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Good stuff. Tell me about my shape. 
Edit: The menu aesthetics and general presentation in this are really very impressive. 

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Love me some Purple Jeff.

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Easily one of the most striking games available at launch. It may be a "fitness program" and not a proper game, but that slick interface and strike aesthetics make a pretty strong case for Kinect's merits.

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The only reason why I may get a kinnect, though I havn't viewed this Ql yet. ' 

It's the premise, and in this case, the complete lack of a controller that finally appeals to me 
The concept of a Kinnect suddenly connects....... 
Well heall, in the beginning at least, maybe not! 
I want the announcer from Adrenaline Misfits instead.    Hey BROOOOOOOO! naw zen lady is fine.
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work it work it

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Ha, already got first. 
Damn, there's like 10 comments already!

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Is it wrong that as Jeff was slowly increasing his current weight in the setup, I was imagining the Cliffhanger yodeling music from The Price is Right?
I don't mean to judge the GB staff so much as the game in that regard. That just seems rather mean on the part of the Ubisoft devs with how slowly that option moves, like it's trying to make you feel bad at the start.

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i wonder if this is a better replacement for wii fit

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Work those hips Jeff! Work em! 

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The announcer sounds like the animus women from AC1.

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Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

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This and dance central are my favorite kinect games so far.  Can't wait to see what they come up with next.  Thanks for the quick look giantbomb crew.

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@ShaneDev said:
" The announcer sounds like the animus women from AC1. "
Well it is Ubisoft maybe it is the same lady. 
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man this looks neat as hell

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This is the most impressive "game" so far, really diggin the look of it.
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first decent example of using kinect for augmented reality and it's cool as hell
when is the Stripper trainer DLC coming?

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I say Endurance Run! You guys get fit, we get entertained.
Game looks surprisingly awesome by the way.

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Watching the weight go up was painful...the game/workout was quite impressive. 
We need more Dave QL's in general.

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Love the UI on this game. Plus great to see more of Dave :)

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@PsEG:  Haha. No, that's pretty funny actually.
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This was definitely the most interesting thing I've seen from Kinect so far.
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This looks pretty insane. I'm actually taking Stretch Aerobics and Yoga at school for units, but they are surprisingly difficult to do and they do tire you out. I can easily see chicks loving this game, which is why guys should probably get it.

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@Branthog said:
" Sorry, I don't have room in my home theater for this shit. I have an 8' in diameter bean-bag where all this activity would be taking place and the bean bag is more important than some goofy motion shit. "
Move the bean bag while you are using it then put it back? It's not going to take much effort.
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We need more TRON version of Jeff!

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Best Kinect UI ever.

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As a kinect owner, I love this title.
Plus I am actually interested in the dlc that is coming.

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Looks nice

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I've got the EA fitness one on pre-order (it's double the price with the heart monitor so this may be a better substitute). You lose the weight measurement of the Wii Fit but the skeletal tracking looks really good here.  
The Wii balance board got in the way of many of the exercises (and led to a number of foot slips during the advanced sessions). The yoga in the Wii game also pulled muscles in the wrong places as you tried to match your balance, get the right posture and look at the TV all at the same time - this would avoid all those issues. It's also has a lower cute puppy count (...) which is a bonus and the sight of a sweaty adult running around after Miis was also a little troubling.
Not sure about the calorie burning as a measure - 10 Kcals for 6 mins of Tai Chi seems off. That said, you could grind the golf mini-games in Wii Fit for quick scores which also seemed a bit dodgy. At least the Wii tried to tie exercise to diet in it's goal structure (e.g. a 225 Kcal target is a bowl of rice). Doing 30 minutes on the game and then having a deep-fried Mars bar probably won't get you far.
To return to these games over a long period, you do need a decent carrot and stick - you have to feel you are achieving something each time. After the novelty of the minigames has gone, and the routines become routine, you lose the motivation to put the disc in again.
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This seems like the best launch title so far, imo.

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Most impressive game from Kinect in my honest opinion... The tech is really well presented and the mood is just soooo relaxing.

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Watch out WiiFit!
Posted by Tordah
@MrMuscle said:
" This is the most impressive "game" so far, really diggin the look of it. "
Totally agree. This actually seems like it works really well.
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Looks really cool actually.  Would like to see more of this game.  Props to Jeff for showing us his shape.

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@Tordah said:

" @MrMuscle said:

" This is the most impressive "game" so far, really diggin the look of it. "
Totally agree. This actually seems like it works really well. "
I was doubtful - reading the comments before watching - but this is really awesome, in my humble opinion, too! 
It is easy to be cynical about Microsoft entering the Wii Fit/EA market, but if the result looks and plays like this - everybody wins? 
Microsoft needs to package the XBOX accordingly for the kind of people who don't play video games. Yet, it actually IS a game! You have a "game world" with it's rule-set, a task, you progress, you achieve ... good stuff.
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I'm kind of bummed they didn't say anything at the end of the broadcast  if the kinect was going to last or not.

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This looks fantastic!  
This is the product that makes me want to buy Kinect, so intelligently designed - relaxing. 
I would like to know how much content is included though. Whether this is something that could satiate, say, half a year's worth of training. It seems like it's ripe for DLC that would be totally worth buying.

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Wow this might be the best GUI I have ever seen.

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Whoa. Seriously impressive.

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I am totally digging this, if I did get the Kinect I think I will pick this up as well.

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Give me a full-on professional yoga instructor and I'd be completely sold. As it is, I think the only big missing thing here is something that actually takes your weight instead of asking you for it. A bathroom scale is pretty cheap, but I liked the idea behind Wii fit because it keeps track of all that stuff.

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What concerns me most about this "game" is how turned on I am right now.

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The scanning process was impressive. It shows how well the camera is able to track someone also.

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@Funkydupe: It was unresponsive for 2 minutes at the beggining.
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Yeah, I finished the 3000 calorie burning objective on day 1, cause I'm a pro gamer.  You're a noob if you can't hit at least 2000 day 1 and 10000 day 6.

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The GUI is very well designed, the other launch titles use a cursor, but that totally defeats the purpose. The advantage of a system like this is that people who don't play games can use movements they are familiar with, without having to get used to cursors/button/traditional controls. Additionally, basing the menu system around an actual image of the person  gets rid of a lot of that calibration tomfoolery since the persons silhouette is the point of reference  and the user can base their own movements around what they see their silhouette doing.

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@Everybody_Poops said:
" @Funkydupe: It was unresponsive for 2 minutes at the beggining."

Jeff moved something and everything started working fine again.  This was the first game they tried after they did TNT and set up the Kinect stuff again.