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Posted by Jeff

Semi-Important Note: The games crashing on launch was indeed related to the capture software. Once I killed the capture everything booted up just fine. Carry on!

Posted by fitzcarraldo

@Jeff: thanks, jeff.

Posted by CornBREDX

Wow. This is kinda neat and a surprise.

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With a Minesweeper QL, my life is now complete.

Posted by thirteenyahs

Thanks for this?


Alright a USEFUL tip The Top Left Tile can be launched (ex.Desktop) with the return key, also Windows Key + C, universal Search Win + Q

Posted by subactuality

Think I'll wait for the console version.

Posted by Subjugation

Huh. Wasn't expecting a video on this to end up on the site.

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Posted by Bistromath

I demand an Ubuntu Quick Look.

Posted by Fattony12000

They are games.


Posted by sub_o

And I thought I was in Tested.com

Posted by ip007

This should be interesting.

Posted by AuthenticM

@sub_o said:

And I thought I was in Tested.com

Same. I'm not complaining though!

Posted by Omnomnivore

Appreciate this quick-look, Jeff!

Posted by scarace360

Is it backwards compatible?

Posted by JDillinger

I don't like it.

Posted by Gruff182

I'm just happy we got Windows 7 before this.

No thanks.

Posted by vonFlampanker

Metro looks like it might have some potential provided you can customize the size/color/grouping of the icons to a reasonable degree.

Posted by hussatron

Wow, that's a pretty terrible download rate

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

I kind of feel like from a forced UI perspective, Microsoft done fuckt up.

On the other hand, I can see my less tech savvy friends and family fingering the buttons on the screen, even tho they don't have touch screen monitors, which could be sort of entertaining.


@Jeff: Windows Key + C

Posted by alibson

Fat ads everywhere

Posted by MrGtD

I got brief shots of people in the People section, and the one that stuck with me was ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER. Can't get enough of that guy and his strange views on Breaking Bad.

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No free edicts.

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I've been using this for months and now like it a lot, now that I've learned how the corners work and have used Default Programs to make sure my desktop apps keep me in the Desktop view most of the time.

However, learning that stuff in the first place was kind of amazingly counter-intuitive.

Posted by Djungelurban

Right... I think I'm gonna stick with XP then...

Posted by JoeyRavn

Surprise Quick Look? Awesome!

I've been tempted to get Windows 8 for some time now. The price can't be better and, honestly, the Metro interface doesn't bother me at all. If it performs as well as Windows 7, I'll probably get it when it launches.

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TF2 Quick look incoming!!

This also looks all totally unnecessary

Posted by ThatPrimeGuy

Looks great if you have and use an xbox, for people who don't....I'll be sticking with Windows 7.

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What is this, Tested?

Posted by NekuCTR

I don't want to use a local account for my Games tab, but I don't want to use that fucking e-mail I used to get XBL 7 YEARS AGO. LET ME CHANGE MY E-MAIL MICROSOFT!!!

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I.... wow. It's videos like these that make me think my membership was money well-spent.

Posted by Foggen

@Bistromath said:

I demand an Ubuntu Quick Look.

OS/2 Warp

Posted by Tesla

Consider this QL a diss track from Big Jeffrey aimed at those mark ass punks over at Tested.com! A member of MC Chanman's crew has let it slip that Norm will be responding with a hot video review of Starcraft 2.

Posted by Ares42

why would they link Windows 8 to Gamerscore ? Hasn't that system been proven to be pretty irrelevant by now ?

Posted by watership

@scarace360 said:

Is it backwards compatible?

I can't tell if your being serious or not. It's the next version of Windows. Anything you could do on XP and Win7 you can do in Win8.

Posted by Video_Game_King

You know what? Now that I know Metro is just a start menu replacement (and isn't all of Windows 8), I can see myself getting behind this.

Posted by ucankurbaga

thanks jeff. Looks like I am sticking with win 7 for a while

Posted by Anderson

Windows Key + c = charms

Posted by Milkman

Confession: I have no idea how to play Minesweeper.

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Totally. Looks pretty damn nice.

Posted by phrosnite

Windows 8? More like Windows wait.

Posted by bigsmoke77

I have the same problem with wanting to close everything in the top corner.

Posted by Slow_pC

Running the windows 8 here and been very happy with the OS. Does what I want and its works great for me. Back to Darksiders 2 now on it while watching on my other box. :)

Posted by PrioritySeven

@phrosnite said:

Windows 8? More like Windows wait.


Posted by Phatmac

Old school Quick look with just one staff member! Thanks

Posted by 617_jbug

It doesn't look as bad compared to what people are saying. If your a PC gamer there really isn't nothing stopping people from using Steam. I'm more interested in what games will come to the Windows Store because they are making some incentives to put apps there.