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Looks to be GTA: Zombie then, judging by the description.

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XBLA release gonna happen? I hope so 
I really like the look of this game

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Yeah this might be kinda cool on XBLA. Better than Zombie Apocalypse anyway, and I bought that one.

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Just so you know, it starts out boring, which this quick look clearly showed.  I've got a bus and am about to unlock a rail gun.  When your car is upgraded more you can smash through zombies easier and faster, as well as carry more ammo.  There are more survivors to save so you have to race against the clock to save them all in time.

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Ah, you mean the zombie war economy?
oooh is this the only quick look this weekend? it's so shooooort...

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I'm fucking sick of Zombies.

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Haha, you guys call it "Austin Powering" as well.

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Cool time waster while you listen to your playlist, I bet.

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Harry Potter in a zombie apocalypse 

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This looks like it would be good... for about 10 minutes.

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This looks pretty dope, sirs.

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It looks like it could be fun if you played it in moderation. I bet playing it straight through would get pretty boring.

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so can i ride a zombie as my car???

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No seriously, looks like a good time killer.

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i live in brain city. were the people are dead and it smell like Florida.

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@Binman88 said:
" I'm fucking sick of Zombies. "
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I can only imagine that you get an earth mover at some point. Or a combine tractor. Heh.

The lack of music kind of bothers me. It reminds me how bummed I am when games like Halo and Gears don't have any background music during multiplayer.

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This looks pretty dang fun!

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Bless you Sunday content, A FRESH COOKED GOOSE... FOR EVERYONE!

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Survivor Driver would have been a better name.

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I thought valve was the only one allowed to make zombie games now?

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@SaucySala: Indeed. Unfortunately I have misplaced my monocle, so I cannot play it at this time.
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Auto mechanics are gonna make a fortune during the zombie apocalypse.

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Hell yes.

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headache inducing.
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Those guns remind me of the weapons on Death Rally.

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The next GTA should be like this. would be awesome

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*laugh* My lass and I also use 'Austin Powers' as a verb when getting a vehicle jammed in a small space like that.

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Ya they were kinda ripping on it but for $10 looks good

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looks pretty hilarious.

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Oh shit! It's a Polish game! As a Pole, I'm quite proud!

Oż kurwa! To Polska gra! Jako Polak, jestem całkiem dumny!

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The camera makes me sick. So. Much. Wobble.

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so the driver is a zombie?

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Doesn't look too bad for 10 bones.

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This makes a good concept, if you could get out of the car like in GTA it'd pretty awesome.

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Looks like a good 5 dollar game. Not 10, though. I'll wait 'til Steam has a sale and it's .53 cents.

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Survival mechanisms man, that's how Darwinism works.

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Thanks for the quick look, was thinking about buying this game.

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god, fuck zombies. zombies in games and films are getting annoying and boring now.

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@jim_dandy said:
" Haha, you guys call it "Austin Powering" as well. "
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This actually looks pretty neat! Doesn't seem like the gameplay lasts, but it's a great visual direction for a different game with a stronger idea behind it.

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Dave's logic is always airtight, Ryan! :D

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This nations zombie fetish is getting stupid. But damn does that look like fun! 
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The Sigma Team Shooter series is awesome dumb fun. I have all of them. :D
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Steam still wont let me download it.

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This looks dumb.  Dumb in a really good way... Man that is so awesome haha