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Ninja Gaiden 3 killed my interest in this franchise...

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Man, the writting in this game is just.....something else

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Hot sauce + balls + etc = this?

And who said that there aren't any more B-tier games?

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I hear this is awful, they should make ALex review it.

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This should be interesting

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this is a very middling game.

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This looks pretty thoroughly alright!

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So bad.

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The floor pattern from that first area is the carpet from the Shining.

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I hear this game is so much better on the PC.

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"I feel like we are distracting from the real point of this by trying to understand it".

Brad Shoemaker everyone. :)

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That really was a great intro.

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Somehow I knew I was gonna hear Brad's voice first thing.

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Aside from the intro and aspects of the combat, the game is pretty middling. Worth a rental/lowered price at least.

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Anyone else notice the floor here? It's the same design as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (and in Toy Story as a nod to Kubrick's film)

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This looks dumb...in a good way?

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This game is not that bad.

Paying attention is hard.

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Long time since Brad has been this Brad in a game, if excluding Souls. Game itself sure looked like b-tier one to pick up when the price is reduced to half or more.

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If this isn't overly drawn-out, this seems like an alright game.

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This looks bad enough to be good again. I like it.

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I enjoyed Ninja Blade and this still looks pretty mediocre to me.

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As much as I hate the dialogue, I am pretty into the stupid nonsensical style of this game. But I'm totally guessing that this just doesn't hold up as the game progresses.

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If only this game was a little Swery instead.

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You know how good a game is when the staff are more interested in talking about what it was like at school.

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So, they kinda enjoyed it but Brad had the need to shit on it because he heard is not that good?

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Goddamn brad is frustrating to watch sometimes.

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Jesus, this is 60 bucks. If the combat remains as shallow as it seems like it would, and it is as short as it seems like it is, then I get why people aren't into it at all. I bet the branding doesn't help, either...

If anybody was wondering, Vinny was talking about Rogue Trooper

I so was. Thank you!

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Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox was fantastic.

Ninja Gaiden: Black was even better...

Then Ninja Gaiden 2 came out and was terrible. Been crap ever since in my opinion =/

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i think the pick up sound is from mass effect . would not pay full price for this knock off 20 bucks and port it to vita

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@agentzigzag: Detracting, as in by reading a wall of text they are spending time away from combat. I cant say I ever paid attention to the plot in the older Ninja Gaiden games.

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This isn't as bad as I was expecting but not enough to buy.

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We had a "senior lounge" for free periods at our high school. We ended up playing Super Smash Bros 64 on a projector almost every day (in 2010). Pikachu was banned (except for Pikachu Tuesdays, of course).

If I ever get into button-combo type games I might give this game a try. I feel like I could really get invested into the story.

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@rvone said:

If this isn't overly drawn-out, this seems like an alright game.

The only problem is it's full priced. I was certain it was like an arcade title. A full $60 is rough.

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I'm torn. That trailer from a while back made this look like a complete piece of shit. From the look of it so far, the look and actual playing look pretty good. And that intro!

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I kinda like the dumb stuff, but the action looks so blah.

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So is it worth $80? (euro steam price)

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Hot sauce + balls + etc = this?

And who said that there aren't any more B-tier games?

I don't think you can be a B-tier game if you cost $60. This seems like something that might be ok at $20. But for $60 you can get a bunch of funny action games with non-middling combat.

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What kind of school did Brad go to‽

No physical education, home economics, or tech/shop classes? They definitely did not stop those things “in the 50ʼs”—this was well into the ʼ90s for me, and all the classes were unisex too. (I guess it used to be that “shop” was for boys, and “home ec” was for girls?)

Judging from what I have picked up from the Giant Bomb staff discussing school over the years, itʼs no surprise that there are education problems in America.

I went to a state school and in your first two years of high-school here, you had to take all subjects: English, Mathematics, Science (a combination of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry), Physical Education, Tech—which consisted of workshop (woodworking, metalworking, circuit building) and design (drafting and CAD), Computing (typing, data entry—spreadsheet/database, programming), Religious Education (learning about all religions), a Foreign Language class, Geography, History, Art, Music.

After your first two years, you had to pick a limited number of subjects from that list, where each went much more in-depth. “Science” was split into individual classes for each subject at that point, and you had to take at least one. English and Mathematics were not optional.

It always seemed weird to me that the US has three separate schools—there were only two for me. (13 years total, excluding pre-school)

Interaction across a much wider range of ages seems like a better idea for social development to me.

Oh, and uniforms were not optional—you wore a shirt and tie to school, not your weekend clothes.

Itʼs surprising how much this and previous discussions of high-school by the Giant Bomb staff has made me appreciate the education I received, now knowing what it could have been.

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Gameplay seems pretty average and kinda annoying. Really freaking sick of zombies also, get the feeling the only reason they even made the enemies zombies was to get around a higher rating for violence.

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So Team Ninja made a Suda game? I'll have at this in a few months for like $20 then.

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I got the PC version from a trader for like 20 bucks, and for that price I'd recommend it. Get the PC version if you can for 60 FPS and a wider view camera option.

The game isn't as mashy as it appears here either, that basically only works on the first level or two, the difficulty ramps up hard, so it's better to start on easy as your upgrades carry over.

Oh, and there's a sidescrolling beat'em up mode in the vein of the Ninja Gaiden arcade game, but i guess you have to beat the game first to unlock it.

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I was just about to post this.

@nicholas said:

Anyone else notice the floor here? It's the same design as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (and in Toy Story as a nod to Kubrick's film)

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At least it's 60fps.

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Steam related injuries or deaths? I've sustained some steam related injuries. Coffee shop employees will understand. My coworkers regularly bump up against the steam wand and wind up with some nasty burns on their arms.

Also, one time when I was a kid I spilled something on my shirt. I cleaned it off with water, but then my shirt was wet and I was lazy and dumb. So, I used a hair dryer on a high heat setting to dry my shirt, while still wearing it. Ended up burning the shit out of my chest.