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Ah, the early days of Quick Looks.
So innocent.

Posted by Riicochet

brad suuuucks

Posted by Jeffsekai

no u suck

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haha "The Killer Pussy Assasin" already off to a great start.

Brad can still "pull a Brad" good job!

Posted by KingOfIceland

I think Brad needs to bust it down to "Pussy"

Posted by Fastshot

Damm everygame and its mum has health regen these days what wrong with MedKits. What soo bad about them?????? :S

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

why do they always feel the need to compare games with a cover system with Gears of War??? there are a lot of other games that have a cover system. why can't they just say "Cover System" rather than "Gears of War Cover System" ?

Posted by Drebin_893

Great quick look, guys!

Posted by AndrewB

One little touch that they could add to make that level so much more would be to have an animation for your guy grabbing onto walls and such to keep from getting sucked out of the plane when you're near the open doors. Unless you've got some weird suction cup shoes or something, that seems a pretty glaring omission.

Posted by TinoXtreme

Because Gears of War has a superior cover system over all other games. But yea, this game looks like a rental for me so far. Brad looked like he was confused a couple of times. lol

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'Cus regardless dude, that system in particular is very Gears of War, if i was to describe Brothers in Arms HH's cover system, i'd just call it a cover system, but i see your point.

Actually this game seems like it's got some really neat things going for it, i'll definately be interested in seeing a final build, because it did look janky in spots.

Also, that suit reminded me of an MK blend of Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob.

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Is every 3rd person game gonna be "like" Gears of War now.

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"Because Gears of War has a superior cover system over all other games"

WHAT? LMAO, there's no such thing as a "superior cover system", a cover system is a cover system. all cover system in games are similar, no one is superior than the other.

oh, and why can't i call this the "Uncharted" cover system???????

Posted by BarrenMind

Reminds me of Quantum of Solace's cover system, you could aim from cover at other cover and hold X to run straight to it

Posted by Zripwud

This game is looking better everytime I see it. Hope it's good.

Posted by CraigAA1028

I'm really looking forward to this game

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Come on Brad. You really need to take your time & learn the controls & what's going on in the game.

Posted by InFamous91

after seeing the movie, i became a wanted fan and is most def looking forward for this game

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Looks like Dark Sector.

Posted by BarrenMind

Speaking of airplane levels, I remember a decent one in an old Rainbow 6 game

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Totally unwarranted ticky69.

Such harsh criticism from someone with a '69' in their name.

Also, I'm assuming that you've got the controls and concept of this game all figured out?  Maybe you should start 'Trick Looks', a new feature where you teach dirty prostitutes how to play video games.

Posted by x7eleven
Riicochet you suck not Brad,he`s cool as well as the rest of Giantbomb`s team.
Pretty good game,maybe i`ll give it a try
Posted by AllanIceman

Brad totally pulled a "Brad"

Posted by Moeez

If there's only pistols, that's AWESOME, because I didn't like the SMGs or other weapons in Dark Sector.

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lol, Brad almost pulled a Brad

Edit: LOL he did!

Posted by IceColdGamer

I just want to point out that the tri-goggles in Splinter Cell only glowed green to let the player know where the main character was. Tom Clancy clearly states that the goggle would not have that green glow in a real life situation ;)

Awesome quick look though!

Posted by PapaLazarou

This game was made by the guy who made Bourne, Scarface and that terrible game The Thing. Whats weird is this airplane level I could have sworn was in the Bourne game so are they just reusing assets?

Posted by PapaLazarou


1. Plane doors are held in by the air pressure sucking the door outwards.
2. if the door really could blow off then the sudden loss of air pressure would pop all their lungs and potentially rip the plane apart.

Looks like they are at a high attitude too....

pretty unrealistic

Posted by FlappyHands

Hey this game looks alright, if it comes out a polished product and seems decent I may have to pick it up.

Posted by AsKo25

There was an airplane level in Ghost Squad as well.

Posted by CoinMatze

ok, I'm a minute in and "pussyassassin, the killer" is already my lol of the day

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Brad..... learn how to play video games! LOL

Posted by Haethos

Brad, learn to reload, bro!

Posted by mars188

Looks  kind  of  Boring

Posted by Captainlunchbox

People need to get into that graphic novel. The movie might've been a dumbed down, hollywood action whore bullet festival ( i really don't even know what i mean by that), but that graphic novel is amazing.

Posted by skrutop

I was promised more bullet curving.

Posted by Carlos1408

looks cool :)

Posted by nekoNari

To my surprise, they did an experiment and fired a gun within a plane to a window, and... nothing happened. It didn't go pop, sucking everyone out of the hole. I guess the fire extinguisher does help tho...

Posted by benderunit22

Brad pulled a Brad

Posted by GloomyTangent

So that's not actually a stealth suit...  it's the costume from the comic book.  In the comic the assassins were actually supervillians that ruled the world after killing all of the superheros.  And that was the suit that the main character wore.  So I guess the eyes are more for intimidation than anything else.  Cool that they included it though, some nice fan service.

Posted by Wolverine

I think a Wanted game would have worked better in first person but whatever. I hope Jolie is in it. lol

Posted by F1

Wasn't Brad the one who always used to die in the middle of showing a game on "On The Spot", back in the Gamespot days?
Anyway, this game looks great so far. I really wish my username was PussyAssassin now...

Posted by Dudacles

The movie wasn't anything special, so this game isn't all that appealing to me.

Posted by DawnShinto

Clutch gameplay by brad....lol

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I suck at multitasking too, so when someone speaks to me while I'm playing, I usually perform horrible or outright die.

To the guy that claimed every cover system is the same: Try Gears of War and then Kane & Lynch.

Posted by Maxszy

This looks really good. Solid gameplay/controls means that it actually may turn out pretty well!

Posted by Double0hFor

who's 'drewbert'?

Posted by Food

I'm surprised at how solid the mechanics of this game look.  Hopefully the levels aren't all as repetitive as this one.

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It took place on the ground but it's still infinitely superior.

I like the mid-cover switch slow-mo and the bullet curving isn't too bad. But everything else just looks uninspiring. Nice implementation of the Kill.Switch cover system though. SNARF! SNARF!

Posted by KennyL

The suit in the game is based on the suit from the comic, which is completely different from the movie and better in my opinion. The comic is darker than the movie but has a unique sense of humor because of it, I mean one of the villains in the comic is literally made of poo.