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Yes! Looking forward to see the future of indie gaming.

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Lets hope this is a step up from the indie 'games' you find on newgrounds hu?    

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Nice, I was wondering what I should do for when I eat breakfast. 42 minutes should be enough time! Thanks dudes!

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The only indie games I have are Groov and I Made A Game With Zombies in It, but both are recommended.

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Very interesting!

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I've been DREAMING of this quick look forever! Indie games are just craaaazy. Thankee!

Posted by RobotHamster

42 minutes of Indie goodness!

Posted by SuperJoe

The "Don't B Nervous Talking 2 Girls" segment was cut way short!!!

Posted by BunkerBuster

Oh hey it's the bird from Ninja Gaiden..FUCK THAT BIRD!

Posted by AndrewB

Brad still dead?

Posted by Chaossebba

it completely lost it at Jeff's christmas depression

Posted by sgjackson

I did NOT expect to see Razorback Records when I clicked this.

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Haha, brilliant stuff.  One hell of a funny Quick Look. 
"This isn't a game anymore, it's just Dave."
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42 mins...sweet.
Oh wait this kinda like that On The Spot episode with wii ware games vs the XBLA game.
Oh man the fast cut on the buzzer noises...got me all laughin' hard.

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The ezmuze was really interesting. Nice one.

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yeah I could do another 5 minutes of Dont B Nervous before I punch that girl in the face.

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Streets of Fury looks crazy awesome.

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Streets of Fury is amazing.

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Oh my sweet jesus, yes.

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I'm really thankfull for this - noone else covers these games, and i'd really like to know what they are before buying...
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I really hope they will do this again, when my game is up :P

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Streets of Fury Endurance Run plz.

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The editing makes this QL incredibly funny.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Im still laughing, great quicklook. Some weird ass games.

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Hydro Electric Worker looks like the winner of these indie games.

 "Fuck that bird!"

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HAHAHAHA, Ryan ragequitting Hydro Electric Worker.

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This is the best quick look of all time.
Even better than the New Super Mario Bros. quick look!
edit: Streets of Fury actually looked like a really funny game.

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Please do more of these, maybe a new feature on the site. 

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Aw, no Angry Barry? :(

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i so so hope the Dont B Nervous game was deliberately made that way ironically

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Should be quite interesting...

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Good god the editing on that first buzz is hilarious.

Posted by Death_Burnout

i adore when Jeff takes the drivers seat for music making, even for something as simple as ezmuze.  
Roll 'dem Shakers!

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@Majkiboy said:
" Some indiegames are awesome, The Dishwasher?? World of Goo?? "
Those are in the actual live arcade. These are the Live Indie Games, which are created by just, like, a dude. Or two. As opposed to World of Goo's five (five, right?), I guess. And the Zombies game is made by the same group that made The Dishwasher.
 I guess it's hard to explain, and it's probably because there's such a slim line. I guess it has to do with budget? watevr
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Ok, I now expect one of these every 1-2 months, then community games of the year along side your regular hotness. Do it.

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In Z0MB1ES, the theme returns at the end for the epic outro; the whole song is a wicked concerto of 7 movements.  It's not brilliant, but you can download it here.
Anyway, thanks for the ...er... quasi-praise, though, I guess :-P

Posted by Delta_Ass

"Developed by... Razor 1911."
That was awesome.

Posted by clintlandon

Streets of Fury has made me realize we need new games in the classic MK  style. It's ridiculous, and AWESOME! And seems like, in the right hands, could be cool in an ironic way.

Posted by MysteriousBob

They didn't even show the Streets of Fury combo videos. Believe it or not, it actually has aerial raves.

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Hell yes, Soldat! Jeff knows what's up.

Posted by Kazona

No wonder Microsoft keeps this shit buried at the very bottom

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@Kazona said:
" No wonder Microsoft keeps this shit buried at the very bottom "
Most of it cost about a pound so you get what you pay for.
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HINT: if you wanna score with a chick bigtime, tell her your name is poo poo head

Posted by Deusoma

So it looks like the Indie Games concept was a catastrophic failure. The only one of those that didn't look like absolute trash was the Johnny Platform bit.

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I think it's cool that the creators can have fun making these games, but none of them seem much better than stuff you can play on shockwave.com for free. 
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That christmas-room thing almost made me fall out of my chair. Hilarious!