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So after he finished the first drop off.. "How long is this video" check it, "28 minutes?..... OK lets do this"

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Sold. Fucking. Gold.

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Classic QL right here, so great!

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Good god, that zombie mode

Posted by Kordesh

I thought this was going to be one of those "yeah, this is pretty hilariously bad, but there's not enough content to even comment on" simulator quick looks, then that glorious glorious zombie mode appeared. So. Dumb.

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@sackmanjones: I dunno. A few more of them and this site will end up on the... skids.

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Man, that electric pallet truck is much cleaner and nicer than the ones at my warehouse.

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I'm not quite sure what I just watched. I will need a few days to process.

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And this right here is why I love Giant bomb.

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This game reminds me of Deadly Premonition due to the graphics and bad warehouse box moving mechanics. Then they added zombies and some jammin tunes.

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I hope at some point as a forklift you get fed up and murder all the humans in the store and you get all the other forklifts, scissor-lifts, and pallet jacks together to lead a rebellion against humanity to establish robot supremacy over the lowly meat creatures.

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I use the fork lift in my shop sometimes. Its more of a pain in the ass than anything because we dont have much space.

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Why does this exist?

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Ha! Pallet cleanser.

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I guess they don't have mecanum wheels in Germany?

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Do robots make these games? I cant see a group of humans thinking this would be a fun concept for a game.

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God, what would happen if a full-bloodied developer got drunk one day and decided to run with the whole forklift/zombie concept though?

How much better would our world become?

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I'm sorry, I can't ignore pallet Drew any longer.

If he didn't get fired for it, I at least hope they threw a bottle at him.

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2014 Game of the Year

Posted by Jimbo7676

You can tell Drew wrote the video description. I mean this in the best way.

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The quick looks we deserve.

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I would like to see a feature called "Vinny Seeks Stupid" where Vinny goes on an amazing, perception altering quest around the world and across time and space to find The Stupidest Game Ever.

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@ace967: I don't think we need such a feature because we already found the dumbest game ever made. It's Warehouse and Logistics Simulator.

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Great! Now I can work when I finish work!

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Pork lift.

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That was a great West Side Story reference.

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Legitimate laughs out of Jeff are always great.

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I do this for a living it does get pretty boring I just listen to podcasts to pass the time. I have dropped a couple pallets from fairly high up in the racks the best one was a broken pallet stacked with water bottles that slid off my forks and fell from around 12 meters high the caps shot off like bullets.

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It's Klaus's ghost come to life!

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You CAN'T lift up the cars!? NO SALE!

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Is it bad that the first thing I thought of when I saw this on Steam was "Vinny has got to quick look this"?

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Twitch plays Forklifter 2014!

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All I can think is: I bet someone will speedrun this for an Awful Games Done Quick block in the near future.

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To use an overused meme... well, that escalated quickly.

It's also telling that I had to look it up to realize it was a parody. I've seen enough real instructional videos become gore FX reels to fully believe this was made for workplace use.

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Jeff's robot voice never fails to crack me up.

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Better story than Thief

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This is the first time I've ever seen a "simulator" game for a job I've actually done, and I can confirm that moving shit around with a forklift gets boring as all get-out very, very quickly. You don't even have phasing through solid people to amuse yourself with, and have to sit there and wait for the other schlubs who work there to get out of your way.

XD Thank you for reminding me why I got out of manual labour, guys. God bless Giant Bomb.

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As a "veteran" of the warehouse "industry" I can say with some authority that this game makes warehouse work seem much more exciting and glamorous than it really is.

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consider yrself buried

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Forget about the Binding Issac and demon souls content today, and the Bombcast also


music is pretty good

need blood and gore on

oh wow...

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Surprise quick look?

Also, reminder what happens when you make an awful pun:

Thank you for reminding us of this moment.

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Video Games ya'll!

Posted by YzFrosty


"You can explore the area with your forklift and transport as many goods as you life"

- Warehouse and Logistics Simulator