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I miss the original Worms.

Posted by Macabros

How many Worms games are out there. They should take a long break.

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So is this just Worms 4 again minus the 4?

Posted by Groker

This is simply mayhem.

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That seems to be the case.

Posted by Googly

Worms 3D again? I'll stick with Worms: Armageddon.

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For those complaining about FPS remakes of your old favorites...this is the other end of the spectrum. They've been making the same fucking game since the first one.

Posted by JackSukeru

Team 17 should make another Superfrog game, just 'cause.

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Silly rcath....


Posted by lordofultima

That worm said SHORYUKEN! WTH

Posted by Grimmy616

Anyone remember Pigs of War? That was a cool game.

Posted by Johnny5

I submit this as a nomination for "Series that should take a break"

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@lordofultima said:

That worm said SHORYUKEN! WTH

That's been around for a loooong time haha! It's amazing!!

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That teleporter was really useful.

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I like how most of the worms have feminine names. I've heard of a few guys with the name Carol .. but they lost me at Gail. Yes, this is coming from a guy named Donna Gust.

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Never played a Worms game. I will continue not playing Worms games.

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Worms creep me out :(

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What the fuck, that menu looks exactly like the one from Worms 4. I knew it!

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This game kind of makes me sick.

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These later games are so painful to watch. On behalf of my country I hope Team17 are remembered fondly for their past work but that they swiftly forget their now extremely exhausted franchises and put them to bed [out to die]. Come on guys, you're embarrassing yourselves, drop the bad habits at last and do something new.

As for the voices, totally agree. I know they're small creatures but why the same badly made feminine accents for each worm for every game?! The only exception is the first ever game when the voices were classic and the music was also excellent. Bring them back as DLC or something because the new ones do my head in too. Note that the default voices are the squeaky ones (slightly better than these actually) but that there were other much better custom ones in there too.

Posted by Zaccheus

What's the definition of insanity Team 17?

Posted by FunExplosions

I'm glad Jeff enjoys shattering toilets as much as I do.

Posted by drag

There's so many weird, dumb design decisions in Worms that should have been changed years ago. But they just stick to it. Worms, you guys!

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Enough with the Worms games, Team17! You can only rehash the same shit so many times.

Posted by JackSukeru

I've played one of the 3D worms, it wasn't very fun.

Now I only ever played the demo (I did play it a lot though), but Hogs of War seemed like a much better 3D worms game than 3D worms ended up being.

Posted by PeZ

The pace of the 3D worms games is so painfully slow. The 2D games would work great as iOS games, I'm sure there are some, but I won't be arsed to check.

Posted by alibson

Filming a quick look without the knowledge of basic controls. Nice going

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@Grimmy616 said:

Anyone remember Pigs of War? That was a cool game.

You mean Hogs of War? and yes.

Posted by djames216

I enjoy turn-based combat games but have never been interested in the Worms games. They just seem so pedestrian and boring. I was curious to see if they were at least trying something new with this one but it doesn't seem that way. I'm amazed that Team 17 are somehow still going after all these years.

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Yep, looks like it plays just as bad as I remember it from Worms 3D. Worms and 3D is just a terrible combination.

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Team17 dropped the ball with Worms: Reloaded, previous 3D games might not have been stellar but it had so many issues and dumb design choices they never looked back at again. I used to love me some Worms but eh.

Posted by sirdesmond

Like all 3D Worms games, this looks like rubbish.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

I... liked Worms 3D on the GC. I don't get the hate for it. 

Posted by Osaladin

This makes me want to play some old worms.

Posted by deerokus

The physics was always a little crap on the 3D Worms games. Same here, it seems, the dynamite or baseball bat just knock a worm a few feet.

Posted by Larsa

Worms Armageddon is the only Worms for me.

Posted by godzilla_sushi

The helium filled world of Worms. Ugh....

Posted by MattClassic

I honestly think a good 3D Worms game is possible, but this isn't that game. It wasn't when it first came out, and a new coat of paint isn't going to change that.

Posted by vhold

Everybody is complaining about this game's bad shot cameras, they really need to fix it.

Posted by Gareff

@Grimmy616 said:

Anyone remember Pigs of War? That was a cool game.

That was certainly the direction Worms should have taken. Make it faster, snazzier graphics and a little more complex!

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Just wanted to say how much I loved the 'Dunstan' reference!

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I wonder what Worms would be like running off the Frostbite 2 engine? Lets get some real destruction! :D

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Make actually NEW Worms game? LOLS! That aint how Team 17 rolls

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Played the demo seems fun. Had some great times with worms games. The min-map seems useful. Glad they figured out the aim thing. There is also a top down view.

EDIT: Did that guy in the diner sound like a high-pitched Jason Statham to anyone else?

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I liked Worms 3D.

Posted by DSale

I might just go back and fight my old copy of Worms now. Man, that was a great game.

Whatever this is... not so much.