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Posted by Hnrkaure

This can't be real.

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Pallet Cleanser. These are the puns I come to this site for.

Posted by Atwa

this gon be gud.

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Oh nice! Pretty great, unexpected addition to my night.

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What is?


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This will only end well.

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Thank you Jeff and Vinny

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That pun caused me physical pain.

Posted by thainatos

Get out.

Posted by SteveVacation

I've been itching for a new forklift game since finishing Shenmue!

Posted by crusader8463

Whoever made that pun deserves a raise.

Posted by Village_Guy

I saw this on Steam today or yesterday and immediately thought it was ripe for a quick look. So thank you Giant Bomb!

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what's next McDonalds and fast food simulator?

Posted by cloudymusic

Exclusive gameplay preview:

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Can we just go with the idea there of the apocalypse? That you are a modern day WALL-E robot? And they are the ghosts around you, while you truck on, continuing the only thing you know how to do while the ghosts of the dead are around you?

Posted by kippers

What in the blue hell? These simulator game ideas get crazier and better every day.

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Ah, the DungHeinrich.

Posted by Spoonman671

I clicked on this expecting it to be at least an hour long. Color me disappointed. Giant Bomb's ridiculous simulator coverage was much better when Dave was still around.

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Aw yeah! Vinny said this game was worse than RIPD, so this is gonna be good!

Posted by jkz

Oh man.....oh maaaaaaan

Posted by extragingerbrew

My dreams and letters (so many letters) have been answered! Thanks Giant Bomb.

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Surprise quick look?

Also, reminder what happens when you make an awful pun:

Posted by Dethfish

God damn it, Drew.

Posted by ILikePopCans

I would not describe driving a folk lift as "super fun" but I enjoyed it.

Posted by Waffley

The sound for the zombies exploding is the same sound they use for crates exploding.

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This is fantastic

Posted by Stefan

I've been itching for a new forklift game since finishing Shenmue!

The first second I saw the screenshot, I was thinking Shenmue :-)

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This is just too close to my actual job.

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Gaming has finally gotten its own Plan 9 From Outer Space. A game so exquisitely bad you just have to play it!

Posted by ChosenOne

So many quick looks, so much procrastination.

Posted by RonnieBarzel

@sackmanjones said:

Pallet Cleanser. These are the puns I come to this site for.

All it was missing was an animated .gif of David Caruso putting on his sunglasses and Roger Daltrey going "Yeaaaahhhhhh!"

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Transport as many goods as you life!!

Posted by Illuminosopher

I want someone to cram all these simulators into DayZ, I have never played any of them I just want to see it done.

Posted by PlasmaMachine

When it comes to pallette loading, I only trust VinCo.

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Is this Shenmue 3?

Posted by anzejk

Well, driving a forklift is kinda "fun" but it gets boring after a while.

Posted by NickFerg

Drew needs to play this with track IR and a racing wheel on UPF.

Posted by aceofspudz

"Look at vat I made. I made zis zombie attack mode for zee forklift. Vee vill put ziss out as dee ell she for ze game."

And that's exactly how it went down.

Posted by harvestmoonbase

"transport as many goods as you life" might be existential underbelly of this game. Or a terrible translation. Either way, consult the pallets.

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Yes! Ever since Vinny's teeet, I'm so glad this happened!

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

The most bewildering thing about this whole game is that music and am I glad Jeff brought it up.

What is Kavinsky doing writing for this "logistics" simulator?

Posted by Dizzmotron

What Vinny doesn't realize is that the zombie version was actually the real story behind Maximum Overdrive. Those weren't zombies, he was just a homicidal forklift.

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Finally, that forklift wheel i bought off craiglist can get some miles on it.

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