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Holy crap that's unintentionally hilarious.

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Wow...it's kind of depressing watching Jeff lol. I think this game would serve better as an XBLA game. But as a full game....I hope nobody buys this.

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Good gordo, if the movie of you swatting flies doesn't go viral, I've lost faith in the Internet.

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So Surreal!

nice to see some decent vinny action! i laughed so hard at the end final movie

Posted by PLWolf

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's awesome. You guys gotta get Brad involved.
Ending was great once again. ROFL

Posted by JaxDaxter

bahahahaha jeff didnt even try, he looked like he wanted to die

Posted by ScottEFresh

That was pure gold boys! LOL!

Posted by Rinkalicous

Holy Crap, if only real movie premiere speeches were like that. I don't know whther to laugh or be forever mentally scarred by Ryan doing what can only be described as 'Dry humping the back of his own head'.

Posted by dQuarters

That looks like a surprising amount of ridiculously childish fun.

Anyone else reminded of Mario Paint by the first scene?
Posted by Manks

That video just made my day.  

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I see a short-lifespan of this game

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this reminds me of tim and erics awesome show.

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Very cool:)

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Jeff is really into it!  LOL " That was close but no cigar" ...god!

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Wow Ryan, so classy. :)

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This made my day.

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LOL. That was funny!

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why is everyone red?

Posted by Falk

Jeff really seems to enjoy this, I foresee a five star rating.

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OMG that was amazing!

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OMG that was retarded!!

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This made my day.

I had tears in my eyes from laughter and got a few weird looks.

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There's a game to play if you have more money than sense, and then more booze than money on top of that.

Posted by HiroSeven

I laughed a whole bunch with this video, great one guys! =D


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This might be the funniest video on the site. And I don't even know why.

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wow, ... jeff is kinda bad at this game lol

Posted by John

This I shall remember forever.

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Vinnie got short-changed.

At least I understand why they're calling this a game now, what with the thin scoring and all.

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How long do you figure it will be before there are naked people doing this on the internets?

Posted by PapaLazarou

the game looks shit

Posted by ZmillA

The best way to play this game is to drink and then watch videos of these guys play it.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I liked that Jeff was completely unenthusiastic about the entire thing while Ryan overacted and Vinnie just messed around. Also, I can see this being popular at parties where there are people who don't play games. Otherwise, no.

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That was too good.

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I was laughing when Ryan and Jeff were walking on the boat and Jeff's body was just bobbing back and forth. Hahaha.

Posted by Jimbo_N

I like how you can totally trick it and do nothing at all and completely add another level of awesome sillyness to the movies :)

Posted by NateDogg

that was too funny.

Posted by Kohe321

That was hillarious! I love that Jeff won the first round! hahaha

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Best GB video ever.

Posted by carlthenimrod

It looks like everybody that is playing has some kind of horrific sunburn.

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Vinny sweeping was the perfect ending. Righteously funny.

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that looks like a waste of money but damn that was the funniest thing I've watched in a long time.

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Wow lol....

Posted by JoelTGM

that is hilarious

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Should have gotten Brad to play.....

Posted by jakob187

Jeff...such a party pooper.  =  (