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U :: My life is now complete ::

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Watching this first, then Nintendo Land, then NSMBU :o

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looking forward to it

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@Cyanid said:



Anyway, time to see if this game is as bad as I fear!

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Lets do this

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zambeees!:: since when is a carbine a shot gun?:: well it seems i now need to get a wii u, sigh.

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That description doesn't bode well for the game

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Might be good

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i have waited up all night for this

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Will the "Zombie U" name remain in the ports?

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"ZombiU is pretty awesome."


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Unless it's completely different than the PAX Prime build, it's total fucking shit. It handled like ass. I felt like my grampa trying a game pad for the first time without having played a game since like.. Pong. The input was laggy as all fuck, and even if it hadn't been, it still would have felt shitty. Prompts on screen meant pretty much nothing, just totally failing. It looked kinda nice, but felt really shitty and pointless.

Also, Patrick's argument of "you're an average citizen who's going to miss most of their shots" isn't totally fair. Shooting a gun with enough accuracy to hit a human sized target at 20 feet is pretty easy. The first time I fired a pistol was a .38 revolver at small targets about 10 meters I wasn't hitting outside of the target much, and they were smaller than an adult head. My grouping wasn't great, but I was scoring shots. And with a 9 mm I got a few center shots, even managed to land two center shots one after the other. If they were 10 feet away, I could have nailed those targets. I didn't have any experience or training with pistols. I expect anyone who's in a Zombie Apocalypse and has a hand gun probably has fired or at least pllayed around with the sights a bit and got used to the feel.

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@dekkadekkadekka: Agreed!

On a side note as i am watching this, the editing is done really well. Love how you guys are switching between full screen controller and full screen game, but always having both playing.

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@BeachThunder said:

Watching this first, then Nintendo Land, then NSMBU :o

Yep me too. Looking forward to it. Console launch!

EDIT: Appreciating the Cricket Bat, as a fine young British gent.

I actually really like the multiplayer in concept. Would like to see more done with it.

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@MordeaniisChaos: recent previews have mentioned the controls were vastly improved.

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never doubted this game

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Since hearing Brad talk a little about it last podcast I've been excited about the Wii U. I just hope Nintendo can keep the system with 3rd party games over the next couple years.

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@MordeaniisChaos: It's been changed a lot since then.

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Goddamnit Ubisoft.

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i like it!

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that mine placement and resulting laugh were priceless

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DJ Zombie finally lives up to his name.

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OK, after watching the gameplay and seeing how Patrick needed to plan out how he was going to deal with zombies, this looks legitimately good.

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It's 2:30 am and I was about to go to bed. Then I refreshed GB and found this. Imma stay up just a bit longer.

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lotsa dark souls comparisons. If it's half as good as dark souls, it will be a hit.

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So... is the bat the only melee weapon? That seem not good

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stream? I cant wait!

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A) Patrick can't tell the difference between a carbine rifle and a shotgun, which is funny. B) I want a spookin' with Scoops of this game. Doesn't look like my cup of tea to play but fun to watch. Wish Ryan had said Zaambi more.

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the incorrect references to dark souls are infuriating.. For the record, You don't lose your gear when you die in dark souls. just your souls/humanity.

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"Zombi" does sound like a much better title.

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Can someone please make a .gif of 22:51-23:00?

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Ya know another game that had you lose all (well most of) your stuff when you die? Runescape. Say what you will about it but you can't deny how hardcore it was to lose most of your stuff (not just exp like in a number of other games). Made pvp a lot more tense if you ask me. Anyways, this game looks alright.

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I have my washing machine in the bathroom (Norway). Also I'm a student and don't have a lot of room in my apartment, but I think it's pretty common here.

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That is a bolt action rifle, not a shotgun.

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@bloodsoul5 said:

the incorrect references to dark souls are infuriating.. For the record, You don't lose your gear when you die in dark souls. just your souls/humanity.

Pretty sure both of them have played enough Dark Souls to know that. It was more of a reference to the mechanic of being able to reclaim some of your progress after you die.

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This game looks really good. Just wish it was on PS3 or 360.

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I dono seems pretty neat, a better dead island?

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Distinct lack of shadowing on objects and characters in this game.

Seems the only dynamic shadow comes from your flashlight.

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This looks actually pretty neat. I'm not getting a Wii U though.


This looks legit. I'm impressed.

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lol, shotgun.

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So this is the game we'd get if Dead Island and Dark Souls had a baby? Sign me up. 
Also, Patrick totally pulled a Brad with that landmine. 

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@Cheebahh: The X to climb isn't a tutorial thing. It's to show you if the thing is climbable.

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@Askherserenity: @DeF: After what Ryan had to say about "the feel" I'm gunna guess it hasn't changed enough then.

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Wow, so they made Dark Souls with zombies? That's not what I expected this game to be.

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It seems pretty good. I like the Dark Souls aspect of going to your body for your "blood stain" to get your stuff back. It was always tense in Dark Souls when you lost a bunch of souls in an area weren't familiar with. It made death meaningful and something to be afraid as opposed to other shooting games were death has no real consequence.

Posted by sirdesmond

This game actually seems pretty cool. As of my leaving this comment, this is really the only game I've seen so far (besides later than launch window stuff like The Mighty 101) that looks mildly interesting. Graphically, it's pretty grungy but the mechanics seems pretty interesting.