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Hell yes!

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Brad Muir!

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Brad Muir is never not :D-ing

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Fuck yeah, Mr. Muir.

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Best Quicklook screencap ever?

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Its fake Dave Lang!

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:O was this live at some point?

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@Aishan said:

Best Quicklook screencap ever?


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Based on this thumbnail, and the fact that it's a game show game quick look, this has to be a classic Quick Look.

Hot damn Brad looks good in that tux. Yum.

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I think Brad Muir is too happy, suspiciously happy! He's probably an axe murderer and we just don't know it.

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Brad Muir! This day just got fantastic!

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Fuck Yeah Brad Muir!

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THQ used Drew's likeness in their game. THQ owes big money to Drew.

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Oh Shit !

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Judging by this screencap alone, I can tell that this is going to be the quick look of the year.

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That is one of the best QL tease images ever.

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I think dapper Brad Muir is my favorite Brad Muir.

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@GideonAmos said:

Brad Muir is never not :D-ing

His love and enthusiasm for life is contagious!

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Can never have enough Brads :)

Hm... that's a whole lot of lense flare on that title screen.

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Brad Muir is looking SHARP this quick look

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Brad Muir is one sexy man I don't even know if I can contain myself.

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One and a Half Hours of Dumb Bliss

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*sigh* I have no clue why THQ makes these, it's not like people are demanding slap-dashed game show action. Not to mention... aww forget it.... (Leaves room)

*slams door*

"at least they're putting out Devil's Third!!! OH WAIT!"

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Dat thumbnail !

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Wheel of Fortune quickly proved to be a better horror game than Resident Evil 6.

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DId they face capture Drew for this?

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A nice long new video from GiantBomb is the best way to start a Saturday.

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What's with Jeff and his communist jerseys?

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Since when can you get a MILLION dollars on Wheel of Fortune?!? Apparently this is what happens when you don't have cable for a while. Although, I would have been okay with Fake Drew getting a million bucks.

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An hour and a half of Brad Muir? Well time to unzip

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Fucking hell. I'm so happy right now.

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I have not watched the video yet and have only seen the screencap yet the sight of brad muir in that outfit has compelled me to comment. This is the greatest quicklook ever done. I will go ahead and assume that right now.

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I love Brad Muir. top lad!

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Medium Rock #9.

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The banter at the top of this QL alone is fucking high-level material.

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Brad Muir needs to join the GiantBomb team full time. Well, I like to think that if anything ever happened to his company Giantbomb would pick him up.

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Jeff seems like he had one diet Coke too many before this taping!

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That image makes me happy!

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I love this site so god damn much.

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Brad Muir looking snazzy.

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I never noticed it before, but the Jeopardy music would fit perfectly into a Sims game. It just has that same sound to it.

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I've been kind of down on Giantbomb content recently but Brad Muir is a legitimately awesome guest and I always enjoy content featuring him.

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This has been such an awesome week of content, and we still have the Halo marathon and DBZ for kinect coming.

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Jeff's hair wants to go the moon