to spend some more time with it and get better. Man, I thought I was bad at this but I feel a little better after watching this QL! :P Dan is such a chicken with that boost! LOL. I'm the opposite. I boost too much and end up crashing, then just restarting because I want a perfect run. Then I get frustrated and quit because I suck. Might try the PS4 version tonight.

Edited by Lazyaza

Jeffs right that lady has an awesome character design, its like an unarmored samus if samus unarmored (zero suit samus) wasn't blatantly and overly sexualized.

Posted by NTM

@thecynicaldave: I don't have a question, but I just wanted to say the game's good as far as I've played, and also... You should make a Tron game.

Posted by csl316

I liked the first but didn't plan on buying this one.

But thanks, PS+!

Posted by TheCynicalDave

@rewphus: Not harsh at all :) Most people don't skip levels, but we found when some players get stuck on a level they'd want to skip ahead. It's a good idea to have an icon or something on the level select screen to show where the tutorials are though, so we'll definitely look at that.

Also, we absolutely should have had the controls in the "in-game menu" as well as the "main menu". When Dan went looking for them my heart sank as I realized we'd fucked up. Hopefully we can patch it in :)

Posted by TheCynicalDave

@ntm: Hah, Tron is Disney right? May be we should contact them with an idea :P

Edited by drew327

@thecynicaldave: The game is pretty cool so far. My only complaint, and hopefully its just something you get used to, but I wish shooting was the same button in-ship as on foot. I keep teleporting my ship to a new section and then zooming ahead and wrecking unintentionally :)

Posted by Nags

Dan didn't listen to the tutorial, that's why he got stuck. :(

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