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Posted by Erik

But is this REALLY the way of the Samurai? I'm not sure...

Posted by Edin899

Second ! i think, streetfighter!
Posted by TzarStefan

Awful game.

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Hmm. Should be interesting.

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This can only be amazing.
In other news, I really want a golden fortune cookie.
I wonder if the boys were sent a brass one from Rockstar.

Posted by Wiseblood

I hate you.

Posted by Wes899

Cool. I remember hearing about the first one awhile back.

Posted by Rinkalicous

I hate myself for this, but I'm sort of digging this game judging from this Quick Look.

Posted by MjHealy

Looks like there could be some good humour in store.

Posted by AllanIceman

Yeah Quick Looks!

Posted by Webby

Will pickup when I can find it real cheap

Posted by TwoOneFive

not awful  tzar...these games are actually quite fun. 

Posted by Metal_Mills

$50? Really?

Posted by Masfo

Endurance run plz :)

Posted by DonChipotle

I am really enjoying this game. But then again I really like the franchise. Not as good as the first one, but I like it more than the second. Any game where you can kill your save points is okay by me

Posted by RNiemeijer

I think im going to get this game

Posted by Milkman

what is this i don't even

Posted by NoXious

After watching this Quick Look it's safe to say my booboos are okay.

Posted by Happy

Oh man, I had totally forgotten about this series. I played the shit out of the first game. I'd recommend this as at least a renter for anyone that would enjoy running around with a sword and making an ass of yourself.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Hey! release this in Europe please!
I blame and Ant and Dec!

Posted by Xeiphyer

Awesome game, so many different ways to play, and lots of different endings, plus there are hundreds of swords and junk to collect.
The fighting is also pretty deep, you can learn lots of skills and each sword style has different movesets, so it gets crazy, plus you can go into a crazy killing rage when fighting regular enemies, and insta kill them all, its neat

Posted by Nasos100

nice quick look

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maybe look at it when it like $10

Posted by AndrewB

This makes me want to play that Badass Rumble PSP game. That looks even more ridiculous, in a good, funny sort of way.

Posted by Kuragari

For those of us that want the game, which version is better? PS3 or 360?

Posted by animateria

Thank you for that... uh... informative Quick Look... about... nothing.
It's like ignoring the missions and roaming around in GTA in the first bit. 
Not complaining... just sayin.

Posted by teh_destroyer

I died laughing when they killed the save point guy.

Posted by Frederik

My boobs are getting better!

Posted by DukeTogo

These games have always been an odd bird.  It's basically GTA: Edo, but nowhere near as polished.  They're fun and unique and if you can look past the low-budget production, there's a ton of shit you can do in it, but they are definitely not for everyone.
And Kengo is a completely different series that was done by the Bushido Blade dudes, and although that series has never lived up to the greatness of BB, it's still okay for a severely technical sword combat game.  There are some similarities since Kengo started to have an exploration mode like Samurai, but Kengo is all about swordplay, while Samurai is about choosing what you want to do.

Posted by Crono

Do not want.

Posted by MagikGimp

I really like the look of this, like anyone cares ={P

Posted by Kohe321

Fun quick look

Posted by Bigandtasty

You're not planning on drawing yer weapon with LB, are ya?

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Wow. this seems really true to many old samurai movies... because it looks so bad it's good. Gonna try renting this today. I've heard that you can complete a play through in an hour? is this true?
 if that's the case, then I vote for Way of the samurai 3 endurance run!

Posted by Food

whoa holy shit this looks great

Posted by LiquidPrince

Chidori...? Where's Miss Rasengan?

Posted by VibratingDonkey

"No kill, no money!"
Even after Jeff sliced his chest open that guy continues to mock him.
I think I'll pick this up when it's cheaper, looks kind of interesting.

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I don't know why but there is just something about this game that's appealing to me.  I've always wanted to try the first two on PS2 but, never got around to it.  Maybe I will get this game when the price drops.

Posted by TheAdmin

Ryan + Jeff + any game at all = awesome fun to watch. Quick Looks are the greatest things to come to Giantbomb. Ever.

Posted by SpaceButler

This is what Fable should have been like.

Posted by RagingLion

This game actually looks kind of interesting .... the permanent effects you can have on the world etc. and general open-endedness.  It might not be as polished as most western games we're used to but it looks like this definitely has its merits.
@Masfo: Endurance run on this isn't an awful call, but then I don't know anything more about this game other than the Quicklook.

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I kept waiting for a giant enemy crab to jump out.

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I played a bit of the first two games. This is definitely not a game for everyone. The idea from the previous ones is that they are relatively short, but you can affect the story in a huge amount of ways, so it's tailored to multiple playthroughs. One of the few true "sandbox" games I've played. You can kill important story characters, take over their clan, do whatever. The biggest draw was finding all the different swords that have different stats and attacks. This new one looks to be in line with the rest of the series, but with all the other releases this holiday it'll probably just get buried.

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oh I remember playing the first and second one and it seems the third one isn't that different.
It's a pretty good game, you should at least try it.
And I am not sure if it's because I am Korean grown up seeing a lot of Asian cultures but this game isn't that weird to me O_O.

Posted by Kuragari

So nobody can answer the PS3 vs 360 question?

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I hope Jeff wil give this game more of a chance than shown here (or pass it on to Vinny whom might enjoy it.)   If you can look beyond the lack of polish/budget, WotS is worth persevering with. The fighting in the first two was a little like a cross between Bushido Blade (swords can really hurt you know) and Yakuza (mad skils, counters and groups of bad/good guys) The different fighting styles (and 87 bazillion swords) lent depth and collectibilityness while the different story threads and characters got way out there. Samurai.
If I remember right Ryan, there were some encounters (read nice sword) in the last game where you did have to bypass the story, and I think you could also leave town at any time.
Edit: Is there a concept page for weapon health/durability/sharpness?

Posted by Majkiboy

samurai dude gots a 360 logo on the upper arm