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Posted by Landmine


You should be happy that they take the time out to show you the game in the first place. I'd like to see how well you do the first time through the game, so grab a PVR device and post some video when the game comes out... also make sure you talk about the game the entire time you are playing it.

Edited by sneakysnake128


You stated the problem right there. Presenters shouldn't be playing for the first time. They should already be familiar with the material. That goes for any presentation. I wouldn't make that mistake.

I would accept your challenge but then again I don't get paid for it regardless of incompetence (i.e. this guy) do I? So no, thanks.

Posted by Jdaman

Maybe they should leave the shooting games first looks for Jeff.

Posted by LDub

Game looks mediocre as hell

Edited by Joey2683

Game looks decent. Thanks for the video. Forget the haters Brad, you can't make everyone happy. I was hoping when I left Gamespot, I left all those whinny bitches behind..

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you consistently suck at playing games brad. Nothing personal

Posted by Landmine


If we go by your previous comment, it is very clear that you have a strong distaste for the skill in which people (in this case Brad) play the games that they are presenting. There is no need to incite a flame war by insulting the content creators. So, I am offering a simple solution, either don't watch it or make something better. End of story.

Frankly, I enjoyed the video and had a few good laughs. The game looks as though it's shaping up nicely, but I'll be waiting for the reviews and possibly a demo play through before passing judgement.

Posted by simian

Could be fun though I'm assuming that more Adrenaline powers open up the further you go in the game.

Posted by SkadooshTD

Looking good! Slightly disappointed about the weapon restriction though.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Vinny-The Fun- Caravella.

Posted by brocool

hehe game so bad.. but fun!

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Yo, sneakysnake don't insult Brad, I will e-punch you. =D
Besides, no one is forcing you to be on this site.

Posted by TekZero

This game actually looks half way decent.

Posted by sneakysnake128

Oh, I didn't realize it was Brad playing. I apologize. However, if that was a presenter from a company, then I would have cause for rage.

Posted by removesstains

That curve bullet thing looks lame as hell.

Posted by BlueJester

Honestly, I think its good that brad died, it shows what happens when you die. Some games suck with their checkpoint system or their load times. It's nice to get a peak at what we can expect when we get to the frustrating part of the game where we have to go from the same load a few times.

Posted by sgt_match

Dunno how I feel about this one. I'll wait until the reviews come out.  I'm looking for a good 3rd person shooter.

Edited by Annev0

"The killer pussy assassin"  XD

Played that demo today and the curve bullet system is damn fun - the airplane level is not to good to practice the curve shooting.The cover system is alright, does the job pretty good.One thing I didnt like it was the blind fire, when you are firing the camera angle sucks ,you cant see the enemies and there is no aiming dot, which dificult your shooting.

Keep the good work guys and by the way Brad sucks =P

Posted by simian

Played the demo and less interested then I was. Bullet curving doesn't feel particularly bad ass and the bullet time is... well... there. As a whole the demo was pretty lifeless though I will say the environmental kills were spiced things up a bit.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Brad pulling a Brad all the way through this preview!

Posted by Slick5

I actually liked th demo. It was fun.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

You can cancel out of bullet curving.Circle on PS3 demo.

Posted by reversethedevil

the game looks great, the aiming mechanics felt really screwy to me. It had that longer you hold the stick in a direction that faster it gets. took me too long to aim at someone.

Posted by Jedted

I liked the demo and the jumping from cover-to-cover was really fun.  It kinda sucks that the bullet curving isn't always a one shot kill but atleast it's a good way to force the dudes out of cover where you can finish em off.

Edited by Lazyimperial

Oh, some of you guys are harsh! I like watching Brad kick butt, though I admit that I did start yelling things like "look at your ammo!" and "Pick up his ammo. You have 3 bullets left. Good God, no! Why don't you get the ammo?" at the screen. Added to the experience. :P Oh my goodness, good times.

Posted by Xymox

huh, that was a PREVIEW build? Actually looks surprisingly sweet so far :) 

Posted by Dastan

Vinny, the green thingy eyes from Splinter Cell are for player awareness, as in their there so you can see yourself when it really dark. The enemies can't see them, that's the magic of video games, nothing has to make sense.

Posted by caseylakes

I like how they do the cover in this game because you can't see over the cover if you aren't poking your head out. How all games should do cover.

Posted by nintendoeats

There was an airplane sequence in "The Operative: Noone lives forever" Also in Perfect Dark I believe.

Posted by fisk0

Interesting, didn't this game flop, and was considered - along with the Terminator license game and to some extent Bionic Commando - to be the reason GRIN had to close down last year?

Posted by LiquidPrince
@fisk0 said:
" Interesting, didn't this game flop, and was considered - along with the Terminator license game and to some extent Bionic Commando - to be the reason GRIN had to close down last year? "
I have it. It's actually not too terrible.
Posted by drew327

Uncharted would have a killer plane level, maybe in part 3

Posted by SpunkyHePanda