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Been waiting to see this one!  Just in time for lunch! 

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ahw, almost first...

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crazy how that guy from the real world is now in this.

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That was some exciting ladder action lmao

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Woo. Alex.

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Dr. Tracksuit, FOOL!

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I love how the EA shit is unofficially dubbed, by Ryan, as "Project $10"

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@kollay: That's what EA calls it.
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WWE logo uses the exact same animation as a certain WIndows Screensaver. 
Also that ladder match would have been over a lot sooner if you had just used the pop ups more often  and what not. Yes, the game is terribly balanced for that match type, but you could have at least done the finisher that came up at the end of the match. That probably would have helped a good amount.

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I usually never complain about quick looks and maybe it's just the wrestling fan in me, but wow this one was kinda annoying

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@IceOrb: Well I'll be damned. Now it's not as funny since I thought it was just one of those names that Ryan likes to put out.
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@kollay: heh.
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Started watching, added the game to my Gamefly queue, about halfway through the vid with the ladder fiasco, deleted it from my queue.

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COM-COM: It seems the only way to win is not to play 

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Cena sucks.
Miz is awesome.

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Nice that Alex did a Quick Look with them. Hope he'll do more in the future on account that it could be just like old times... :D

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Everybody to the squared circle!

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Wish they showed off hilarious story editor mode stuff instead of screwing around on that ladder match.

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All these QLs, I'm so happy.

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If you compare this visually to the UFC/MMA games this looks like a first gen PS2 game... it also does gameplay wise though.

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Dr. Tracksuit is here to lay down some Snoop Dogg and some pain!
That ladder match... Oh man, frustrating to watch. However, I suppose that makes winning all the more sweet.

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Did the graphics get worse or what?

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@Sogeman: Graphically it is pretty bad. However, when people compare games to PS2 era visuals I can't help but think that they grossly misremember the quality of PS2 graphics.
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@Robbie_Has_You said:

" Nice that Alex did a Quick Look with them. Hope he'll do more in the future on account that it could be just like old times... :D "

He's already done a few. There was the Madden one a few months back and...Kirby's Epic Yarn. There are a couple of others as well.  
These games have always failed on their AI. On the bright side, I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts effort into their created wrestler's back story and finishing move names, even though I'm waaaay too old to still be doing it.
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I haven't watched wrestling in years...wheres Scotty 2 Hotty?

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Can i download  Dr. Tracksuit?

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@Robbie_Has_You said:
" Nice that Alex did a Quick Look with them. Hope he'll do more in the future on account that it could be just like old times... :D "
Have you watched any quicklooks in the past two weeks? He's been in a bunch lately, usually with Ryan. 
Anyone want to sign my petition for no more three-way wrestling matches in quicklooks?
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Apparently Alex didn't understand Mr. Tracksuit's promo. He was saying that he had a more important goal than the other 30 guys fighting in the Rumble.

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The deal with this game is pretty much the same deal with Madden games, you pretty much know from day 1 if you are getting this game or not. 
Being the huge mark I am for WWE and the SDvR series, i'm pretty much getting these games. It would of been good to have someone who at least knows the basics and can get more in depth with it... (showing off matches, WWE Universe, more RtWM, but eh what can you do.)

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You bring the ladder! I don't give a shit!

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Hey, Chico,  I'm oozing machismo.

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Why bother doing a QL if they know they will hate the game.  They seem to assign Alex to these types of QL's. Or maybe he just hates everything.

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It's amazing that the animation still looks like it did on PS1.

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Wow this looks horrible both graphically and gameplay wise

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Ever since the gamespot days Alex has been tasked with reviewing/playing bad games. I guess it's still an ongoing thing here at Whiskey Media.
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Dr. Tracksuit is a lock for the championship.

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Alex needs to learn how to play the game before doing a QL for it.

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These games get worse every year.

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This looks just as bad as the previous ones did,  They really need to get a new developer to give some new ideas because the series has become worse and worse as time has gone on.   I really wish they would do a current gen version of the N64 WWE games because they were good.
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Oh my god, that ladder stuff was fucking hilarious.
Also, I was extremely dissatisfied by the lack of people getting hit by cars.

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I love me some good ol' fashion rasslin'.
Not as much as I used to, however.

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Best WWE game since HCTP imo, i have hated this series for years and years but this one turned me around, i am really digging it.

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The Doctor is IN!