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Jeff you need to create a story for thursdays TNT with this game. Seriously.

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Oh my God, this is great.

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It's hilarious how CM Punk always moves like he's got a stick up his ass in these games.

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My only wish for this QL was that I would see Paul Bearer. And it has been granted. Truly a great day to be alive

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I've always had a morbid fascination with wrestling games despite having no interest in actually watching it. The game looks entertaining, there's just too much out right now and I have too little time and money to play them all.

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g g g g g ghost???

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Fuck yea, Motorhead!

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Jeff and Vinny going through the roster was off the charts. Vader knows magic!

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Well, this looks fantastic already.

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Holy shit Ghost Problems.

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I hope they patch their lack of Lincoln towncar hitting Jim Ross support

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Remember that Lionhead game The Movies? That's exactly what I think about toward the end of this.

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Ghost Problems might be the funniest thing in a Quick Look this year. Especially the last scene taking place at WRESTLEMANIA!

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That is Paul Bearer with Punk. For some reason they use his usual look for his portrait but his '97 bad guy look in-game.

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@HatKing said:

Remember that Lionhead game The Movies? That's exactly what I think about toward the end of this.

The Movies was great! I had a blast with that game at the time.

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I have 99 problems and ghosts are one

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Weak, no Macho Man Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan

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Oh man, ghost problems.

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I love how Jeff has to explain what the deal is for most wrestlers.

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God Jeff I love you but you really fucking suck at this game.

Oh wait I mean this game fucking sucks.

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If Ghost Problems doesn't win story of the year, something is broken

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I was POSITIVE that the Sleeping Dogs DLC was going to be the best Quick Look of the year. Now it's got competition.

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Ghost story or time rock I don't know what's better

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Jeff knows waaaaay too much about WWE.

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God I could sit for hours listening to Jeff elaborate on wrestling and wrestling games. It's the fucking dumbest thing ever but still totally fascinating to me regarding the whole circus surrounding it. I think my appreciation for these videos has a lot to do with him actually knowing a ton regarding the stuff and being really good at explaining the utter nonsense that wrestling is.

And having Vinny sitting in on this just takes it to another level - I love the "complete wrestler walkthrough" at the start. Kudos guys, a wonderful QL!

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Best time travel story ever.

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@Flacracker said:

Jeff knows waaaaay too much about WWE.

Oh man, you don't want to know how little he actually knows.

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Wow. The servers are still fucking broken? Not touching this one at all.

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@JellyFish_Gsus said:

Ghost story or time rock I don't know what's better

ghost problems by far

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I know a couple more wrestlers than Vinny, I watched RAW from 2008-2009 and all the PPVs and realized that I knew how all of it will turn out so I stopped. Who's that other dude with the mask? not Rey Mysterio the other dude, is he a luchador?

edit: DDP looks so fucking high in that picture OMG! so freaking funny.

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Oh christ, that was Quick Look GOLD. I haven't laughed like that since I discovered MBMBAM.

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I would like to see the time travel and ghost story threads intertwine.

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This might be the most bromantic thing I've ever said, but I could listen to Vinny laugh all day

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Oh all you silly kids and judging uploaded content by its thumbnail preview image, oh this de-generation x. Tsk tsk.

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@Pop: That's Sin Cara, better known as Mistico when he wrestled in Mexico. He was basically THE most popular luchador for a good while.

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God I love the annual WWE quicklooks.

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I really enjoyed the roster breakdown you guys did. I haven't played a wrestling game since N64 so it was kinda neat to see this...even though I don't care about wrestling...at all.

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...wow..I might have to get this game just because it has Big Van Vader in it. I swear, Vader was one of the hardest working, and most underrated wrestlers of all time. Dude pushed his eyeball back into its socket in Japan, and finished his match. Thats crazyness.

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@GorillaMoPena said:

@Flacracker said:

Jeff knows waaaaay too much about WWE.

Oh man, you don't want to know how little he actually knows.


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@ShaggE: If you like MBMBAM you should look into "Professor Blastoff"(part of Earwolf) and "Top Five" (part of major spoilers).

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Looks kinda cool, too bad I haven't given a shit about wrestling in like 10 years, otherwise I might have considered this. The story creation part of the QL was amazing.

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oh man. the story at the end was superb. probably the first time that i actually laughed out loud since the Madden 13 QL. the great roster and the stuff they go into with the attitude era stuff totally appeals to me, but i have nobody to play this game with anymore. ; ; i think the friends i used to play wrestling games with have moved on from this kinda stuff.

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That was great. Really, really great...but if there would've been a chance for those voice acting shenanigans like in Hulk Hogan's Main Event...can't even imagine how great that could've been.

Oh, watched the very end of it now and Ghost Problems...aaaaamazing stuff.

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Yeaaaaaah! Really excited to watch this later. I always love listening to the crew stumble around their wrestling knowledge :D

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Dude that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

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I laughed until it hurt at ghost problems.

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Time traveling in wrestling, you say?