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Posted by steevl

@lausebub said:

Is it worth getting the first one on Vita?

I played through it on PC and it's a lot of fun. GB did a quick look of the old PSP game a few years ago which is worth checking out.

It took me about 7-8 hours to beat the base game, but I've been going back to it to do side-stuff and there's a ton of content in there.

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D: this doesn't look nearly as fun as the first one, hereby proving that JRPGs are the worst genre of everything and anything in the world.

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@luck702: You can change a JRPG only so much until it's no longer a JRPG.

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I played the first one when it was released on PC, it stresses me out so much. Pretty funny really considering it's just a game.

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Seems like your more the Great Reader of Exposition then a Half Minute Hero.

Posted by Generic_username

@metalbaofu said:

@bisonhero said:
@arjann said:
Complaining about the exposition is also a bit weird, considering they're basically still in the tutorial. Also, they didn't seem to realize sprinting costs life, which is odd considering that was like the most fundamental gameplay element in the first game.

I'm positive they didn't play the game beyond recording the Quick Look (including playing it for an hour or two before or after), and while dashing-costing-life is a key part of the risk/reward of the basic gameplay, they probably only played the original game for like 2-3 hours total, like 3 or 4 years ago or whenever that was. They didn't review it.

Brad reviewed the 360 version. Still though, that was a while ago, so it's not all that odd for someone to forget about it.

Ah, my bad, I looked up the original PSP version and saw no one reviewed it.

OK, that's just unforgivable then. It's a wonder he got very far in the original version with his terrible playstyle. You should almost never waste time just walking around in circles fighting random encounters (you should always be on your way to something) and having reviewed the XBLA version 3ish years ago, while I don't expect him to know all the alternate modes inside and out, you'd think he would've played the main mode enough to remember that dashing drains your HP.

I feel like I've gotta say, I played the hell out of the Xbox 360 version, and didn't remember that dashing drains health. It was a pretty long time ago.

Posted by Bakumatsu

Oh great. We have bots on the site now.

Posted by Ravelle
@lausebub said:

Is it worth getting the first one on Vita?

Yes, the first one is less story driven but still still a great game.

Posted by KyleZachary

Oh Brad. Running makes your HP deplete, silly.

Posted by LarryDavis

@arjann: Thanks for saving me the time of watching this. Brad strikes again.

Posted by paulunga

Jeez, Brad.

Posted by drockus

"Half Minute Hero" was my nickname in high school, unfortunately.

Posted by Elwoodan

The overworld music in on the second continent sounds like something straight out of Tales of Symphonia.

Posted by marbleCmoney

Haha, the Oculus support in this is great.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

This looks cool. I think I got the first one for free somewhere, so I'll have to check that one out.