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Not expecting much, but heres to hoping for more.

Posted by Romination

So the definitive next-gen experience is only 3 stars? Looks like we're in for a rough generation!

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Now we finally know who watches the Watch_Dogs!

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Yes can't wait to see this

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Sleepy Dawgs

Posted by JayEH

Dat next gen 3/5

Posted by Jordan1900

Kinda devastated about this. Had high hopes.

Posted by Sk4mikaze

I'd be playing this right now if I wasn't stuck installing in the tutorial

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This is unexpected and early. Cool.

Posted by xxDrAiNxx

Dog Watch 2014

Posted by xdarnokx

Woohoo I can't wait to watch this!

Posted by MB

This game was better when it had an underscore in the title.

Posted by Reisz

Nice Jacket.

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Bummer it didn't review better.

Posted by ElocL

Why isn't Rorie in this quick look?

Posted by DeadpanCakes

I'm going to Waaaatch this video of Waaatch_Dogs...


Posted by VonSoot

Ack 3 stars, those shifty marketers at e3 got my money! I got bamboozled!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

If Jeff gave it a 3 then I would probably love this game. Sadly my PC can't run this game.

Posted by Corevi

Watch_Dogs, Watch Dogs, W Dog: Watch Dogs, AC Future. Take your pick.

Posted by SpanishFolkHero

Look at all these dogs that are still awake.

Posted by NTM

@romination: I never expected this game to be what next-gen can do best, so...

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I guess I can't post that Youtube video. Anyway, that Break It Down song is pretty alright, guys.

I don't mean to be harsh, but damn Jeff was playing like garbage. All those deaths, and that 20 minutes cop evasion bit was a downer.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Tortoise is in this game, I'm sold.

Posted by sub_o

Hnnnnggg, I wanna see Sleepy Dawgs 2 instead. Sleepy dogs are cuter than Watchy dogs.

Posted by Skrams

Got a real JoJo Jotaro Part 4 look going on here.

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Seems like a bunch of fun. Without the need to justify a so called 'next-gen' console I'm not going to be disappointed that this game doesnt match some silly and vague expectation. Unfortunately another 8 hours until the download is completed :/

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Played some Watch Dogs before bed. Now, I'm downloading this QL to my phone to watch on my Train ride to work tomorrow. Future is now

Posted by SpiderJerusalem

Man, Jeff is in full Debbie Downer mode here. He couldn't possibly sound less interested.

...Not that I blame him.

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I hit play just to make sure it was Jeff hosting the Quick Look. I'll watch later. :)

Posted by Tajasaurus

Hey, guys. Hey.

A whole new world.

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Kind of looks like an open world Splinter Cell.

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Yea I'm feeling what Jeff's putting down. This whole thing just seems kinda.. meh. It doesn't look particularly good, and I don't think that has anything to do with the hardware. It just looks like another regular city in any other city-based open world game. I'm not even completely sure why this seems so middling, which further enforces that feeling.

If GTA5 hadn't recently come and gone then this game might have been more impressive.

Posted by TheHT

"Road Rebel" outfit looks like Niko's default getup.

Doesn't look like a next-gen game, but it looks like tons of fun! So whatever! Yay!

Mostly curious about how it feels. Driving looks super arcade-y like Sleeping Dogs, but the movement being like Assassin's Creed could be a problem.

Posted by Dallas_Raines

Game looks mad generic and that soundtrack is downright painful, but I did dig the part where it basically became the opening to Drive, though.

Posted by TheHT

Also yeah, the music selection seems TERRRRRIBLE.

Posted by AndyMP

I'm buying. I respect Jeff's reviews, I always do, but I don't buy games on the basis that something is a completely brand new concept. I buy FIFA every year for starters.

Posted by burgavo

Will this be the new IP for ubi? will it be the prince of assasin's dogs What I mean is will this be the next Ubi franchise to get anual sequels nobody asked for?

Posted by Devil240Z

I wasn't fooled for a second.

Posted by Shaanyboi

@cb1115 said:

Kind of looks like an open world Splinter Cell.

Minus all the cool shit you do in Splinter Cell.

Posted by CrazyBagMan

Kinda devastated about this. Had high hopes.

Devastated by what exactly? That someone else though it was a good game but not amazing?

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Two things: 1.) Bad clothes in open world games drive me crazy, I always had nice/stylish clothes in GTA V for example.

2.) I've had my phone on vibrate for years.

Anyway this looks pretty fun.

Posted by Spitznock

Wanna know how to make any game sound like a huge bummer? Let Jeff demo it.

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This looks great, and the hacking stuff seemed quite useful so the review text and this video don't quite seem to line up.


CHIRAQ BOYEEEE! I've been waiting for a GTA-Chicago though this looks a bit more like AC Chicago. Does anyone know of other open world game set in Chicago?

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Wow, the lighting in this game looks flat.

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The dog has been watched. I'd probably still pick this up.

Posted by Sinnott147

What's up with Jeff's Audio?