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If "Junior" is weak, then go JUVENTUD!

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Wow. Just...wow.

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You smell what I'm cooking? It's time travel.

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Just great! lol

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@Oldirtybearon:As a poor person with a 20 GB 360 hard drive, I'm going to continue to spend my cash on food and shelter over upgrading my storage space to avoid load times and your scorn, thanks.

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Listening to this again ... I have no idea, but I am mesmerized by the way Jeff says "Mr. Ass."

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Why is Ghost Problems not a sitcom on CBS RIGHT NOW?

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Nothing tops a good Jeff and Vinny quick look.

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I wish Jeff and Vinny were given full reign to do whatever they wanted to wrestling, those story arcs would be magical

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I know nothing about wrestling pop culture so Jeff's commentary was cool. And I really hope wrestling interns are scouting here for stories.

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I want more Jeff and Vinny wrestling fan-fiction!!!!

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This is probably one of my favorite Quick Looks ever.

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I may have just experienced the single greatest moment of my entire life???

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Well, I have to see how we get to this thumbnail.

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Don't forget this when the community thread pops up asking about QL of the year.

I just put up my Time Rock fanfiction, "Time Rock II: Requiem" for the XBox version, if anyone is interested in downloading it and checking it out. It includes Rocks everywhere, Thug Detective John Cena, and Magic Vader Cops.

Searching keyword "giant bomb" is probably the quickest way to find it.

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Those created stories are just fantastic.

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Tyson better blink.

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Spin the wheel, make a deal... Ghost Problems was incredible.

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@Delta_Ass said:

How can this be WWE 13 when it's still 2012?

This is a preview of what's going to happen next year. Now that Linda McMahon isn't running for a government position, they can get more into controversial storylines like time travel and theft of time travel.

@antime said:

I want this year's GOTY videos to be made in WWE'13. Also, if someone is going to remix TIME ROCK, change The Rock's line when he finds the briefcase to "Time to split!"

This is the best idea I have ever heard in regards to Game of the Year video presentations.

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Goddamn, this site has been HOT for like three weeks now.

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That was fucking amazing. I've got ghost problems.

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How dare they use the 9th symphony for this shlock.

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This Quick Look has 300% more Triple H hair than recommended daily consumption.

Also,please revisit that story line in a few months.If we're lucky then multiple alternate universes will fold in upon themselves,creating a scrambled mess of cars,hair,and time moneys.

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If Jeff and Vinny looking through WWE13 user made stories was a premium feature I would renew my subscription forever.

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Ghost Problems is probably art.

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Damn, now I want to buy this game and continue the Time Rock saga. I know who was in the car but past Rock won't know until he and present Rock go to the future for a tag team battle against past and present Triple H at Wrestlemania 75.

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I need to know who's time traveling briefcase that was.

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a new era in ghost story construction!!

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Such a great quick look.

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I wish they made Rumble Roses with theese kind of story features.

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@Oldirtybearon said: 

Also they're playing off the disc so unless you're poor and still only have 20 GB 360 (the fuck is wrong with you?), those load times seen in the QL don't exist.

Or unless you have a larger hard drive with better games installed.
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I love that Ghost Problems was structured almost exactly the same as Jeff and Vinny's story, right down to the COLLUSIONS

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John Laurinaitis? Must be of Lithuanian descent.

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The storytelling in Jeff and Vinny's is better than anything the WWE has ever done. If there was a story like that, it would get me to watch wrestling again

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Mr. Ass.

Fuck, wrestling is the dumbest shit. But it's good to finally see someone addressing ghost problems.

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Glorious. Just glorious. I'm one of the 5 people that do work and make custom stories on these games, Vinny/Jeff.

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I know it probably doesn't do it everytime you load it, but every wrestling game should start with "TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAAAAAME!!"

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My soul is now crushed since Jeff did not give my favorite wresltler of all time, Scotty Too Hotty, the respect he deserves.

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Best story!

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I can't believe this was actually a thing that existed. Something that someone thought up, someone else thought was a good idea, and hundreds of people cheered. My mind is well and truly blown.

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I hope one day THQ will release a wrestling game that has a combined roster of all the greats from back in the 1980's and 1990's. One on the current engine and not one that sucks, like Legends of Wrestlemania did.

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After renting it, I'm surprised how much better this game is compared to '12.

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I don't know how to live with myself after realizing I know like... four more wrestling guys than Vinny. Seeing some of those fucking names and hearing Jeff describe their gimmicks just made me want to weep for humanity. The hell, man.

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@Droop said:

Man, that gif never gets old. Love the faces!

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Ghosts can't eat.