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This somehow ended up being a 25 minute Breaking Brad.

Posted by Zevvion

I finally got around to playing the PC version a couple of months ago. So overrated. All of that dice roll business doesn't matter in a game where you can save and load at any time. But the most annoying thing is that you're still turn-based when you're trying to find the enemy. So, you might trigger enemies on the first move of a turn or the last move of a turn and it makes a huge difference when you can kill them before they get a shot off vs when you can't.

Shots don't land? Reload. Guy gets killed? Reload. Enemies triggered late in a turn? Reload. So tedious. Game took about 3 times as long to get through as it should have.

And the base-building portion of the game has a lot of false depth. Once you understand it, it holds no interest. If I were to play the game again (fat chance), I would do all the same stuff I did before, but sooner and more efficiently.

This was Game of the Year? I guess people were just REALLY starved for this type of game.

You just explained why people like this game. Also, you don't seem to understand the game a bit. The base building has depth. You cannot do it the same way every time at all. Turn based while trying to find enemies is the whole reason why you need to be cautious. That's part of the fun. It's challenging.

Also, reloading won't change a thing for the action you took, that will remain the same every time. Besides, you are supposed to play it on Iron Man if you want your decisions to stick forever.

This was GOTY because it was an amazing game. You just don't understand its appeal. That doesn't mean the game is overrated.

Posted by RichieJohn

I really wish they remade the game for mobile like they did with Civ Rev.

Posted by clush

I got a long-ass flight coming up next week, but what I hear this game really eats batteries?

Posted by Berserker976

@smokepants: Just snagged the game on PSN for free (<3 PS+) and I have to agree. I understand the appeal is that it's a very throwback game in terms of gameplay, but man, Valkyria Chronicles came out a while ago and it's better in pretty much every way, and actually moves the genre forward.

Obviously it's not meant to be played on a console, so I'm probably missing some stuff, but I really don't understand the love for X-COM when there are games that have done the same concept way better.

A very weird choice for GOTY overall in my opinion.

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Play it on an iPad, good lord people. It works great on mine, I've never entered an erroneous command and I'm about 10 hours into a ironman classic game (two 5 hours flights). The iphone version is only for when you absolutely need to get a Xcom fix and don't have access to a tablet.

Posted by Ronald_Raiden

to be fair to the video game, brad is not a very smart person

Posted by MindGrinder

Ugh, real games on phones and tablets. When will they learn?

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Seems like this'd be better on some other thing with a touch screen such as a...Wi- SMARTGLASS

This game needs Driveatar support.

Posted by richyeah

Jeff is amazing in this.

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You'd have to be a masochist to play this on a phone.

Luckily, Brad is a masochist.

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Posted by mrfluke

@clush: on the iphone, absolutely, running it on an iphone 5 and the framerate chugs at spots, and does eat at the battery quite a bit.

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Everything I've seen other people say about this game on ipad is that Firaxis did an awesome job with it. So I don't know if the phone version is not nearly as good or what but I didn't expect a negative experience like this.

Edit: @brad When Phil Fish asked Jake Solomon why there was no armor colors, he responded with: "Reduced shader complexity for iOS made color customization much harder. Not ruled out though. I do miss black snipers".

Posted by Atlas

Wait, Brad just admitted to not finishing his 3rd best game of 2012?

It's true. That's kinda weird.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is free with a PlayStation Plus subscription this month. I bought the retail game at launch but installed the PS+ copy; it runs smoother from the drive than from the disc.

I have an iPhone 5 with storage for big games, but not an iPad so I'd pass on the shitty controls alone. Could be a great game for a tablet if it wasn't missing the customization of armour colours.

Posted by Superfriend

@atlas said:

Wait, Brad just admitted to not finishing his 3rd best game of 2012?

It's true. That's kinda weird.

They´re all too busy with their jobs. They can´t play video games... wait. It shouldn´t be like this, right?

Posted by thainatos

@richyeah: So good. "Move your soldier to the roof of that building."

Posted by Claude

Quick prick

Posted by TinyGrasshopper

it is so weird to see a gamecenter achievement on a quicklook

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Well this looks less than ideal to play... Think i'll stick to the pc version if i want to go back to this. Suppose it's good for people who don't own a console/pc?

Posted by 00

Wow, that was painful to watch, and I hate to be that guy but you're playing it wrong if you are saving and reloading your game all the time in XCOM.

You will be happy to know that iOS 7 adds the option to mute notifications when Do Not Disturb is enabled and the device is unlocked. It also adds quick access to those controls.

But you are going to hate iOS 7 if you already have difficulty reading text on your phone.

Posted by radioactivez0r

This makes me want to go back and play Classic Ironman, but my first run was 50 hours long and I have all these other games that will get jealous if I go back to it.

Posted by whatisdelicious

I love this recent trend of under 30 minute Quick Looks. Make it so much easier to chew through them when they're not an hour or an hour an a half each.

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Huh. I had assumed the phone version was hard to control until my friend who had never played it before said he had no problems with it. I....I kinda trust his judgement more.

Posted by MeatSim

Were my psionic bros at!?

Psionic bros! don't buy a watered down port of XCOM with finicky unresponsive touch controls.

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Got this game is free on PS plus. I think I'm going to stick to that.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

This makes me want to play Xcom again but this time on ironman classic, but I have too many other games to play! Bummer.

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You know, this game is free for PS Plus members. At least for this month.

Posted by admanb

@thiefsie said:

IS this a port of the PC/PS3/XB game or different campaign, more simple etc?

It is literally the exact same game.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

They might say that it runs on iPad 2, but it keeps crashing on mine when it's not lagging to hell.

Posted by CrashTanuki

There's no way that I would ever bother with this game on an iPhone/iPad if I even had them, as it seems overly complicated for touch controls. They really should put this on Vita to get the most out of both worlds.

Posted by gbrading

Looks fine, but the question is why? Why would you want to play this on a iPhone? An iPad maybe but the screen size seems really questionable. The PC version is way better.

Posted by GaspoweR

@smokepants: That's why Ironman mode exists in order to rid save-reload scenarios. Playing that way ofcourse make's it tedious but why do it in the first place. It's better that you play as is instead of save scumming if you think that make's it cheap and takes the fun out of the game.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

You know, I wish they put this out on Vita. That would be an awesome platform for it.

Posted by Duxa

Who the hell plays iOS games with their thumbs? especially on the iphone? I always hold the phone with my left hand and then use my right hand index finger to play... if I need 2 fingers (for rotating camera) then right thumb and right index finger... but clicking on things and pointing? Always index finger.

Posted by GeneralBison

I think either Brad's phone is broken or his fingers are XD

I seem to remember him having problems with another iPhone Quick Look, regardless as with most other Quick Looks this is NOT representative of the actual game, just someone's experience with it.

If you like XCOM, buy it and form your own opinions rather than co-opting someone else's.

Posted by MrGtD

@atlas said:

Wait, Brad just admitted to not finishing his 3rd best game of 2012?

It's true. That's kinda weird.

This isn't really the kind of game you need to finish to have an opinion on. You could play a ton of Civ 5 without ever winning, and you'd still be able to have a valid opinion.

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Just bought the phone version this afternoon. Played about 3 missions so far. Just started the quick look but I've had none of the control issues he seems to be having at the start of this quick look. Granted I use the camera icon on the left which allows for some quick rotation and floor changing without the need for fancy finger swipes. Hopefully he'll figure that out before the end of the quick look, but after seeing his Company of Heroes 2 quick look I doubt it. There are enough checks and balances on movement and attacking that I've never made an accidental movement or shooting mistake due to the controls.

Naturally if you are sitting at home by a console or PC, that's the version you want to play. But if you are looking for some pocket portable XCOM, the phone version is still pretty awesome.

Edit: Yup, once again Brad's unpreparedness for a Quick Look leaves an overly negative impression. You are playing on a small screen so you do have to make some concessions. Trying to play zoomed out just seems stupid, and I have no idea why he was so intent on playing that way. Zoom out to get awareness but usually you are moving cover to cover so it's really not hard to pick your next cover point while zoomed in. Also the finger movements to control the camera are a non-issue since you can just tap the camera button to get camera rotation and elevation changes and as I suspected he clearly has never attempted to press the camera icon.

Posted by cikame

I played the PC version so i know that your fingers are going to be selecting people, selecting enemies, selecting locations, rotating, zooming, raising and lowering elevation, phwaa. That would be fine if the game was simple but Xcom is not, you're going to want to do all of that just to see what the hit percentages are with one soldier, then undo and redo it all for another soldier to make the best decision, then you might want to use the first soldier so you undo.... yeah, play this on PC.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

I played and loved Xcom a lot. And I think this would be a cool game to play wherever I am. But I would say play this on an ipad not iphone or touch, obviously. Can't wait for XCOM 2!

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Oh man, Brad ONLY YOU hahahaahaha

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

Oh Bradly...

Posted by psylah

If you had the ability, and the option, why would you NOT play this on the iPad? You're doing the game, and yourselves a disservice.

Posted by Possumjones

Ya this looks like the worst way to play xcom. according to the comments the i pad version works well, perhaps they should not have released on the phone, because that was the least awesome x com ive ever watched.

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The price point is ridiculous! I'll just stick with the PC/ Mac version.

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