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I still can't see the reason for this...it just seems like a thing no one is ever going to use on a daily basis

Posted by csl316

I'm watching this on a laptop, hooked up to my tv, to see tv, streamed through an xbox. What am I doing.

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I heard a lot of people say that they fixed the Kinect, still seems broken to me...

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The only voice recognition that works 90%+ of the time is Google's (at least for me). Maybe Microsoft should ask them for help.

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Xbox, throw television out the window.

Posted by warxsnake

Cant test tv stuff in an office @CBS.

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Eat up Martha.

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This looks way too fucking cumbersome. Why go through all these hoops? Hit source on your controller and there.

The way you guys were talking about it on the podcast made the Kinect seem a whole lot better than what I've seen in most streams showing it off. Looks as good as the original Kinect and still subpar compared to iOS/Android devices.

During the Polygon stream, they pretty much just ended up using the controller for everything instead of using the Kinect because it was being so sketchy.

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Hey man I was watching that.

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The main benefits of the Xbox One: Money grabbing featured games, and television.

Welcome to Next-Gen, Microsoft's way.

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King of the Hill is my favorite video game.

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Compared to how perfect Brad made this sound on the Bombcast it still seems... rough.

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did Jeff show his directTV code?

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Good thing I'll be using mine to play video games.

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This is waaaaay worst than siri. Disappointing.

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But what's on Boomerang??

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This seems like hot trash.

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I miss 'King of the Hill'...

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Ass Attackin.. hahahahaha

Omg I was cracking up..

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@ragintaft: Yeah, but this is pretty much what Microsoft has been touting up front and it does not look great at all. How is this better than just switching channels or getting on your iPad to do something. It'll be 100% more functional and faster.

Don't think it's just a problem with the TV stuff either. Pretty big bummer. I don't see the big jump in tech from the last Kinect.

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Aww man, hot CSI spoilers up in this video.

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was the catwoman movie? WHO WOULD THINK TO PUT THAT ON?

Posted by Vuud

Ugh, people still watch tv shows?

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I lost my shit at the infamous "Catwoman at the basketball court" scene.

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The voice control is a disaster. I'd be embarrassed to use this thing, let alone ship it.

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I wonder if the Kinect doesn't work well in streamed presentations, with someone talking most of the time. Maybe the software has been tuned so that if someone is talking a bunch, most likely they are talking to someone else or on the phone, and ignores what they're saying to avoid inadvertent commands. That would explain why it has demoed poorly during livestreams with hosts bantering a lot and then going straight into an Xbox command, but the personal reports have been positive from reviewers using it at home. Even Jeff said that this worked better before during the video.

Posted by Enai

Thanks for doing this Jeff. Nice to see this stuff in a more realistic light, unlike most of the coverage this feature has been getting.

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Siri has the benefit of needing a button prompt to start. It seems like its fairly competent if you put your channels in favorites. It probably has worked some what better for them when they are not giving a verbal demo at the same time. When you sit at home, you're not constantly talking into a recording, and then stopping to give commands. You're more than likely sitting not talking to yourself until you bolt out a command.

Anywho, I don't even have Cable service, but I'll be trying out snapping apps and multitasking.

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Xbox, Camera off.

Xbox, watch Ass Attackin'

Posted by TheMasterDS

@csl316 said:

I'm watching this on a laptop, hooked up to my tv, to see tv, streamed through an xbox. What am I doing.

Me too!

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And the controller wins again.

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This whole thing seems incredibly pointless considering it doesn't act as its own DVR, but instead just simply passes through what your cable box is spitting out. The fact that the Xbox UI is overlaying with Jeff's DirecTV UI is ridiculous. I can't see "the mainstream" ever using this like Microsoft thinks they want to.

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As someone with an XB1 coming tomorrow, what a train wreck that voice recognition still is.

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I dunno, you say "watch TV" and it plays King Of The Hill. I call that a success.

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Xbox go home.

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This looks rooooooooooouuuuuuugh.

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I never did make it all the way thru The Machinist. maybe I should check that out again.

TV stuff looks alright. I guess it saves you from hitting the input select button on the TV remote. Not seeing much of a reason for it though. the channel guide looks pretty useable. About 300% better than the last cable box I used.

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The amount of times it doesn't even bring up the listening prompt is pretty nuts. If it can't understand "xbox"....

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This seems bad.

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The whole time, the remote control was in the corner laughing.

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Lesbian Slit club sounds nice. But man Americans have a lot of channels XD

As for kinect: Not really impressed seems to not work more than it works.

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Ass Attackin is my favorite in the series.

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lol at Jeff's guide. "Bounce My Big Butt on Your Big ****" on channel 596 Bang U.

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@vuud: People watch shows alright. They just don't watch TV.

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The laywers are coming.

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A little disappointing, I was hoping this stuff would work better. But if you use the controller it's, at worst, the same as your normal cable.