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Sweet! Hope this is as good as Wii Sports!

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Yup yup. Another thing that makes me want a Wii. That comes to 3 things...

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lol he held it like a penis.

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Woot Party Time!

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Looks rad, might get Tiger woods too
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Alright, time to convince me that this is a game

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Excellent! Thanks guys =D

Posted by Crixaliz

Ryan's Mii looks super creepy with those cold dead eyes

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Camera on wakeboarding looks terrible.

Posted by nick69

huh, looks like im having loading issues with this one..

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While I fully endorse any resort promoting swordfighting it just needs something more fun like some of the resort games in the film Club Dread. Nice to see GB studio now has more than one motion plus controller to make these quick looks interesting. Of course without being able to bounce the bowling ball or shoot the arrows in archery at some of the spectators (or sharks with the wakeboarding)  I'll pass.

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i wonder, if you taped a wii mote to a toy sword and actually fought someone would the results be the same on the tv ?

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I've been on the fence with this game, but I think this has convinced me to get it.   Seems like a lot of fun.  Too bad Nintendo forces you to play the easy difficulties, like always.  I might still be on the fence though, but I'm leaning towards smashing myself head first on the buy side now.  Could change tomorrow.

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Don't worry, Ryan. When I tried Wii Sports Resort "B-Ball," my dude wouldn't even grab the ball.

Also, @Bubahula: You wouldn't be able to block , because you need to press "B" to go into defense mode.

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The graphics look great, especially on the wakeboarding!

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Cool Quick Look.

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Nice! Wow! That's Great! Nice Air! Wow! Nice!

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Looks pretty boring. I couldn't see myself playing any of those games they showed more than once or twice.

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That sword position was epic.

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LOL at the end.


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Ryan has the best mii ever

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Says something about the quality of the majority of Wii games that Wii Sports is 95% in the system and that this will probably be in the system that much as well. No fault of Nintendo, just sayin.

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The music in the basketball section sounds awesome, like it's the sting tune from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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Too bad that Ryan got his hand chopped off by Jeff.  A hook would be sweet though.

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QL are always fun.

Looks like a fun game but I sold my wii and it won't make me try to play it even if it's my mom that bought it :P
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I'm sorry to say it...well, no, no I'm not. Nintendo, this game looks incredibly boring.

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Ha! Magic hands > Long sword

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Picking this up monday morning

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Yep. It's a wii minigame collection. Which means that people who actually play games will get bored after a few hours.

EDIT: Jeff made a Razor Callahan Mii? That's badass!

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Dunking looked good - by why were there white people on the public court?

Posted by Wright

jeff's brutal attack probably broke ryan's wrist.

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My impression on the different games shown:
ping pong = pretty cool
swordfighting = OK
bowling = meh
wakeboarding = dumb and boring
basketball = positively retarded

Overall, seems like a poor compilation of minigames.  But the ping pong did look genuinely fun.

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Man that sword fighting just looks like a messy blur to me...

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haha, these wii QL's are always the funniest. Keep on wagglin'!

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@dcpc10 said:
"Lmao love the ending, Jeff hits Ryan with the wii-mote again xD"

I LOL'ed at Ryan's reaction he was just like AHHHHHH!
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Ryan's Wii avatar looks like Snider.

And Jeff's a damn hazard with that controller.

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Loved the Razor Callahan mii

Posted by bricewgilbert

I played it at Gamestop recently. It just felt like it was in between the "Just barely precise so it's simple enough to play" (Wii Bowling) and "extreme awesome dreamlike precision" (PS3, 360 demos). So basically everything was like the Golf game in Wii Sports, a little underwhelming.

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sigh.. giantbomb is the greatest video game website in the world.

jeff got 99 problems but a strike ain't one

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dont like the camera on the boarding cause it moves about too much and you don't know what you're doing, it needs to stay behind.

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Awesome, looks like a lotta fun. I'm getting the game on Friday.

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@Bubahula said:
" i wonder, if you taped a wii mote to a toy sword and actually fought someone would the results be the same on the tv ? "
No, you're thinking of Project Natal. ;)
Sony's is the reverse, it tapes the toy sword on to the 'mote.
Either way it sounds like you'd be on the front page of wiihaveaproblem.com
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reminds me when i first got the wii where you spend the entire time explaining what is going on to your friend lol

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@ThePantheon said:
" sigh.. giantbomb is the greatest video game website in the world.I <3 YOU AND YOUR QUICK LOOKS, TEAM!!edit:jeff got 99 problems but a strike ain't one "
Jeff got 99 pins but a strike ain't one.
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Been a while since i've seen these guys play some Wii Sports.

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And so, with that final ping pong game, the story of Jeff kicking everybodys ass in every QL ended.

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Cord's getting in the way? You know who else the cord got in the way for? WALTER SULLIVAN. Yeah. So there's that. God damnit, I'm tired.

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Right on! Yeah! Wow! Whoa! Nice! There it is! Looks great! Nice jump! Great air! There you go!