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This has been a sad reminder of how far Nintendo has fallen.

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@punkxblaze: LOL! Normally people's lame attempts at humour in the comments suck. But that one was good.
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Asteroids doesn't fly, they're in free fall!

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:) That was all pretty awesome and those resulting gifs are amazing.

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Many laughs were had.

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@armaan8014 said:
" @Moth_Pope: 
Thank YOU!! My earlier profile BG was this.
time for me to change it:D "

Haha, no problem. Works even better as a profile background. :D
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they've officially gone off the rails

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Are they doing this to only be fair to Nintendo since they've been doing a lot of Move? And Kinect will be coming.
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Ryan: Vinny where'd you em? 
Vinny: How much money you got? 

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this is my favorite QL ever

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Vinny is a creepy kids show host

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Love Vinny's antics in the hiding portion of the video. Can put that on his reel if he's applying for a childrens tv show job in the future. Uncle Vinny's Party Party Happytimes Superfun Playhouse!

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I'd like to see Vinny host childrens' television on PBS.

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Ryan knows that when it's time to go you have to swing your arms from side to side, take one step, and then swing your arms again.

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Brad is a vegetarian in the sense that he only eats vegetarian animals:  cows, chickens, pigs...  Brad draws the line at tigers and crocodiles!

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So Brad likes Chinese chicks. Good to know!

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Holy god Vinny was hilarious in this.

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Green screen Quick looks are the best Quick looks

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Vinny should host little kid shows he's good at it. 
EDIT: This is my new favourite Quick Look.

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@JoeGJ: LOL brilliant!
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Vinny: Hilarious

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@Nux said:
" Vinny should host little kid shows he's good at it.   EDIT: This is my new favourite Quick Look. "
It's up there with the best for sure! Vinny is so fucking funny!
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" @punkxblaze said:
" @JacDG said:
" @punkxblaze said:
" Dear Vinny, please host a part time children's show on the side.  Love, me, and every child ever. "
OH YES! Giantbomb should make a series of shows for kids :D "
LittleBomb: The Perfect Show for your Little Gamer.  "Hey kids! The word for today is 'cunt'." "Vinny, we can't say that here." "...Oh." "
Two words:  FUCK.... YES! "
Where do i send the check?
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Even though the guys had fun I don't think this game will be well received.

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I think this game would be great...if I were really drunk or really high. or both.

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Or they could have just released another Mario Party

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This is the crappiest game I've seen since Wii Music.

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Always keepin it classy, Vinny.

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Brad should run on screen like that in every video he is in for now on.

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The cow says....

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Holy shit, that's some funny stuff.  You're all aces, Giant Bomb crew.

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Vinny: Fulfilling his Blue's Clues fantasy!

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Can I play with you guys if I buy the game?

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 I approve of this quick look and declare it to be perfect from this day forth.

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I wish my internet didn't suck so i could watch more of these :(

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But wait, this doesn't even take advantage of the console. Any of these games could be played with a stick instead of the wiimote.

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This was freakin HILARIOUS!!! XD

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That was so funny!  Fun party.

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@Moth_Pope said:
" I know @OllyOxenFree made a gif for Ryan and Brad's taunting, but I loved Ryan's initial start. :D
Is Brad loosening his pants?
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this just turned into a fucked up episode of Blue's Clues

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That had me in stitches.

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The word bomb segment had me laughing out loud.  Fucking awesome.
I lost it at "Cobra" ... "Commander!"

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"Where should I hide it?"
Vinny should get his own kids TV show.

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Funny stuff, should have mentioned Jeff has a pet, would have been funny lol.

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@TatoBins said:
" now i just sorta want to see ryan on a horse.  "
There's a thread for that. 
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vinny <3333

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Giantbomb's got man-on-man dry humping: that's what I come for.

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I had a roommate who kept pet centipedes. Granted it was in college and it was kinda a joke to explain the shit house we were living in.

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