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Very nice you saved me some pennies :)

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played the demo and I was kinda dissapointed.  It's just a non-stop brawler which gets really old quickly.  Maybe the 2nd part will be better... hopefully!

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This game looks allright, but I doub't I'll pick it up...

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I'll pass.

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Looks fun, not worth 20 bones in my opinion. 

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Thanks for doing a quick look on this one guys! I've been wondering whether or not to buy this...and now I know the answer is a resounding "HECK NO". =D Y'all just saved me $20.

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Stop ruining comics, video game industry.

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Game looks duuumb, and not in a good way

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looool what a 'niiiice' game//// geez

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Also, don't try to explain Watchmen if you haven't read Watchmen.  Only thing you want to pay attention too from Brad and Ryan is how crap this game is, they had no idea what they were talking about when mentioning anything in reference to the watchmen story, book or movie.

Thanks nick, how foolish of me.

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rorschach's moves need to be more brutal so as to fit with the character

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"Also, don't try to explain The Watchmen if you haven't read The Watchmen.  Only thing you want to pay attention too from Brad and Ryan is how crap this game is, they had no idea what they were talking about when mentioning anything in reference to the watchmen story, book or movie."

WATCHMEN. Not The Watchmen.
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Looks cool but damn, 20 bones? I don't think so. 1200 points would be pushing it I think.

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Hoe No It's Da PohPoh

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Very funny. 20 bucks is a little steep. Maybe this will turn up in one of XBLA's sales.

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1600 is a joke. Not worth it at all.

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Ryan and I finished this in co-op earlier, and I didn't get any of the achievements at all, even the ones for finishing the game. So either there's a bug, or you only get the achievements if you're the owner (i.e. license-holder) of the game. Fair warning.

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I don't know...it doesn't look that bad. If this game isn't plagued with bugs then I might rent it. It's  suppose to be a prequel so I feel I can differentiate between the the comic and this.

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This is the first time i've noticed Drew post a video, nice!

You really cant have a beat-'em up these days without some ragdolls. Right into the barrels, nice one Ryan!

If only this was a Seagal Game, then i'd buy it.

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Graphics don't look half bad for a download game, but seems a bit expensive. Plus, I have no interest in Watchmen nor have I ever heard of it before there was a movie.

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That game would be better if every time he grappled he said "Wheeee!"

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terrible game

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Argh, it's so hard to watch this when both of them haven't finished the novel.

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Hm... I liked the combo stuff, but the game is too repetitive for me. I'd have tried it myself if my 360 didn't crap it the day before. :(

Oh, and it's totally a brawler, I'd class God Hand as a beat 'em up because it has a full-blown fight system.

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Don't get me started on this game. Completely bland and heartless beat em' up. All the enemies look the same. Boring level design. Extremely tedious and repetitive.

I did like the lock picking however!! And the graphics are nice. The story too is presented in an interesting manner, but overall the cons overshadow the good points in the game.

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i jus seen the movie......love it and the demo wasn't that bad

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I think it's looks pretty good, I mean for a beat 'em up. The genre hasn't really done anything new since the days of Final Fight, Streets of Rage etc. The concept have always been flawed, but back then it was at least new and exiting. The modern era belongs to games like DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Gof of War etc. not street brawler games.

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graphics looks good but i don't think its worth the price it is just for a brawler.

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saw Watchmen today, and i gotta say, Rorschach is the most badass comic book character i've seen in a movie. i didn't know much about the Watchmen before going in to see the movie, but i thought it was good and the movie was  very very gruesome :)

as for the game, i'll think i'll pass on this one, even though i liked the movie.

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Looks boring :/

A couple of moves looks nice, but after some time it would be nice to see some new ones.
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The book WATCHMEN has no possible connection to this rubbish.

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game looks good but not my thing, i love the first looks it helps me ALOT with my game purchases. I hope this site stays around for a while. I dont see the adverts but i hope the money is coming in, I get all my gaming info here and as i debated Watchmen i thought i would check GB and sure enough here is a quick look and now i know i would have just wasted my money as this is not really my kinda of game.

download only so no rentals glad this was up
THANKS for the video 
Keepem Coming!!!
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I like how this game has local split screen CO-OP more games need that these days.

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tsk tsk.. read the graphic novel it's the best!
seriously, read it.

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Nobody will buy this for 20$ hopefully.

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It's been said but I have to say it again.... Halfway through the video, Brad pulls a Brad!!

This game is amazing, I'm not impressed with the framerates (GTX 260) on my PC but I love this game and thank god for D2D as I hate STEAM.

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Dangit!! I don't want to shell out 30 bucks for 2000 x-box points to buy a game that only costs 1600 points! There are no other arcade games I want and it's just like paying 30 bucks for 1 arcade game damn:(

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wow.................... looks so bad.

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Captures none of the graphic novel's spirit. I hope the movie is better....
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That cracked me up.

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Why can't you just jump over those big ass fences and shipping containers instead of standing with your hands up or in your pockets? It's not like having to press a button to instead pull a lever adds a whole lot to the depth of the game, of which there appears to be none.

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Rorschach?  Cruel?  Say it ain't so!

I read the book back in the late nineties I think, but I don't think I appreciated it until I read it again just this month.  Really, really good.  Was just reading it in preparation for the film, but I'm glad I gave it a second chance.

I like the effort they put into this game, although I'm not sure there'd be a way to do any justice to the world of Watchmen with something that wasn't in development for a long time.  And even then...

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Thanks for the warning!

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The cutscenes look AWFUL. But I guess if you're into that kinda thing then they could be cool.

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It looks like a decent brawler, even if it doesn't capture the spirit of the graphic novel.

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I always love reading how everyone just agrees with the GB guys woihout even trying games. Too funny. Played the demo and I enjoyed it for what it was. It has the Watchmen name on it and takes place 10 years before the events of the Graphic Novel, you know when times were super violent. $20 is a steep price for the game, and I can understand how people would not get it because of that, but to dismiss it because of a video of two guys playing is just laughably bad. I love how the Watchmen geeks are analyzing everything about some media based on a comic. It's a great comic, but it's not Shakespeare. Try the game folks.