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Edited by Six

April FIRST!

funny stuff with the car melee moves

Posted by Hirushubi

Your actually giving this a quick look? No April Fools?

Posted by Depth

Good job Six

Edited by Shane394

This is fake, this game doesn't really exist! April Fools!
But really, this game reminds of John Woos Stranglehood, it's not a very good game, but the source material and all the cool things you can do make the game. It might also be because they are made by the same people and it's running on the same engine.

Posted by omgmetalgear

YO VIN DIESEL! HIT THAT BIG ASS RAMP!!! lol "it's too tight!!"

Posted by viklanderviking

Im holding a hard boiled egg in my hand....what!?

Posted by EricWinholt

The cop coming out of the exploding car and standing up made me spit out my coffee.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

I alredy saw a video demonstrating the demo that i alredy played.The demo that i played TWICE.
Sigh...Ill stay for commentary.

Posted by SlimDogg95

Vin hit the big ass ramp ! LoL

Posted by Bardon

This..actually..looks pretty awesome. o.O

Posted by FlipperDesert

More car games should have air-jacking.

Posted by xplodedd

surprised me.. it looks sweet.

Posted by captainawesomo

hahahahahahahHAHAH Verga.

Edited by Death_Burnout

I still dont know what to feel about this game! in a lot of spots it's awesome, and in others i think it's really bad, particulalry the cut-scenes and dialog... the whole cops never dying thing is a different awesome story.

Err...isn't getting out of the police radius more noticibley GTA IV-ish?

I probably wont get round to completing it.

A lot has changed!

Posted by MeatSim


Posted by TripMasterMunky

seems kinda fun

Posted by Vod_Crack

There is a War Gods license plate as well I noticed!

Posted by poser

It started out great (in a so bad it's good kind of way) but then it just got boring...

We need a good game to come out. Seriously the well is running dry.

Posted by gosukiller

Vinnie sounds like he is inside a box? Really weird sound for open world conversations.

Edited by Heartagram

I want to play this after the demo so i hope its fun.


Posted by iAmJohn

I've been playing the full game for a day.  It's alright; kinda repetitive and the game feels oddly unfinished (which I guess isn't odd considering Midway probably just shoved it out the door to get some money).  I'd give it 3 stars at the moment, which is what I'm guessing Jeff'll give it too.

Posted by TaintedSun

I really wish that you had done the quick look using the demo version of the game. It shows off some of the game's shooting abilities. Not that they're fun, it's just cooler than what was shown here.

Overall though, the game looks like 3 out of 5 stars.

Edited by erinfizz

Wow, motion sickness from watching full screen. I guess I won't be playing this then. The first 8 or so minutes of the QL were entertaining. And then I had to go outside and do deep breathing exercises! 

Posted by CleverLoginName

He's okay! Don't worry, man that made me laugh harder than the Crash Time quick look.

Posted by FlappyHands

Lmao. That pig flying out of the car and getting up infront of the camera had me in hysterics.

Posted by Rasgueado

People speak Catalan spanish in Barcelona as opposed to Castillian. 

Posted by TekZero

I knew it was coming, but I still laughed my ass off.

"Hey Vin Diesel, hit that big ass ramp!"

Posted by iAmJohn

There's actually a ton of Midway license plates in the game.  As well as the Mortal Kombat and War Gods ones mentioned, so far I've noticed Kart Fury, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, Spy Hunter, Robotron, Smash TV, Gauntlet, Marble Madness and Arctic Thunder, plus a couple others I haven't been able to figure out.

Posted by MagikGimp

I think this is what I hate about these games. They play out like you can do anything and destroy everything and yet you're forced down the same linear path with no room for individual choices like a good little obedient boy. So damn hypercritical, why can't you kill off one of the main characters or ignore what they say and face better consequences than just some naughty naughty nag screen?

Edited by iAmJohn

MagikGimp, dude, you have not played Wheelman.  Despite being an open-world game, it's super linear and it makes no suggestion otherwise.

Posted by brocool

hahahehehe  oh mann that cop is invincible!

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Looks like Diesel can only get movies & roles where he's behind
some kind of fucking wheel these days.  Can you say: type cast?
Maybe they'll snag Vin for the sequel to the Dukes of Hazard

Looks like a Bargain Bin Attraction to me.

Posted by Maxszy

This actually looks pretty decent. Maybe I will have to pick it up once the price falls just a bit belo 60.

Posted by Steve_C

Oh, i couldn't stop laughing after that cop suddenly stood up in front of the camera after being flung out of an exploding car.

Posted by spiceninja

This game looks ugly.

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

Thank god that cop was o.k. at 3:11

Posted by spiceninja

You go to Barcelona in Tony Hawks Underground 2. Just thought I throw that out there.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Poor Ryan. He's still sick. Get better, please. Your voice powers our amazing podcast.

Edited by TwoOneFive

lol, at first i didnt like the nonstop making fun of  vin diesel , then i remembered how much you'll be praising him in Assault on Dark Athena. 

And yo, i seriously shit my pants when that cop suddenly popped back on the screen "HE'S OKAY!"
Edited by iGaboru
1. Barcelona is NEVER so calm and empty especially in Plaça Catalunya where the action begins.
2. Spanish police will never just shoot people for a mere robbery without being shot upon before, that's more of the American way to solve problems.
3. @ Rasgueado. Catalan is another language just like French relates to Spanish.
4. Those Wolverine-like health regenerating police officers aren't cool :D
5. It's funny that the girl's name is Lumi cause that's slang for "hooker" here in Spain.
Posted by TobyD81

Hey, that looks okay! A little bit GTA plus a little Burnout is my impression. I still need to hit the demo.

Posted by The_Soviet

5:30 Jeff totally meant to do that. lol

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

this game gets worse as more mechanics are added. shooting while driving = not cool. and yeah, it's really an ugly game. it wasn't just you, Ryan, VD's face is seriously messed up looking.

Posted by LiK

HAHAHA, when that cop stood up in the beginning, that was priceless! oh man...

Posted by GioVANNI

You know, Vin Diesel has been caught in gay night clubs.  Seriously, I'm not lying.  :|

Posted by zoozilla

I thought the demo was pretty enjoyable, and the story looks like it'll at least be entertaining, if not "good".

Posted by ArbitraryWater

The faces don't look quite right, but the logic defying car tackles and the Vin Diesel being Vin Diesel are appealing.

Posted by AURON570

looks hillarious. i especially like the erratic pedestrians.

Posted by kagekage

id rather rent it.
sad Midway goes out lik this...hope This is Vegas does better =/

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