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To quote the esteemed Sir Bob of Sponge: "This is the best day ever."

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Vinny makes a kick-ass Dora the Explorer-esque charcater.

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Vinny + Nintendo = Vintendo
Double the hilarity!

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See...i've seen this before watching...now my world is broken. Dare i watch?
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" @LutonHatter said:
"I was expecting one of the Wii Remotes to end up down Vinny's trousers.  "
yeah i was thinking the same thing "
Vinny always uses a strap.
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I think the whole Whiskey Media crew should play this for tonights Happy Hour Show

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Show me potato salad!

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Awesome quick look fellas!

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is Vinny doing the taunt from tnt at 5:30ish?

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LOL love this site. 

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Vinny on-screen Quick Look,
Sexually suggestive foreign food discussion,
Crazy pet shenanigans,
Best. Quick Look. Ever!

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Ryan I'm glad you continue to take advantage of Vinny even outside of Uncharted 2.

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VINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see you on camera again, camera guy!

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By far one of the BEST QL's holy shit.

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I have missed VInny

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Blue Whale is the right answer obviously!

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I just kept freeze-frame on the opening for a couple of minutes, just to let it sink in. It's another groundbreaking, world-class Quick Look!
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Holy crap that was awesome.

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These seem like the best types of games for the Wii, but I just see it being supplanted by the Move for fidelity in motion games. 
Except for the cost of adoption for the Move that is

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that had me bursting out laughing, awesome QL

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Vinny was great in this vid haha.

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Tyat was amasing.
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Vinny needs to be the new star for Blues Clues.

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amazing as always!

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Aw yay Vinny's the best.

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This has to be one of the best Quick Looks ever!

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That was the best Quick Look in a long time. The guys were on it today.

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The quality of Quick Looks this week has been THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF!

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New favorite Quick Look.

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Nintendo is getting creative with the remotes.
Not sure if I'm gonna pick this up, but it looks fun.

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Now that's how you throw a party. Thanks for shoving us the way!

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One of the best and funniest QL ever!

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I want a pet Optimus Prime

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"My best dog to take to the park is a potbelly pig" What a line

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Somebody has been watching too much Blue's Clues. Hilarious video.
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What an amazing quick look. I love when they do these types of games.

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Didn't nintendo make this already? I'm surprised they played this...

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should of hide the wii remote inside the luchadeer

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That was hilarious.

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this was fucking goofy as hell!

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Horrible looking game.
Amazing quick look.