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Posted by TekZero

This game oddly makes me want to play Warhammer Online.

Posted by EarlessShrimp

I've been mighty curious about this game, I can't wait to watch it once I'm home from work!

Posted by fox01313

Not too thrilled about this new genre of games but glad to see it done this way from Fatshark (who seemed to do a good job on this based off the QL). Happy to watch this one more for Drew & Dave being in it.

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I feel like this game needs to move slower and be way more deliberate to actually start capturing a proper feel of medieval combat. As is it look kinda silly. Everyone is wearing a shitload of metal but is incredibly flexible and agile, strafing and backing up like no tomorrow with upper torsos twisting like a gymnast. :/

Posted by Romination

Man, everyone looks INSANE running around on the battlefield. If I went back in tme and watched an old battle like this, I'd die laughing if they all ran around in little circles like that.

Posted by rocketboot

All you folks who are really into A Song of Ice & Fire might find it interesting that George RR Martin used the War of the Roses as inspiration when laying out the plot for the series. Lannisters & Starks are based off Lancasters & Yorks. So this is the best Game of Thrones game you're ever going to find :)

Posted by ucankurbaga

arrow in the sword ahahahaah

Posted by HulkHanson

I dig these kind of games, I really do. I wish I played more of Mount and Blade when I had a half decent pc, but there were so many other games to get through at the time. Plus, the notion of horses having gears amuses me.

Posted by Grilledcheez

Dave, the only way I played Mount & Blade was singleplayer. Loved rolling with my crew, we BROKE NECKS

Posted by ZenGaijin

The archer runs like one of the knights pretending to be on horse back from the monty python skits.

Posted by triviaman09

Battlefield 1462

Posted by Death_Burnout

Wh...Uhh...Are you lot crazy? This looks significantly worse than M&B, and I love M&B, but this looks clunky and janky as all hell, which is saying something. It looks like the 'downed but not out' and execution systems are largely responsible. You can tell it's not Taleworlds.

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A Drew and Dave quicklook! Yay! Those are the best.

Edit: After watching this, I think I'll buy it, it looks great to me and I want the get in early before everyone gets really good.

Posted by assassinslover

Forever yes. Ridiculously glad this game is properly out now. Great video, too, very enjoyable.

Posted by xxNBxx

i just knew this was going to be a Dave & Drew quick look

Posted by RetroVirus

"Drew, you're a marksman, right?" "Sure." Haha, loved the quick look.

Posted by gbrading

Nice looking game: A prettier Mount & Blade seems very good.

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I am having a blast with the game. Ones you learn the systems and physics of the weapons you can real wreck people. I see a lot of people saying the game is broke and bad. No its not. I find it sad. Lot of them are scrubs who rather tell everyone how the game should play then learn how to play the game. Is the game perfect no. But it rewards skill and that is not something you see a lot any more in team based-multiplayer game

Posted by supamon

Always glad to see less mainstream games get some coverage. Interesting to learn Drew has a family emblem, next week we'll learn it's sir Drew Scanlon.

Posted by ProfessorK

I would pay to have Dave in any game wielding dual hammers with the Maryland flag draped over his shoulder!

Posted by DoctorWelch

So, you're saying this is Battlefield Medieval?

Posted by bybeach

I'm blood related to the Lancasters from my mom's side. Pure German from my Dad's. There was a family crest on Dad's, somehow everybody if of European descent and they look far back enough, tends to have one. Interesting when My mom died, actually heard from some farmers I believe in southern Germany who somehow heard of her passing and expressed their sympathy. The connection to the Lancaster family I've been told about...

Dad's family crest is somewheres, would look it up to design one if I were to ever play this game. This game looks good, glad it exists.

Posted by radioactivez0r

I'd call that a poleaxe, Dave.

Posted by STORMP00PER

is there a demo? looks like it might be fun but i dont want to sp#nk loads of money on it and then find the combat too frustrating

Posted by depecheload

Where's Danny DeVito?

Posted by SnowyPliskin

Endurance run?
Become the world greatest knight, perhaps not feasible but I would definitely watch it.

Posted by RedRavN

Dave and drew quicklook! 2 thumbs up. My biggest issue with this game is that there is only about 6 maps and 2 modes. So there is not a whole lot of content for your money. Also, the animations for melee could use a bit more weight, they are not just wooden swords. But this is a good medieval deathmatch type game.

Posted by sparks50

I loved the singleplayer in M&B. Nothing beats traveling around with the gang looting villages and manipulating kings to give you castles and land. The combat in WOTR doesn't have the same charm to it.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare also looks interesting:

Posted by BluPotato

So..... Battlefield 1461 then?

Posted by rethla

Drew and Dave with a crazy game, the best of GB.

Posted by loki7978

I need this game

Posted by MrBubbles

i just put this at the top of my steam wishlist so when i get money i'll buy this.

Posted by TheHT

It sure is prettier, but the combat never looked as much fun as Mount and blade. Then again, Mount and Blade's combat never looked much fun either. I'll have to actually give it a shot, but not for 30 bucks.

Also, the lack of single-player is a bummer.

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Posted by Antarok

Well this game looks amazing. Wonder if my garbage laptop will run it.

Posted by JackOhara

+1 for not making any 'arrow 2 da knee xD' jokes during the whole QL. You guys should do more QLs on games like this.

Posted by _Chad

I'm disappointed I didn't use my beta key.

Posted by Phished0ne

Personally, i'm more of a Tudor Rose kinda guy myself.

Posted by Mumrik

The amount of melee fighters always make these games end up in chaos.

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Single player M&B was awesome! (And Drew is bad at this game :) )

Posted by SasquatchRuby

The Lancastrians not the Lancasters..

Oh dear, am I going to be one of those people?

Never Mind - Well met and tally ho my Liege!!!!!

Posted by Icecreamjones

I'm with Dave: Mount and Blade multiplayer is kinda bland but singleplayer with some good mods is the shit.

Posted by TehJedicake

I absolutely love these type of games, but I'm really bad at them >_< Seems like my timing is just awful or something, can never hit them in the right area, and I always block at the wrong time.

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Red wizards were neutral in Dragonlance, Dave!

I must own this. Mount and Blade consumed too much of my life, and now this must as well.

Posted by Bistromath

And the Scanlon family survives to GET DUNKED ON another day.

Posted by Grondoth

BAH, LEVEL UNLOCKS! That's sad. I wanna get up in there with a billhook from the beginning.

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This look aight, loving the comedy clangs, sounds likes someone getting clocked by a cartoon anvil.

Posted by KoolAid

This is coming out too!?!?! Between this, Sherlock Holmes, and X-com, plus the fact that I've barely made into Borderlands 2! Ahhhhhhh!

And MLB postseason is about to start!


I need to quit my job to keep up.

Posted by eccentrix

@Funkydupe said:

This looks terrible! Mount & Blade without any sort of charm to it.

This is a good description of what I felt when playing it.

Also, it was fun watching Jamaka not understand lag.

Posted by TheMathlete

perfect group for this quick look. Love the Drew/Dave quick looks.