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Posted by Vodun

@PiltdownMan said:

@Vodun said:

For those complaining about FPS remakes of your old favorites...this is the other end of the spectrum. They've been making the same fucking game since the first one.

No, this is the first (well third) person remake of an old favorite (even though I liked scorched earth better). This is exactly what people are worried with games like X-Com etc. It can be done well, this wasn't. If they would have kept the side view they would have a playable game.

All they've done since 1994 is add more weapons and change the perspective once. There's been more innovation in the FIFA games. X-Com and Syndicate are substantial devitations from their original formula. This, is not.

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Why dont they just keep it 2d and good looking like some of the indie platformers nowadays?

Posted by thebigJ_A

Why does the avatar pop p all the time? That's stupid and annoying. (As are avatars in general, but this is more so). Tell me you can turn it off.

Posted by PenguinDust

This just looks sooo tedious to play. Not fun at all.

Posted by CastroCasper

Really bad case of gun butt...Shattered like 3 toliets.

Posted by HatKing

@Romination said:

@onarum said:

Not trying to defend the game or anything, it really doesn't look very good, but must they always be SO bad at figuring basic gameplay stuff? I mean there's a perfectly functioning minimap on the upper left portion of the screen yet he haves a real hard time finding enemy worms... and it's right there on his face.

They mention it, but then dismiss it pretty quickly as still unhelpful.

There is also a full on map in the game. Simply press a button and you get a top down view of the entire map. On top of that enemy names are always visible - not sure why they chose to put friendly names in red and enemies in blue though - making it really easy to pick out where exactly your opponents are located.

Just like the aiming mechanism in this game - which they eventually discovered for themselves - these guys often miss a game mechanic and then instead of looking at a tutorial or controls menu they assume it doesn't exist and then discredit the game for it.

Granted the aiming and the map aren't the biggest faults of this game - Ryan pretty much hit the nail on the head with the whole 'crazy shots' argument he made - it still makes me wonder if there are other things in these Quick Looks that I've been misinformed about. I'll tell myself it has been nothing substantial, but who could really say. Moral of the story? Don't base purchasing decisions on Quick Looks, I guess.

Posted by Romination

@HatKing: Well, if they're super enthusiastic then by all means, but check some reviews for other games, definitely.

Posted by HatKing

@Romination: True enough. Don't get me wrong, I love the Quick Looks; they're incredibly entertaining and can be very informative as far as actually seeing a game being played. I find it a little frustrating (might be too strong of a word) when something doesn't immediately 'click' with them and they just dismiss it as broken or missing.

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That picture in picture is a neat way to let you continue move your worm and still see the results of the attack. Still doesn't make up for the overall abysmal camera though.

Man, this just depressing... I really loved Armageddon/World Party but all Worms games released since then has been complete shit by comparison, especially those 3D abominations. Well, Worms Forts was kinda cool because it brought a new MP playstyle... though that probably says more about the staleness of this franchise.

Posted by Bummey

Worms World Party was the last Worms game, as far as I'm concerned. It's such a shame, because those were really good games.

Posted by SpiritGoat

I just keep playing worms fort under siege with my one friend who likes it

Posted by devil_spawn666

@CaptNCoke said:

I miss the original Worms.

I still have the original worms on psone

Posted by geirr

I hate the voices in Worms, not even as a kid was it remotely funny.

Now I have to mention that the 3D formula Worms is failing at so much was, dare I say perfected, many years ago with the amazing Hogs of War for the Playstation (1).

Fuck you, worms.

Posted by Silock

come on, I could play better then this. Give me a job at giantbomb.

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Playing Worms against CPU is silly.
It's only good when you are messing around with other players.
But yeah 2D Worms is better.

Posted by MiniPato

This makes me want a new Jet Set Radio so bad!

Posted by NegativeCero

Sometimes I wonder if they buy those outfits for their avatars...

Not really interested. I've played Worms and this just seems like the same.

Posted by MacEG

Gun butt.

Posted by MeatSim

I second the motion that the voices of the worms suck.

Posted by Curufinwe

Do people who leave the "c" in schedule silent do the same when they say school?

Posted by WatanabeKazuma

I'm glad he brought that up, I've always found the voices annoying too.

Posted by megalowho

The voices were always annoying, Jeff is right. One of the main reasons I never liked playing Worms actually. Now Scorched Earth, that's a videogame. Tanks don't talk, they let the blowing shit up talk for them.

Posted by Crono

Worm voices do indeed suck. The voices are very off-putting to me.

Posted by marathonturtle

gun butt!

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Isn't this game really old? I recognize the menus and "new" weapon customization. I know I've played this a few years ago.
EDIT:looking farther in, I DEFINITELY played this a few years ago. Why are they talking like it's new?

Posted by Cybexx


I played a good amount of Worms: Armageddon during drafting class. I remember trying a Worms 3D demo and finding the gameplay kind of broken, sad to see they never fixed that.

Posted by SierraBravo

That random avatar pop-up doing stupid gestures has to be the most retarded thing ever. Who the hell comes up with this stuff?

Posted by loopy_101

This is just a repackaged Worms 4. I am disappoint.

Posted by DeviTiffany

I've been playing this with a friend of mine. Personally I think it's really fun.

Posted by Igottadeuce

The one flaw of 3D Worms that holds it back from critical acclaim is Team 17 relying on people being able to use their brain.


For those who don't like the default voices of Worms, Worms 2 had a variety of voices from which to choose from. Or hell, you could even record your own sound effects.