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YES!! I love futuristic racing... wait what's this?

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Now with 100% less flying cars.

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I still think MXC is still better.

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Rolling staaaaaaaaaaaaaart

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Vinny has huuuuuge arms, he should do weight-lifting.

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@Gizmo: It only took seven posts for someone to mention the size of Vinny's arms.

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progressive high isn't working

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Twice the Wipeout of previous wipeout...s.

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So when can we expect Vinny and Ryan on the actual show? They seem to have enough training by now.

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Wipeout is a Surfaris song! The more ya know

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Hope Ryan doesn't get hurt again with this Kinect bonanza :P

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Ryan's two tone beard is weirding me out!

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Ryan and Vinny's Wipeout Saga continues!

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i love you ryan but why would you play the wipeout game if you are going to skip through every event lol.

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The tradition of Ryan and Vinny Wipeout quick looks continue. All is well in the world.

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"I need an adult!" HAHAHAHA!

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Ryan doesn't like to do physical stuff. Wierd.

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i was watching this thinking, none of these quick looks have been as funny as the first.
but then the game started fucking with ryan. >:D

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The Wipeout QLs are always funny.

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Sigh..... I love you, Vinny. I wish I could quit you. But I won't.

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Wipeout Vinny cannot possibly disappoint me. 

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I'd be first in line to tell you how the Kinect is a miserable piece of shit, but I recommend actually going through the tutorial or something to figure out what motions the game actually wants from you. There were several moments where clearly all it wanted was a lean, but the guys were flailing wildly and wondering why it's not that responsive.

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I was eating a turkey sandwich and at one point Vinny made me laugh while I was swallowing a bite and I almost died.

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So Many Quicklooks I LOVE IT AHHHH!

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The wipeout soundtrack has really gone downhill...

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This QL is nothing short of awesome, but man, Kinect is an unresponsive pile of hot garbage.. who the fuck would play this?!

Lets be 100 people, I've never seen anyone who wasn't an achievement whore playing Kinect.

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I was hoping they'd show the Quick Look on the PS3, with the Move, since this is a first for this franchise to be on that system.

Also of note, the Beach Boys did do a rendition of "Wipeout" (in a collaboration with The Fat Boys), but I believe that the original song was by the "Surfaris" back in the early 1960's.

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Watching Vinny break the avatar might be my favorite Kinect moment in a Quick Look yet.

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The Kinect is a failed piece of dog shit.

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Vinny makes everything better

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Oh, how easily I am entertained.

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Let me reintroduce you two.

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I love Wipeout Quick Looks so freakin' much.

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I love that Ryan looks exhausted before the quicklook even begins.

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How is it possible for this game to be even more broken than its predecessor.

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I'm gonna go ahead and say that Kinect has definitely been worth it. Perhaps not for the people who own one, but for this purpose? Invention of the decade.

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I know they must be terrible to play, but the Wipeout QLs are laugh-out-loud funny.

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I don't know why but I could not stop laughing when Vinny said "I think you're doing fantastic, Stacy."

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Today has been dreary and miserable, so thank you Ryan and Vinny for making me laugh until I cried multiple times in less than 25 minutes.

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Stay classy, Kinect.

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"Maybe it can't see your feet" ...

"No I just don't think it's that good"


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this was too funny

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These just aren't funny anymore. Don't do a quick look of a game you know you're going to hate. Skipping every single obstacle in the very first stage?

I get it, the game sucks. Just not fun to watch you skip everything.

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Don´t get me wrong, this game seems BAD.. but you guys should at least try to read the instructions on screen. It tells you "only one guy in front of the thing" and you go "oh let´s both goof around in front of it, why read the stuff onscreen?"

BTW: The free Doritos Crashcourse is probably a better game than this. Just without the Kinect-crap.

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Goddamn it, Kinect.

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Always a welcome quick look when its a terrible wipeout game. And way to go Ryan with the perfect celebration - Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud.