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awesome i love tennis
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so close

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Nice. I may have to pick this up.

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Coonce, you just used "Dope" as an adjective.

Classic :D

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Virtua Tennis.

Virtual Tennis.
What's the dif?
Posted by Blair

Virtua Davis is the ultimate tennis professional.

Posted by notha

it'd be funny if they just cut stuff from last night's stream to make this quicklook

Posted by AllanIceman

 Virtua Davis v.  Virtua Davis!

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Tennis anyone?

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It's weird to see Virtua Davis in a Virtua Tennis game. I've always imagined him being in Virtua Cop.

Posted by Aishan

That intro is pretty darn stylish.

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By carpet did Coonce mean astro turf? Or is there totally a variant playing on carpet now?

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Virtua Tennis scrub league!

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What a stylish intro. Don't care about the game, or the quick look, but I'm glad I watched this.

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Coonce is a good guest for quick looks.  He should be on more often.

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That intro is freaking me out.

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I can never get into Virtua Tennis. The control scheme is always weird and the career mode in the last couple of games has been bizarre. And the music, the music....

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Mike Tennis!

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Always good to see Virtua Davis on top form. I used to love VT2 but I think Tennis games are perhaps not so much for me any more. Though I'm still willing to be convinced.

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Haha this is one of those times they just set me up to laugh and I wasnt even laughing at them, just watching his character load up. 

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The intro is some of the nastiest graphic package motion graphics I've ever seen.

Posted by Shuborno

Bah... only reason I wanted to watch this was see how the Kinect support worked and they didn't bother.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Unfortunate that the PC version they've noted as coming later this year, but more Virtua Tennis is always good and this looks pretty solid here and during TNT.

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@Hashy said:

"graphic package motion graphics"

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Gaming tennis: just as boring to watch as the real thing. No offence to Tennis aficionados ;P

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Surprisingly you can find brand new and sealed copies of Virtua Tennis 2 for the Dreamcast for £5 on ebay.co.uk 

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It's virtual!

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Great to see Coonce on a QL.

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I approve of this game.

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Go Virtua Davis, let those lime green socks run free!

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Too bad that most of the wacky minigames that Ryan talked about in the front of the QL were not shown. As I won't play this it would have been interesting to see. 

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Ryan is trash at this game

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Coonce! He's the man.

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What's up with this crazy intro?! I enjoy the batman like effects. 'Zap!" 'Whap!' 'Mint!"

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Mmm is it me or that "Rest" ticket looks like one stick figure is humping another stick figure?

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Needs more Mike Tennis.

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He looks like Ness in that t-shirt.

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Looks like not a bad game.

Coonce is a good QL as well

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As Mike Tennis I totally approve this video

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I thought this QL was for the Kinect support. Too bad.

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Best tagline beef ever.
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Looks good still

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Coonce! I demand more! Also great QL  =) 

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That porn stache is boss.

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It's funny that Ryan was joking about that striped shirt because it seems like that's the sort of thing he would wear in real life!

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@Shuborno said:
" Bah... only reason I wanted to watch this was see how the Kinect support worked and they didn't bother. "
Yeah...that was a bit weird.
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@KarmaPoliceman said:
" Virtua Tennis scrub league! "